Chimera Industries Cerberus: The 18L, mATX, USA-made enclosure

Discussion in 'Chimera Industries' started by Aibohphobia, Feb 11, 2016.

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    Its 16mm with a 18mm head diameter
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    Hey guys!

    I was wondering if the Scythe Fuma Rev B would fit with my Asus Z370-i ITX motherboard. I Know that it usually fit with Matx boards, but I'm not quite sure if it would fit in the case with an ITX board (the socket is closer to the top of the case.)
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    any timeframe of when we could purchase this from SFFLabs or any other websites with more affordable shipping?
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    Referring to Newegg availability

    See last page (274)
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    It should. The VRM heatsink isn't too big here so compatibility should be fine for most tower coolers.
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    About the EU distribution:
    Will we be able to buy parts as well or only full cases? I wouldn't mind getting a glass side panel if I didnt have to pay 70$ shipping :)
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    crap I'm starting to draw a spine o_o
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    You definitely don't want additional taxes and custom duties. I did, and It was almost as expensive as buying an entire additional case. I bought the case in white, some upgrades and Shipping, which was over 100 dollars.

    To some point, when you purchase from abroad, and you have to pay so much even after purchasing the case, you start wondering if the case was even worth buying. Not saying it is a bad case. Starting at 250 dollars without shipping costs. It is a basic case with two USB 3.0 Type-A ports and one simple on/off button. Quite simplistic and an ok build quality. Makes me wonder if one could even pay someone to do some CAD sketches, then get a complete custom made case for one's needs.

    So an EU store would definitely be nice. Can't wait for the updates regarding that.
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    Fully agree. Fingers crossed that we will have EU distributor not located in UK..:)
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