Chimera Industries Cerberus: The 18L, mATX, USA-made enclosure

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  1. MarcParis

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    Nice, simple and effective..:)
    For psu’s shame that bequiet sfx l psu has no fanless mode..:) on low charge/idle i love mu sx800 lti..:)
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  2. lomskat404

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    Hey, that's a lovely PSU! Unfortunately it wasn't available yet when I built my PC. Also, the bequiet sfx is half the price :)

    The noise coming from the bequiet sfx is rather hard to hear... lemme just say that my monitor's coils are louder. :)

    Also, I am soon upgrading to this beauty (RTX2070 Windforce): :)

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    Sorry,couldn't figure out how to delete a post.
  4. murtoz

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    @KSliger any news on an EU distributor? How is the CE testing going?
  5. KSliger

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    Very nice - where did you get the feet? Might put them as recommended on the page if they're reasonably priced.

    Our red is only used for these cases, so it sits around a long time and we had a box "expire" which ruined the batch of red.

    Will instead go to limited run batches of panels to keep powder coat inventory fresh - first up will be a small quantity of Ecru.

    Nothing yet, CE testing has not even been booked yet as far as I know - we just got all the paperwork and sample pieces in order last week.
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  6. youngdocument

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    Rough timeline on when that would be available? Would order ecru ASAP when it’s ready!
  7. KSliger

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    There should be new lower FedEx shipping rates live by Friday this week for anyone in SEA or EU.

    Just got done signing our agreement, should cut most our shipping rates by roughly 25% to 60% depending on shipping zone.

    Give it 2~3 weeks.
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    @KSliger You mentioned in the SM series thread that you may look into a revision of the Cerberus with a middle mounted board and top/bottom 280mm rads and was wondering if the consensus there would be to lower the M-ATX mounts so there was space in the top for a rad, or if the case would be designed to only support ITX systems with heaps of rad space top and bottom?

    Figured I'd ask here as this is the Cerberus thread and felt it was more relevant here.

    As a wishlist I'd love to either be able to mount a 280mm Phoenix rad or have pump mounts on the from PSU mount so you can mount a pump/res between the motherboard and PSU.
  9. MarcParis

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    that's today best news..:D

    It doesn't solve customs, but it's reducing main cost driver...;)
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  10. giraffesinmybalcony

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    @KSliger you might have missed my question twice in the SM550 thread, but i hope that you'll see this. Does the Cerberus have PEM insert marks on the outer surface of the case due to insufficient deburring, similar to the issue that the SM550/560 line of cases have?
  11. murtoz

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    Agreed! And it's already live on the site. Ordered today, fedex priority shipping was previously ~$120 to the UK, now about $85.
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  12. MarcParis

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    I've just checked for spare parts...and fedex prices are entering in my green zone...:D
    @KSliger thanks again for this great news
  13. MarcParis

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    @KSliger i just realized that there is no spare part for power button (with wires). Is it possible to have this capability with also several color choice?
  14. KSliger

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    Cerberus has them if you get the lighting to reflect off them, not as noticeable. Issue is being fixed for 550/560 and going forward on 570/580.

    Any 16mm round power switch will work - lots of them on Amazon, Ebay, Aliexpress, etc. but not with wires. If you need a replacement go ahead and email us [email protected].
  15. giraffesinmybalcony

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    thank you for your honesty! also may i know if the discounted shipping prices are a temporary thing or is it permanent?
  16. KSliger

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    Contract is till April 30th 2020, rates will be re-adjusted then.
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  17. giraffesinmybalcony

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    ooh thats great! gonna pick me up an ecru huehuehhe
  18. VegetableStu

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    GN reviewed the Q500L, and was surprisingly "tough-love" on it o_o
    (they ultimately couldn't recommend it outside of the total volume proposition)

    ... how confident are we on recommending Cerberus-X in general? ;)
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  19. MarcParis

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    I love conclusion...basically tower cpu cooler are not suited for Cerberus-X i will say..:D
    After i was not thinking that Q500L vented panels were so restrictive on cooling.
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    I'm actually kinda surprised that the Q300L and Q500L had vents like those o_o it's probably for their mounting system, but there's a lot of space in the middle that could do better by being holes than steel

    if it were me my first act of owning the case is digging out the vents ._.

    EDIT: that being said I'm still glad CM made the Q500L. it's pretty great for the size (despite not being exactly SFF)
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