Chimera Industries Cerberus: The 18L, mATX, USA-made enclosure

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    I just done a sex wee! It's more that I could have hoped for I'll post in a mo again when I get into work....... I'm so excited!!!!
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    You're welcome. Though since the case is manufactured in the USA it gets a bit messy since some stuff is not available here in metric.

    Thanks! I really like the minimalistic look, there isn't even a logo on the outside anywhere.

    Sure, I think I may even have the same can laying around somewhere since I don't like dark sodas :p

    I have to run to a dentist appointment in a bit so I'll take that pic later today.
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    We'd deserve failure if we went with imperial units for everything :p

    That increase was deliberated upon for a long time, but it made toolless panels, broad hardware (and especially radiator) support, and the 2.5" motherboard tray mounts possible - all for a volume increase that is basically imperceptible. On paper, the increase is easily seen, but in the flesh, all you'll notice is how much you can do inside the enclosure.

    We'll have something to that end online soon :thumb:

    Thank you! We're excited too! :)
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    Clever idea with the "Infinite Vents" setup, and I quite like the aesthetic change.

    Being forced to choose between an ATX and SFX model is unfortunate, but I cannot deny it cleans things up significantly compared to the previous implementation.

    No fancy windows or handle for me. Stock goodness.. just have to decide on a colour, though red being a stretch goal makes it awkward to be my primary choice.
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    It does limit choice down the line, but ATX users are a minority, and the previous-gen's bracket provided a clumsier, weaker, and more expensive solution for everyone. Having distinct frames for each form factor should benefit everyone, and impede only a select few.

    If you want red, voice as such once our poll goes live! Knowing what demand is for all colors (stretch goals included) will help us calibrate the campaign before we launch in March.
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    Hey guys, looks great! I was wondering if a EKWB predator 240 would fit at the bottom of the case? THAT WOULD COMPLETE ME.
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    I might be the only one, but I actually like the design of your logo that I don't mind having it on the case. I'm all about supporting innovative product :D.

    I also hope you guys do not mind that I shared this on a photography forum. Some of us do build our own computer :D. Here is the link:
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    Congrats to KI and @KSliger for coming yet closer to changing the world. It's not the case I want, but it sure is beautiful. I hope the crowdfunding is a huge success!
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    The entire process of design, revise, repeat has been an absolute pleasure to watch. And what an end result! It's clear how very competent you guys are and how the final form of this project is the product of compromise and deliberation, not laziness or convenience. I'm sure I'm not the only one who is excited to see where KI goes after the soon-to-be smashing success of the Cerberus.
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    For reference, the dimensions are 295x133x68mm. I will only have a 2-slot gpu. You guys think it would fit?
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    Indeed... I'm definitely glad that you guys did it. Having an ATX PSU and front mount rad is the very reason why I chose this case over the 20L Project mATX. That, and some other features as well :D

    I read on your blog that Anthracite and Azurite might be the options as well, is that right? Not too sure about the white one, but I would take any of the others. Cheers to you and James.
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    It will fit, but it will be very tight, and you'll be limited to a single card.

    The logo was meant just for the teaser, but we may use it (or a variant) in packaging materials or some such thing.

    And yes, feel free to share our work however you'd like!

    Many thanks for the kind words. Cerberus isn't for everyone, but for those whose needs it addresses, we've worked to make it the best solution by a long shot!

    Thanks :D Cerberus is very much a product of the collaborative creative process we've used from the very beginning. In a sense, that is what we've designed - not the enclosure, but the sequence of work that realized it.

    We do have preliminary designs for other products, but we have everything behind Cerberus currently. Hitting our crowdfunding goal will be challenging, but we think we can do it.

    Yes, red is the first stretch goal, but we have blue and grey as further stretch goals if the campaign is unbelievably successful. I wouldn't expect to reach those, but they're queued up just in case.
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    Congratulations on this milestone! The detailed presentation, pictures, everything - all look fantastic. You guys did a great job of conveying the high-quality craftsmanship that went into this project. Really looking forward to seeing how the crowd funding will turn out!

    I have a few technical questions for you guys. I think the build in this picture best represents the "archetype" build that most people are interested in. So, how does it actually perform?
    1. What are your temperatures under full load?
    2. In this configuration, is there any room to add [slim?] case fans anywhere? Do you think, or know, if doing so would yield any significant temperature reductions?
    3. Can you comment on the acoustics (with load)? (Not asking for any measurables; just your anecdotal evaluation)

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    I'm 99% sure that you can rotate the side panel just fine (James can verify this), but relocating the side vent will potentially have cooling ramifications, especially if you're using a top-down cooler for the CPU. (You'll also have your PSU visible, though with SFX that's not too big a deal).

    Thanks! :) And, in order:
    1. Thermal performance in Cerberus is basically the same as in the last prototype, and we published full performance metrics and stats for that here. That said, now that Cerberus supports 140mm fans, and can support many more radiators, the "ceiling" of theoretical cooling performance is much higher now.
    2. You can put regular-thickness fans on the bottom, front and side while still using all four PCI slots, flagship graphics, and fairly large CPU coolers. The specs and build guidelines on the Cerberus product page provide details, but overall you should have ample room to install fans anywhere there's vents.
    3. The case isn't going to do too much to dampen noise. The bottom and front vents are theoretically muffled somewhat, since they aren't completely open to the outside, but whatever effect that has will be negligible. However loud your loudest component is, your build will be (if not a little quieter).
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    So I assume the handle is not removable if you get it?
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    Nope, you can totally remove it, just some bolts securing it to an internal bracket.
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    Oh okay, cool! I guess I didn't read into it well enough. That'll be great though. I was hoping it could be so that the case keeps a sleek look while in use. :)
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    Congrats on Reveal Day! I've been hardcore lurking on this for almost a year and I am so impressed with how hard you've both worked and how truly great this case has turned out. I actually don't plan on ever carrying this around but I'm getting the handle anyway because it speaks to me in my soul. Also, I just got my taxes back so LET'S GO AZURITE!
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