Chimera Industries Cerberus: The 18L, mATX, USA-made enclosure

Discussion in 'Chimera Industries' started by Aibohphobia, Feb 11, 2016.

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    Another azurite fellow, let's make it happen :D
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    I'm with you! Should I start making some signs?
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    That white case is so fresh tho... I was even considering going with the new NZXT Manta ITX case, until I saw that this was about to be announced. Glad I waited. I LOVE that mATX can fit in this thing. There are NO solid ITX Z170 mobos atm, but plenty of good mATX.
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    It is finally ALIVE!! I have lurking on the forum for a few months and man I`m so impressed on how the final product turned out. I simply cannot wait for the campaign. I will take one with the side panel and handle XDXDXDXD
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    Been lurking here for a long time, too. Basically since I decided the ncase (meaning ITX) might not be the right way to go for me.
    And I sure ain´t disappointed with how the final case looks. I was hoping to read a time plan and pricing today...but oh well...

    Anyway, I´ve got two more question that I just can´t 100% answer just by looking at the pics:
    1) The only difference between the ATX PSU version of the case and the SFX PSU version would be the cutout at the back, right? Meaning that a SFX PSU can be mounted in the ATX version too, right? (Leaving a big hole in the back...but still.)
    2) Is there any information about how much room would be between an ATX PSU and the CPU/MoBo?
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    Yes, mITX has improved a lot over the past few years, but mATX has much greater board diversity.


    For timing, the campaign starts March 1st, and (if we're successful) production would start pretty soon after that. We'll have more details when the campaign goes live, but the production and fulfillment timeline does depend somewhat on demand, so we won't really know for certain until the end of the campaign anyway.

    For cost, we've stated that people should expect the enclosure to be priced around $250, and for the IGG campaign we will meet that expectation.

    1. The ATX version will not include the front bracket, and the internal extension cord, that the SFX power supply needs.
    2. You'll have ~48mm of room, per the specs on Cerberus's product page.
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    That analysis is good stuff, thanks!
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    Absolutely stunning. I loved the idea of the ATX bracket, but if it makes it cheaper to produce, having to versions is probably the better way. The Infinite vents are absolutely genius, I could imagine seeing those in cases by bigger manufacturers, too.

    I understand why you went with steel clips, but saying that the plastic versions break more often is not that true to reality. Metal does provide a more premium feel, though.
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    Over on [H] I've seen more than a few people ask for replacement clips because theirs broke. Why this is, I'm not sure, some people speculate that the plastic could become brittle with environmental factors. It could also be a bad batch. But honestly, this seems like a 100% steel case (maybe 99,99%), that's worth something too as it is a much stronger material than aluminum.
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    Around how much will this case cost ?
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    Congratulations. The final design looks really good, has a very refined and modern feel. The only thing I don't like is the fact that the usb ports are the standard blue color. I know it's a minor thing but black usb ports look so much better. I believe ncase changed the color to black in the latest batch as well.

    Anyway looking forward to the indiegogo campaign. Good luck guys.
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    Yes, between the steel construction and the powder coat, Cerberus is quite durable.

    We've said for the past year or so that backers should expect the case to cost around $250, and we'll be meeting that expectation in March. We want to get feedback from the community and get a sense of what people are interested in (color and feature-wise) before locking down specific prices, but that's mostly to do with chasing MOQ, anticipating demand, and so forth.
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    Got it. Thanks for the info
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    The side panels are symmetric so you can flip them left to right and upside down but the window interferes with the hinge. Fixable with a dremel I suppose.

    Here's the thermal test data for Cerberus-00:

    Slim fans can fit on the bottom but I don't think it'll help since the card is so close to the vents anyway.

    With the X41 or NH-C12 the CPU noise is great, PSU not so much but I think that will be helped with the new models coming out, main problem is the cards. At idle the reference 980s are great, but they're definitely loud at load. Non-blower coolers may help with noise but it'll increase temps.

    With the size of the case, getting a quiet AND cool setup with dual flagship GPUs will be difficult.

    It's not so much that NCASE changed them as that Lian Li had them available from what I recall which isn't really an option for us.
  15. Aibohphobia

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    In case people missed the gallery I posted, here's the Swiftech MCR220-QP-RES-R2 mounted to the bottom:



  16. iFreilicht

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    I guess that's very much possible. And in the end, a piece breaking with a 0% chance is better than one breaking with a .01% chance.

    Steel is also heavier than aluminium, but that discussion is done with for this case. :)
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    What SFX power supply are you using in the pics with the dual GPU's? I cant find one that has enough gpu connectors.
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    I saw someone mention this before but I loved the soda can comparison, also lining it up next to the ncase would be great! Again congrats on making this awesome case, I'll be one of the first to hop on your crowdfunding campaign!
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    In the first pic it's the SX500-LG with splitters attached. It isn't enough wattage for this setup, it will shut down if I try to load the system, it's mostly there as a placeholder for the SX700-LPT.

    The SX700-LPT, SX650-G, and maybe SX500-G will have enough connectors.
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