Chimera Industries Cerberus: The 18L, mATX, USA-made enclosure

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    I can confirm the Scythe Fuma rev. B fits the Chimera:


    A few millimeters between the heatpipe tips and the outer edge of the frame of the case.


    Still plenty of room for more heatsink !
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    I'd be curious to know how it performs in that position vs vertical and exhausting through the top.
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    Thanks @Phuncz!

    Your picture is pretty explicit.
    I guess @KSliger should nore this fuma compatibility on presentation of cerberus
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    I agree that vertical orientation could be great. However I don't know it fuma bracket allows this position with am4 socket
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    Does the dual fan bracket work with 25mm fans? :)
  6. KSliger

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    Yes it works with 25mm thick fans.

    I misspoke earlier about compatibility with ATX power supplies.

    Dual fan backet does not work with both fans and an ATX PSU kit.

    ATX PSU can only use one fan in either 15mm or 25mm in the forward location.
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  7. GucksTV

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    Amazing! :)
    Can you tell me the space between the SFX PSU and the top 25mm fan?
  8. KSliger

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    For existing SFX internal brackets it is limited to 15mm fans.

    The SFX internal mount will change to a new rev which removes the hem on the end (hem doesn't do any thing) and then it can sport 2x 25mm fans.

    SFX rear plate supports 25mm without issue.
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    So update. I have reduced my hardware failures a lot. I found my PSUs motherboard inputs weren't fully flush. It did crash once but it seems to be oddly dependent on the fan speeds. I am going to tune the fan speeds more so I get lower dBa.

    I tried to invert the ATX PSU on the front and have the modular cables at the top and the PSU face at the bottom. It could possibly work and be easier to make a bracket @KSliger. It does seem too tight still to get the PSU in there. The other issue is the exhaust of hot air, needs to be dealt with a fan beneath. May post some pictures this weekend if I decide to try it out.
  10. Snipesy

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    @KSliger Can we get a picture of a case with a side window AND a rear mounted sfx psu?
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    I can't with the AM4 bracket: Scythe only supplies one set of brackets. The Noctua AM4-compatible coolers have two bracket sets so you can use all four orientations.

    Spec-wise, this is after 1,5 hour of Prime95 running on 16 threads:


    The loudest part is my Noctua Redux NF-P14r in the front of the case.
  12. MarcParis

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    Thanks for sharing those results.

    71°C-75°C on stock R7 1800X on prime 95 (which test did you choose?), with fan spinning @1150rpm...not bad at all for ratio performance/noise.

    ps : I won't compare with my R7 1700X (oc 3.9Ghz @1,4875v) with my customed loop (making no sense), but it is delivering similar (i will dare to say a bit more) performance as my experence with Nocta C14S with dual 140mm fan
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    Ah, gotcha, I was unaware of the Fuma's directional constraints on AM4. Those are some pretty damn good temps even horizontal though.
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    Well this is all very exciting ... I'm awaiting the release of the top fan bracket. I am planning to use the 18L Cerberus case with an ITX board and a non-K CPU, 32GB of RAM, and a R9 Nano GPU. I'm hoping for intake 240mm AIO radiator/fans compatibility in the front for GPU, and intake 240mm AIO radiator/fans compatibility on the bottom of the case for CPU. I will be using a 450W SFF PSU in the rear (until I need a more powerful one). I'm hoping this all fits along with this top fan bracket where I can mount either 25mm or 15mm exhaust fans.

    All of the above hardware is currently crammed in a Ncase M1 with two 120mm radiator/noctua fans setup as intakes on the side, and two additional Noctua case fans on the bottom (one cooling the R9 nano with custom heatsinks, and a modded bracket to hold the H55 pump in place), the other bottom fan just intakes more air into the case. The exhaust takes place at the top and rear without any fans. Most 1080p maxed out games now run around 50-55c GPU, and 45-50 CPU, when cranking up to 1440p temps stay about 2-3c more on the CPU and about 5-8c on the GPU. I'm hoping that having a less constricted airflow and larger radiator surface I can maintain 1080p temps while gaming in 1440p ;) It's summer in LA and I live by Magic Mountain where we've been hit with a wave of high temperatures so I'm probably off from what I remember my PC temps being last.

    I don't overclock anything, in fact to reduce some GPU temps I use the RADEON software to reduce voltage by 10 to 25% depending on the game. I'm a casual gamer playing Project CARS 2, MotoGP18, SC2, Battlefront 2, PA: TITANS, Planet Coaster, among other RTS, racing, and management games.
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    Prime95: Blend.

    It's also for the Scythe Kabuto 2 I have, which uses clamps on the original AM4 mounting brackets.

    By the way, I was testing with the SOLID side panel on the left side, not the perforated one. So the perforated one is on the right of the case. I'm also using a fan filter on the front chassis grill.
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    did a Prime95 blend test (defaults, no overclocks) (because it's been a while and I think I have never thermal tested in the C11U before) and holy crap it took longer to reach 80c compared to its previous case o_o (maxed at 77c so far)
    (CPU fans were at 1700-ish (bottom NF-A14 3000) and 1950-ish (top NF-A12x25 Sterrox))

    maybe it's because air intake fan is directly on the C14S cooler. maybe it's the sterrox fan as that intake. maybe there's way less air volume to heat and move o_o


    anyway, if I were to mount a radiator to the hinge panel, should it be an intake or an exhaust? not sure if the VRM heatsink would get airflow if the radiator's set up for exhaust

    (still working on build video ,_, filmed an extra part for small maintainence and fit checking)

    EDIT: stopped the test and temps dropped to idle almost immediately O_O
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    @KSliger any update from newegg? or shipping methods?
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  18. Ion23

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    Could you explain why with the atx psu, only the fan could be used in the forward position? But the single fan center mounting is ok?
  19. fabio

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    Actaully, I don't think the cental one is ok. I've tested with mine and a regular size ATX Psu, and for few mm doesn't work suddenly!
  20. MarcParis

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    Thanks for sharing.
    My advice on c14s will be double :
    • Use only nf a12x25. Nf a14 3000 is only average performer...and very, very noisy
    • Put these fans in full exhaust mode : it will better cool all other components (especially gpu and internals) than cpu. Based on my personal experience with my msi gtx 1080ti, it reduces gpu temperature and noise noticeably check my build by late august 2017)
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