Today is the Last Day To Pre-Order the Slate-Case AQ

If you were thinking about getting the Slate-Case AQ, you are down to your last 24 hours to pre-order it. The case features support for twin 280mm radiators, as well as large GPUs and AIOs. It has an internally adjustable inner frame, and unlike a lot of SFFN cases, has room for exhaust fans. Those struggling with Alder Lake should definately give it a look over. Check out the SFFN forum thread by clicking HERE.   Pre-Order the Slate Case AQ by going to   In the meantime, Geer Seekers took a solid look at the Slate-Case AQ in …

Gigabyte Announces Z690I Aorus Ultra Board Replacement Program Due to Hardware Failures

  Finally… Four months… It took more than four months but Gigabyte has finally issued an official announcement regarding the well known Z690I motherboard issues that have plagued owners since launch. In the press release, Gigabyte acknowledges WHEA PCIe errors when paired with “some” PCIe Gen4 GPUs. I tested it with a 3080, 3070, and 3060TI and ALL produced errors. However, I suppose there might be a card out there that didn’t have an issue. Regardless, Gigabyte will allow owners to exchange or refund their boards, and have set up a website to facilitate the process. A word of caution …

Hardware Canucks Reviews in Detail the Alpenfohn Black Ridge

Mike from Hardware Canucks explains the sound level while making shadow puppets. The Alpenfohn Black Ridge, originally spawned from the legendary mind of Dan from Dan Cases, is a bit of a legend in the small form factor arena. Mike from Hardware Canucks finally had one arrive and did an in-depth review of the cooler. How in-depth? He’s making me rethink my testing methodology. Thanks…Mike….. Anyway, it’s a fantastic review and well worth the watch. Check it out below.  

Shenzen Lockdown Could Delay our SFF Gratification

Source:   Seems Shenzhen, the home of all things cheap and techy, has unfortunately had an encounter with our little spiky nemesis, and has been placed under lockdown for the coming week, if not longer., a case bender from the forum, tipped me off to this troubling news – especially in regards to their source of manufacturing. Unfortunately, the Densium 4 and 4+ cases from them will be delayed by at least a week in this turn of events, and I’m sure many other products and projects will also be. Hopefully the lockdown is short and sharp and …

FIRST LOOK: FSP Dagger Pro 850 Watt SFX PSU

All Photo Credits – Revenant   FSP. It’s not a name I think about when power supplies come up. I’m guessing it’s probably not a name that most readers think of. However, I bet you know the names OCZ, SilverStone, Thermaltake, Nexus, Zalman, Antec, and Sparkle. Why do I bring that up? Every single one of those companies have relied on FSP to design and manufacture power supplies for them. Let that sink in for just a minute. The OEM for some of the most well known and respected brands is FSP, and FSP has just decided to cut out …

Pluto – An Update From the Designer

As many readers may be aware, Artesian Builds, a system integrator based in the United States, has suspended sales, staff and business in general. This normally wouldn’t have a huge impact on our SFF world – system integrators generally use larger cases as a rule. Unfortunately, the fantastic Pluto, a wood, aluminium and steel 13L chassis we featured here, was being sold exclusively on their platform. This partnership had, until now, been beneficial for forum user Shatrod, the designer of the Pluto. From the designer; Hello, everyone. I wanted to wait until all of the paperwork has been finalized however …