Chimera Industries Cerberus: The 18L, mATX, USA-made enclosure

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    I guess a 20cm atx 24pins will be enough.
    However for more specific values why are you not making a mock up, measuring all required lengths and order/build customed cables?
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  2. pillagemyvillage

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    Lol I mean the power supply cable extender the goes from the front of the case where my SF600 is the the rear to allow the power cable to plug in.
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  3. CantingSoup

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    I figured I’d get a ball figure before moving forward with measurements.
  4. kageiit

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    I used a 15cm cable for the 24pin, but it's a very tight fit. 20vm would be still tight, but more manageable
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    Hey All,

    Got my build underway! Turns out the ATX PSU that I had will not fit with my res mounted to the front rad/fan combo... so I ordered an SFX-L PSU last night... Hopefully be able to get this guy booted up next week...

    Modifying the Heatkiller tube wasn't too bad. Took a bit of time and fortunately have a friend that has a ton of tools that was willing to help me out.

    More details are embedded in each picture below.

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    @carpenike marvellous build so far! What sfx-l psu have you chosen?
  7. galletabah

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    Imgur post, last pic
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  8. carpenike

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    Thanks! First water build, first SFF build. Lots of scraped fingers and cursing. :)

    Galletabah is correct.
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  9. carpenike

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    So I've got the hydrocopper installed and hooked into the bottom part of the loop. Question -- can I have the out line going through the opposite side of the inlet into the CPU block or is that what they mean by not connecting them on the same side due to severe performance penalties?

    EDIT: nevermind, there's a nice chart in the install media (RTFM...) that shows it'd be a bad idea.

    Also, I bought an in-line temp probe thinking that my motherboard had an input for the two pin connector, turns out it doesnt. Any elegant way of attaching it to my system?
  10. carpenike

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    Solved my other temp control question, ordered a Aquacomputer Aquaero 6 LT that I'll hide in the bottom front of the case or behind the cross bar.
  11. pillagemyvillage

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    @carpenike I think I might have been the one who sold you the Hydrocopper on /r/hardwareswap lol. I hope it came out of shipping alright :)
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  12. carpenike

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    Haha! Small world! Yup its all good. Thanks again! Got it installed today.
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    @carpenike I suggest you to open a dedicated topic on your build log. I'm sure it will pretty be interesting.
  14. galletabah

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    i have aquaero 5lt in my case. Ill show you my setup in a few hours.

    I want to say that I order scythe fuma rev B(dual a12x25) to compare with c14S
  15. fabio

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    Good choice!!! Love your build!
  16. galletabah

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    complete setup:
    aquaero 5 LT in the bottom, left corner:

    All cables are custom. I dont know if will use noctua fans or nidecs fans for cpu cooler because I already have 2 ap15 but fan(3 pin) speed spikes a lot with the aquaero
  17. Arie

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    Optimum Tech with another Cerberus build. A Threadripper 2950X this time:
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  18. MarcParis

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    Easy assembly and cooling.;) Enermax Liqtech (if now reliable) seems to be a really good cooler..;)
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  20. carpenike

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    Heh, so the SFX PSU arrived, but it doesn't have an ATX adapter, so now I need the SFX rear mount for the Cerberus. Another couple day delay. :)
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