Chimera Industries Cerberus: The 18L, mATX, USA-made enclosure

Discussion in 'Chimera Industries' started by Aibohphobia, Feb 11, 2016.

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    Thank you KSliger.
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    So much yes for the cerb-x, the only decent matx boards I can find are x99 asrock and asus offerings.
    Not to mention the terrible low budget, inadequate vrm, no sli offerings on the am4 platform.
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  5. The6A

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    I'm pre thanks giving drunk and can't quote proper on my least I'm not late on a case
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    $108 usd for shipping to Australia. That is nearly 50% of the cost of the case.
    $464 Aud total.

    I don't mind the case pricing at all, but that shipping cost is a no for me.
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  9. Anthony

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    Ready to order the X, but a few questions. Do I need to order the SFX internal kit? does the SFX bracket option give me both the internal kit and the extra bracket if I want to move my psu around?
  10. The6A

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    Happy Thanksgiving ! drunkie ordered one of each. i hope you sell out quick and sober can recoup mistakes on ebay :)
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    X ordered
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  12. Anthony

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    Never mind, the pictures helped me figure it out lol. Ordered! only $307.22 including shipping with a black top plate and 3.5 HDD cage.
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    That's rough man :/
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    Ordered. Cheapest shipping option was Fedex Ground International, $40 to BC if that helps anyone else in Canada. Not too bad for something this size, actually.

    E: Oh yeah, wasn't there supposed to be an expensive aluminum feet option? Didn't make it in to initial release?
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  15. Ubermarshall

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    The case by themselves, are actually way more appealing than anything caselabs.
    The shipping cost of $108 usd....
    It would want to be on my door tomorrow for that money.

    What storage options are in the case without purchasing brackets?
    Assuming rear mount SFX and 2x240mm rads.
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  16. KSliger

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    "SFX Internal" is for mounting the PSU by the front USB / power button only, does not include the rear mounting bracket.

    SFX Plate is for mounting above motherboard, does not include the parts for mounting internally - only as shown in picture.

    Best price is to pick the "SFX / SFX-L Internal" under "Power Supply Mounting" then scroll to bottom and check the "SFX PSU Plate" under "Additional Power Supply Mounting Brackets". That will give you both options for lowest price.
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  17. MarcParis

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    That’s a far better result than on pre production atx bracket plus silverstone bracket...:)
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  18. KSliger

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    You can mount 3.5" HDD and 2.5" SSDs just about anywhere with some crafty positioning on the infinite vents, and by default Cerb X has two 2.5" SSD mounting points.
  19. Rubricae

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    Yep. Unfortunately, for me, $500AUD for a case due to the shipping is simply way too much, no matter how much I'd want it.
    Until some point which shipping costs internationally become more reasonable, I'm sorry to say I won't be purchasing a Cerberus.
  20. ceski

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    So how many of you are ordering the "@MarcParis special"? :)

    Question: If you don't order the handle kit, do you still get the bracket to mount a fan at the top of the case?
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