Chimera Industries Cerberus: The 18L, mATX, USA-made enclosure

Discussion in 'Chimera Industries' started by Aibohphobia, Feb 11, 2016.

  1. Jeffinslaw

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    Congrats guys! The finished project looks amazing. I'm in love with the "Infinite Vents." Such a brilliant solution to mounting various parts on the case. Really well done :thumb:

    Overkill water cooling looks like it will be tough in this case though. Can you fit two 240mm radiators in the case? If you got people complaining about radiator placement/compatibility, throw them my way ;)

    I'm actually thinking about contributing to the crowdfunding campaign because I really like the case!

  2. Aibohphobia

    Aibohphobia aka James
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    In theory with an ATX PSU but the case really isn't meant for that so I'll be sure to mention Project mATX if it comes up :)
  3. PlayfulPhoenix

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    240mm (on the bottom) + 140mm (on the side) is the most extreme WC setup that's also well-supported. 2 x 240mm is possible, but ambitious to say the least.

    (I'm sure at least one person will try, though! ;))
  4. Winebaths

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    Wow... the prodigy is disgustingly large
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  5. Isomer

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    This case is awesome! It's pretty damn near perfect for me. :thumb::cool:

    I'll try stuffing my Predator 240 in the bottom and make it look appealing once I get my case (before the end of this year, I hope). Can I suggest large AIO coolers like the predator as a poll option? ;)
  6. theGryphon

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    I am so incredibly happy to see this project come to fruition Aiboh! :D
    I love to see that Cerberus became what most other cases wish they were!
    Very innovative ideas combined to solve the problem of providing aesthetics, functionality and sturdiness. Love it! :thumb:

    Having followed this project since the beginning, I feel so proud for you guys! :D
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  7. Aibohphobia

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    I would think the cases will ship before the end of the year, but I've probably just jinxed myself :p

    We won't be making any design changes to accommodate them though, you're on your own :)

    The problem is there will always be some part that's on the verge of fitting so we have to draw the line somewhere.
  8. Aibohphobia

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    Hey! Long time no see, glad you're here for the reveal :)
  9. QinX

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    Are the holes in the top meant for passive ventilation only?
  10. Aibohphobia

    Aibohphobia aka James
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    Yes, I found the top fan on Nova-00 to better at making noise and not so much for lowering temps.

    Actually, most of the time I don't have any exhaust fans because with the 140mm on the side it maintains positive pressure easily.
  11. Isomer

    Isomer Trash Compacter

    Yeah definitely, I'm not expecting changes in that regard.

    Would you consider having full window side panels as an option though?
  12. PlayfulPhoenix

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    Gryphon! There you are :) Discussion isn't the same without ya.

    In all likelihood, no. We have to keep variations/options low, and figuring out vents and pins for plexiglass would introduce a lot of engineering challenges, testing, and (at the end of the day) expense, both time and money-wise.
  13. revival

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    Can you post some pictures 1 top down 1 side view- Of ATX power supply with rad on the bottom with hoses going to the cpu.

    I want to see the possible tubing routing options , and how tight the final bend would be on the cpu

    Also how much space is there between the atx power supply and the side panel?

    And would it be an option to sell an option sfx adapter for those that order atx version

    This looks awesome
  14. theGryphon

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    I know, long time no see, but I've been lurking since. I think it was about when Aiboh did the thermal tests. I went through a ton of life changes since then. No, I'm not gay. Just moved to a different continent :)
  15. Aibohphobia

    Aibohphobia aka James
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    I thought I had a pic like that but I can't find it, I'll take another one in a bit.

    Little over 11mm between the PSU and the side panel.

    SilverStone just released a good SFX to ATX adapter so I don't think we'll make one ourselves.

    "Moved to a different continent", is that what they're calling it these days? ;)

    But wow, that's a big change. Liking it where you're living now?
  16. skukza

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    Looks pronominal. Count me in for a one with a handle. Would love it in red though!
  17. Aibohphobia

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    Forgot that the X41 won't fit on the bottom so I mounted it to the bottom front instead:



    Once again I'm thankful to whoever designed this case such that all the panels come off because it makes it so much easier to work in.


    Problem with the X41 in that position though is that it can't fit 10.5" cards with a standard thickness fan. A slim fan would work but I don't have a slim 140mm on hand so I have moved the rad up and put the card in a lower slot and that works :)

    I really hope AMD and Intel are generous with the PCIe lanes on the next-gen boards because I love the flexibility of being able to move the card around to whatever slot I want but having to get a $200+ board and $600 CPU to do that sucks.
  18. theGryphon

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    Finally, huh!


    A new job took me to halfway across the world but I love it here! It's beautiful, people are beautiful, food is incredible! :D

    Political landscape is troublesome though and there are a bunch of pansy-ass terrorists who just won't leave the people be :mad:
    And then there is the neighboring Syria and Iraq and Iran, and not far there is Crimea and Palestine and all the Arab Spring countries :eek:

    Do you ship to Istanbul? :D

    PS: Looking at the case again and again, and it's awesome in so many ways! Kudos again!
  19. theGryphon

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    And don't you forget who first recommended installing a side mounted AIO with a bracket, AND the front panel design! Hint hint! :D
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  20. Horstprott

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    I know you've already said it somewhere but with all my excitement i forgot, If I bought the ATX version would I be able to mount an SFX power supply in its intended location at a later date when i can actually find one for sale that will support my pair of 970s and my hunger for overclocking the cods out of my CPU? long question I know and I didn't want to bother you too much cos you have literally being on the forum all day answering questions.

    The photos made me all weak kneed and turgid. it that the ITX prodigy in the photos?