1. S

    Concept SFF Tower case gaming PC

    Hey guys! I want to share with you my idea. Maybe here it will be interesting to someone. A little background. I started to monitor different startups, starting with N-CASE, then DAN CASES a4-sfx, NFC S4 MINI, DR ZABER CENTRY. These are very cool projects and they are unique each in its own...
  2. O

    Closed [USA-NJ] Gigabyte Aorus 1080 mini(without a faceplate)

    I got a 1080 mini from the GIGABYTE AORUS GeForce GTX 1080 Gaming Box for my upcoming itx build, but it doesn't have a faceplate. I figured I'd put it up for sale here because I've seen people replace stock fans/faceplates with thin fans and I'm not that interested in using a card without a...
  3. Matt3D

    Production Modivio xCase - customizable console-style case

    Company's website - www.modivio.com xCase is a line of console-style computer cases perfect for your next gaming PC, workstation or an elegant PC for your living room. It supports the best processors and graphics cards on the market. The main component of xCase is a 3D printed bezel. Bezel...