3d printing

  1. _ONE_

    REVIVE_BOX x230, or when a laptop become a (long) NUC

    HI everyone, welcome . Here's one of my "small project" that have been done in 48H, this is an idea i had a long time ago, i've finally decided to build it. this is about custom laptop "creation", I know it isn't a desktop thing, but it's is still a small form factor thing. So, here's the...
  2. JetA1

    Prototype E21: 3D printed 3.2L APU case

    Introducing my first project case! Case Specifications: Dimensions: 210*200*70, ~3.2L ITX motherboard without GPU Cooler height with M.2 SSD: 48mm Cooler height with 2x 2.5'' drives under motherboard: 40mm built for external power bricks Rev 1 prototype: The prototype was built...
  3. nrp

    Prototype 3D Printable Fully Parametric Case

    This is now ready for the first release, with a fully customizable, 3d printable traditional shoebox layout. Other layouts may come later. The layout below (that I have personally printed and am using) is 7.15L with a Noctua NH-L12S, an SFX PSU, a 140mm intake fan, and a Zotac 1080 Mini...
  4. ondert

    Semi Modular-ish 3D Printed Case

    Just bumped into this while surfing the web; http://justinstrawn.com/project-30-The_Smash_Box_3D_Printed_MiniITX For me, it is actually not a complete case, kind of between a case and ... i don’t know maybe a test bench. Well, there needs to be added many vents to it also if you would like to...
  5. cj360

    3D Printed am4 bracket?

    So I ordered an older cpu cooler that could fit into smaller cases like the S4 and Sentry with their lower height limit for cpu coolers. Cooler in question is a Titan TTC-NC25/HS and it has many different mounting brackets, am4 is left out for obvious reasons. The kit from noctua is a couple...
  6. IanMake4

    Prototype Make4 1S - 5.2L 3D Printed, HDPLEX Powered, ITX GPU

    I'm currently live streaming as I work on the case. If you have a twitch account please chime in and give me some feedback. Would really like to get some community based modifications into the design. ------------------------------------------------------- STATUS I just moved from CAD...
  7. Colinreay

    .STEP 3d Printable GPU AIO Mount 2017-10-21

    This is a nice little bracket that will allow you to mount your Asetek style pump to a AMD or Nvidia GPU. The log can be found here for more information. The bracket works by sandwiching the pump head of the AIO and the GPU die together via 4 screws and two brackets (one that holds the AIO...
  8. Matt3D

    Stalled Modivio xCase - customizable console-style case

    *** MOD EDIT ------------ Original poster last seen on the forum on May 31, 2020 & does not seem to be responsive. Many (if not all) models on Modivio website are marked as out of stock. Caveat emptor. *** Company's website - www.modivio.com xCase is a line of console-style computer cases...
  9. matt3o

    Completed Corners and frames for 3D printer

    The project is completed! Jump to the second post for details! I'm finally working on my custom SSF case and I want to put my 3D printer at good use. I've seen the very good project by @Thehack who designed the corners and the case is held together by the sides. @jottwehh instead went ballistic...
  10. Biowarejak

    3D Printing Thread

    Didn't see a thread dedicated to this yet, so I thought it might be a good time to make one :) hopefully it'll serve to show off prints and help those of us with a printer to compare notes.
  11. G

    NFC S4 Mini 3D Printed

    So the NFC S4 Mini is $200 and not even available. Because of the price tag I was deterred and wanted to look elsewhere. And then an idea came to my mind as my school have a fairly big 3d printer. I thought maybe I could make a 3d cad file of the S4 mini or the S3 mini. I may not do it but I...