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    Hello everyone,

    I just finished rebuilding my main PC in the glorious Kimera Industries (will always be KI to me!) Cerberus X manufactured by the good people at @KSliger .

    I wanted to share to show it off (obv) and help others considering this case. I love seeing all the builds around here so be sure to post yours.

    EDIT: 10/21/18. I went through multiple builds and a few GPUs since I build and sell PCs and parts fairly often. Figured I would post some pics here to show different set ups and help others see what can fit. Not a comprehensive list by any means but useful information for the community and of course fun for me. Win-Win.


    Ryzen 5 2600
    Asus Crosshair VII Hero wifi
    16gb Team dark Pro 3200 c14
    Asus Strix GTX 1080
    Samsung 960 Evo NVME M.2 500g
    Crucial MX500 1Tb Sata M.2
    Corsair H100i AIO
    Corsair SF 450

    Getting terrific results gaming at 1440p 144hfz with this system even running the 2600 at stock. Ill post some followup caps of CB, Overclocking , temps, and game stuff here and there.

    Corsair fans replaced with Noctua NF 12s in pull config as intake. Running one Noctua Redux 120 mm as intake on the side bracket to move air across the mobo socket and vrms. Really good results with this cooling setup. I thank our very own @MarcParis for his extensive CerbX build log which provides tons of good info for cooling and building in this case.

    Cheers for now!

    As always sweet cell pics!

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    I messed with some OC ,Firestrike, Timespy and CB runs tonight. Set ram to 3200 cas15 (14 seems unstable) and cpu to 4.2 with 1.375v set in bios. For comparison an R5 1600 I had took 1.4v to get to 3.9. AMD bringing it with the refresh!



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    Nice build! Love the design of the Cerberus line; was really hoping to get a regular Cerberus of my own but sadly it turned out (way!) too expensive to import to Norway. Oh well. One can dream, I suppose? I also have to applaud your extensive use of Noctua fans. They can't be beat.

    Do you have any kind of dust filtering installed? That is pretty much my one gripe with the Cerberus design.
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    Greetings and thanks!

    Too bad about shipping to your location. Others too have mentioned that shipping internationally is expensive. A shame really because this case great and could gain a lot of traction. Small,built like a tank and has a ton of flexibility for its size. Hopefully @KSliger can revisit shipping or find a distributor in Europe?

    Once I found Noctua I stopped shopping for fans and just go straight to them. The Chromax line looks nice in all black and I may get those if need more or just to try them out.

    As for dust filtration currently just one filter installed on the side panel fan. This is more to deaden the sound of the air movement than for dust though. I clean the dust every so often and it hasn’t been an issue for me.

    Thanks for looking and have a good one!
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    You have also built in a CustomMod mini, right? Do you run both? Is the mini for traveling or some other purpose?
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    Yep. the CustomMod Mini currently isn't in use though. I ran it with the Mini box Pico 160xt and included 192w brick. After using that system with a power brick I realized that for me, a portable PC with an external power brick bothered me. Running the ModMini as my daily driver with the brick stowed away was really nice for desk space savings and looked great. Tearing it down to move not so much. This is totally subjective really. Since moving to the S4M , with internal psu, I have used that as my secondary and travel PC. The S4M is obviously larger but actually much sturdier in build than my OG CustomMod mini.

    What I would like to try is to put the HDplex 160 psu and direct plug into the GPU bay of the MOD mini for an APU system that is small and self contained.

    Also with all the great case designs around here Its very hard to resist trying a few out!

    Here is my collection so far.

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    ^What a cute family photo XD

    Thanks for sharing your reasoning. I'm always curious why people fluctuate between cases within the sff ecosystem.
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    Mounting an asetek aio like that isn't recommended. There's a tiny amount of air in them and laying flat on the bottom with tubes facing up, the air isn't leaving the pump/block. The pump is too weak for that.

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    Thanks for the heads up. This makes sense with a CLC. A custom loop can have the air bled out as well as a stronger pump. I see bottom rads a lot in water cooling builds. To be nicer to the pump I can go with the rear psu mount and move the rad to the front. That or go back to big air.
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    Went ahead and moved the rad to the front. For for this set up the psu gets mounted in the sfx rear bracket. Working well! This is only possible with a reference length gpu though. The Founders 1080 I just got back from Evga rma is in and the Srix is out. The Evga card is actually mine so this is the setup for a while.

    Also dropped in some classic Noctua's in the bottom and removed the redux ones.

    Dialed in 4.2 via Pstate OC for now and a little bump in cpu voltage via offset still stays under 1.4v. Now we have the all core hit 4.2 when needed and down clock when idle. Also worked the memory down to cas14 but this requires 1.4v in bios to be stable.

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    In the latest episode of this old Cerberus X...

    Pics are in need of a re-do but quick and dirty here are a few.

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    Thanks @MarcParis. I took a lot of inspiration from your build log and all the setups you tested out.

    Spent some time dialing in the Vega 64 tonight. I have NOT increased the power limit like many do with the under volt/ overclock. Instead I have been shaving voltage and Overclocking the HBM only. The GPU is at default 1632 boost in P7 and it has been able to maintain over 1400-1550 with just 1.000v set in Wattman on P7. .950 set on P6 and also HBM voltage. HBM set to 1000 and GPUz showing gpu wattage at less than 200w on average which may not be 100% accurate but stock volts puts it at 225w or more at under gaming loads.

    I think with 7nm AMD can get back in the race with efficiency. I can match a GTX 1080 with these settings all day. Pretty sweet.

    Here is a shot of tuning in action:
    Right click and open in new tab for full view.

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    Np @TheHig
    About amd 7nm gpu and cpu, great hope is placed on them.
    Bad news is coming from global foundries that won’t produce 7nm by lack of others customer requests.
    Amd is going with tsmc for 7nm..let’s see the output
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  15. KSliger

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    Sliger Designs

    Add this as a link on the product page, thank you for all your testing work / details!
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    Sweet! Happy to contribute any way possible. :thumb:
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    Here is the current (finished?!) build as of now.

    Ryzen 2600
    Asus CH VII Hero Wifi
    32gb Team Dark Pro 3200 memory (14 14 14 14 31 1T @2933)
    Limited ed Air XFX Vega 64
    500Gb m.2 Evo 960 nvme
    1Tb Crucial m.2 ssd
    Corsair SF 600
    Corsair H1001 V2 -- Do NOT recommend this in front like I have it unless you are willing get risky with the hose bends. They are not very flexible and as I have them aren't putting any lateral force or torque on the CPU socket. Very touch and go though. I had it on hand from my previous build and am considering replacing it. Also works fine on the floor but you lose easy access to the bottom mobo connectors. Will with any rad there with my board though.
    Noctua NF-P12s on the floor and NF-F12s pushing the rad.


    Future plans?

    PSU PCIE exentensions maybe in the near future to clean up the cabling. I use the top vented side panel so no window to show off the mess!
    Considering a water loop for the CPU/GPU -- totally for fun and acoustics gains but really spendy of course.

    Still loving the Case and anticipate years of service ahead.
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    Let's call this setup : Fall 2018 "The Hig" Cerberus-X..:)

    Regarding your issue on AIO rigid tubing, why haven't you put radiator on front panel directly. You put fan between radiator and front panel. I guess it's linked to screw, isn't it?..;)

    I like your dual SSD setup. I must admit that nvme ssd are good on paper but I don't really see differences between sata SSD (M.2 or sata) versus nvme.
    I'm expecting to update my setup to Zen 2 in 2019, but I still don't know if I will keep or upgrade my motherboard or not.
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    YES. I like the title. Totally using that one. :thumb:

    I can direct mount the rad to the front and go with pull config on the fans to buy back 25mm or so of wiggle room for the hoses. The P-12s were fine in pull when the rad was on the floor but I had the F-12s here and they are definitely better used as intended to push through a rad or cooler. After some careful twisting (the hoses rotate in the block/pump) and curving I managed to get it done. NOT pretty perhaps but getting good temps/acoustics out of it for now. Of course the Sterox fans are a possibility to save space too but If I invest in different cooling options I'm leaning toward custom water such as yours. Thanks for the tips on that btw.

    I agree that the nvme drive is better on paper than appreciatively better for daily use. SSDs are plenty fast and unless one has a workflow reason to go all in on nvme the money saved can get a larger m.2 ssd. I caught a good sale on the Evo and Samsung quality does give some piece of mind. For me the best quality of m.2 is losing the data and power cables. At this point If I ever want more storage I'm going with a PCIe riser
    ( such as the Silverstone one ) and more m.2 drives.

    You have the CH VI right? Hopefully Asus supports their high end boards through the 2020 window for AM4 with bios updates for new cpus. Of course there will be a market for a used CH VI and 1700x so flipping your board and cpu may be a nice way to get new stuff to play with!

    Thanks for your thoughts as always Marc and good day to all.