Production Modivio xCase - customizable console-style case


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Nov 15, 2016
Has anyone mounted their S version case on some sort of VESA mount?


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Mar 2, 2017
Has anyone got them to ship a case with completely clear side panels?
Sure, we offer clear side panels at no additional cost. Please just mention them in the order notes at the checkout stage.
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Aug 21, 2019
Sure, we offer clear side panels at no additional cost. Please just mention them in the order notes at the checkout stage.
Thanks, one last question before I pull the trigger. Is this part included with purchase?

I'm using a PicoPSU 160XT and need the hole for this connector.


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Nov 3, 2019

the case also looks great like the Velka 3, but I wonder where I can find a suitable power supply that doesn't cost 200$. I would like to use an RTX 2060 Super or a 2070 Super, so I would need a 500w power supply.

Could you recommend one to me?
Why is an SFX power supply only supported for the model "L" and why is a Flex-ATX power supply not supported for the smaller models?

Because here you will find a good PSU :

150$ for the case and 200$ is a little expensive, isn't it?


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Apr 4, 2018
TL;DR - First time Modivio customer very happy with xCase M for college student brother's first build. Story and build log follow.

Gigabyte Z270N-WiFi
Noctua NH-L9i with NF-A9 25mm fan
EVGA 1060 3GB Gaming (maybe?)
16GB Crucial DDR4 memory
1TB NVMe drive (XPG)
1TB 2.5" Samsung 840 drive
J-Hack One2 Distro 400 and 250W Meanwell external brick (bought in a kit from J-Hack)

I've had my eye on xCase for a while but never pulled the trigger. The design and customization options seemed great. Since it's such a mainstay, it didn't seem to have the same "excitement" new products carry as projects come and go so that's partially why I just had it in mind.

I had my opportunity to give it a shot when I simultaneously upgraded both my own and my sister's computers. I pulled the i5-7600K, motherboard, and memory from my build and the 1060 3GB from my sister's computer. I figured that would make a good starter build for my brother since he was limping along with a barely-there laptop despite being a CS major. I just kinda missed playing games with him. However, I needed something value-oriented as well as portable. xCase came back to mind.

I reached out to Matt and he very helpfully worked with me to figure out what would work best. After following @Thehack's work, I wanted to use his One2 Distro 400 kit. However, that ruled out the xCase S because there wouldn't be enough room in the front of the case. I also wanted to make it as easy to transport as possible for my brother since he has to fly between home and college. Hence, the xCase M.

I wanted to keep my C7 + Thermalright fan so I got a new cooler for him. He bought his own drives. The day we actually had free to do the swapping of parts, the power transformer for the whole neighborhood went totally out! We actually did some unbuilding and rebuilding with flashlights and cell phone lights. Not the best experience.

We still had to do a bit of rebuilding after I realized I didn't buy a long enough power cable for the J-Hack. But, we eventually got it sorted out to the form you see here. Our dirty secret is the the One2 board isn't actually secured to anything, just cable tension. Everything fits pretty nicely overall. The bonus is that the orange LED on the motherboard and the blue LED on the power boards look quite nice through the vent holes of the xCase.

All these pics were taken in my brother's dorm room, so it made it through the airport none the worse for wear. A great build, a great experience, and most importantly, I can stay in touch with my brother through the medium of digitized, pixelated entertainment.

Bonus: the custom painted mouse he's so proud of.