Intel H370, H310 and B360 Chipset Boards Incoming!

Thanks to Techpowerup! and VideoCardz for doing the legwork on this one. With the month or two of Intel’s Z370 chipset being available, we’re finally seeing more budget friendly boards readying for launch. Here’s a roundup of the SFF friendly models! ASUS ASUS STRIX B360-G GAMING ASUS TUF B360M-E GAMING ASUS PRIME H310M-A ASUS PRIME H310M-D ASUS PRIME H310M-E ASUS PRIME H310M-K...


ASRock steps into Graphics Cards !

Rumored for about a week, though this seems to make it official ! Let’s hope this means awesome ITX-sized GPUs and even better price/performance DeskMini gaming PCs ! Discuss on our forum.    

Reviews Systems

ASRock’s Z370 DeskMini GTX1060 – Barebones Bonanza? (Part 1)

When Craig reviewed ASRock’s B250 DeskMini GTX1080, we were impressed by the utter performance density offered by the platform. A GTX1080, with desktop GPU performance, in a box under 3 litres of volume. Today it’s my turn to look at a DeskMini GTX/RX model, albeit the next generation, based on Intel’s Z370 chipset. The ASRock DeskMini GTX/RX line is based on the Micro-STX form...


Silverstone Starts Shipping Flex ATX 350W Power Supply

Almost a year after unveiling at Computex 2017, Silverstone is now ready to supply the market with it’s first commercial Flex ATX form factor PSU, the FX350-G. Measuring a decent 350W at 80 PLUS Gold rating efficiency, this will be able to power mainstream gaming or a compact NAS SFF builds with ease. Silverstone likes to show that power supplies don’t need to be  large to be powerful...

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Ncore V1 prototype shows efficiently minimalistic mount

Over on HardOCP, Kyle Bennett has gotten his hands on a prototype waterblock from NUDEcnc, run by Arek Tobiszewski. Unlike most waterblocks this tiny block mounts only on delidded Intel socket 115x boards by basically replacing the heatspreader as a part of the design. This allows the waterblock to make a direct contact with the CPU die meaning a much more efficient cooling. It will be available...


ASRock reveals the refreshed DeskMini GTX/RX with Z370 chipset !

That tiny but potent Micro-STX system which supports MXM graphic cards up to the Nvidia GTX 1080 or Radeon RX 580, has received a refresh in the form of a new Z370 chipset and some new tweaks, let’s take a look ! The front looks exactly the same, though the aesthetic was already very well done in my opinion. We need to look elsewhere for the changes. Four USB 3.1 Gen 1 ports instead of two...


Raven Ridge HDMI 2.0 Compatibility – Forum Members to the Rescue!

Our community forum is a fantastic place, with our users banding together to help out those of us who need assistance on various SFF related topics. Recently, user Hifihedgehog started a thread surrounding unofficial support of HDMI 2.0 with AMD’s new Raven Ridge APU platform. Whilst manufacturer specs have been vague on the situation, Hifihedgehog set out to find out exactly which...


Impactics DMono is a Passive Thin-ITX Chassis

Breathing life back into the Thin-ITX form factor is the Impactics DMono, designed for Gigabyte variants of Thin-ITX. This appears to be your typical Mac-Mini inspired Thin-ITX chassis, but with one twist – there are no fans! Built from a CNC aluminium baseplate and a 5mm thick extrusion for the sides, front and back, and supports 35W Intel 115x processors. The whole shebang weights in a 2...


I Experienced Sennheiser’s HE-1.

Sennheiser, a brand with a significant history in audio equipment design and manufacture, recently invited me to experience their pinnacle achievement, the HE-1. A successor to Sennheiser’s original Orpheus headphones, the HE-1 is the result of years of no-compromises development led by Orpheus creator, Axel Grell, and directed by the Sennheiser family. While I’m sure you have heard...


Gemini Lake Keeps Flooding In With Gigabyte’s J4005N-D2P

The successor to Intel’s Apollo Lake, “Gemini Lake” is the latest generation of embedded processors from the company. Only two sub-brands populate this core’s lineup – Pentium Silver and Celeron. Designed for embedded systems, industrial systems and the like, the chips are 6-10 watt 2-4 core units with Intel UHD graphics 600/605. Gigabyte has launched the J4005N-D2P...


Raven Ridge Review Roundup

(Alliteration!!) Forum member Legion spent some time finding a sizeable bunch of reviews of the new AMD Raven Ridge platform. So, here’s a few of them for your perusal in lieu of our review (coming… eventually!) Anandtech:  Hexus:  Toms Hardware:  Techpowerup:  And a video review: Thoughts? More links and videos in the thread here.

Cooling Reviews

From the China Desk: Scythe MonoChrome Series Coolers Reviewed!

Written by Robert Schmidt with assistance from John Morrison. Sometimes an identical product will be sold in different countries under different brands. Such is the case with this instalment of” From The China Desk”! Today we are looking at two coolers from Scythe, but you may recognize the products this time. They are sold outside of Asia as the Thermaltake Galaxy i1 and i2 coolers...