kimera industries

  1. Wahaha360

    Prototype Free Flow CPU Pump Block

    2020-09-15 : revision 9
  2. Jorgejones96

    High Core Count, Multi GPU, Small Form Factor, Workstation - Cerberus X

    My Kimera Industries / Sliger Cerberus X 7980XE 1080Ti SLI Workstation. General Specifications and 24/7 Overclocks. Intel Core i9-7980XE Skylake X 18-Core Processor. Overclocked to 4.4GHz (8 AVX Offset) at 1.20V -75mV Adaptive. HyperX Fury 64GB (4 x 16GB) DDR4 2400MHz Memory. Overclocked to...
  3. fabio

    Fill the void: a Cerberus-X Workstation - EATX+7980XE+Double Rad Waterloop+Quadro+2 Titan V!!!

    Finally, the wait it's over! (For now...) Here my full build log thanks to the amazing piece of case design that is the Cerberus-X. For people that don't know anything about it: basically is a sub 20L case that you can fill with everything you want; if there is a limit, well, it's your...
  4. TheHig

    Cerberus X Rebuild

    Hello everyone, I just finished rebuilding my main PC in the glorious Kimera Industries (will always be KI to me!) Cerberus X manufactured by the good people at @KSliger . I wanted to share to show it off (obv) and help others considering this case. I love seeing all the builds around here so...
  5. VegetableStu

    The Long Game: A build (mATX Chimera Cerberus)

    in order of assembly (off the top of my head): Case setup Handle mount goes on top. I tried mounting the Cryorig slim 140mm fan with the motherboard in during dryrun, but the rubber feet and CPU cables were rubbing against each other, so that has to go in first. SFX PSU mounting. The SSDs...
  6. C

    Z370 Kimera Cerberus Build

    I have been doing custom watercooled builds for the last 5 years in fairly large cases. This is my first SFF build. I wanted to cram as much power as possible into a small enclosure. I am not a fan of AIOs so I've decided to go with air cooling for this build. Case : Kimera Cerberus CPU : 8700k...
  7. MarcParis

    Log SMALLEST ATX CASE : CERBERUS-X (Complete build log)

    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Start of my Cerberus-X Odyssey (Update : 01st May 2017)...