build log

  1. ragnorinki

    Log [WIP] Tiny and Mighty - Velka 7 Watercooled 240mm 4090 13900k

    EDIT: Its been a couple weeks, I've made some progress on the plans, now I can actually start making modifications and getting the less substantial parts and to that end... to-do: Cut hole in bottom panel of case for PSU supply cable and air intake Machine legs for case Model and Modify GPU...
  2. infoberg

    Log 3LVIS: (3) (L)itre (V)ery small case with (I)nternal psu and (S)creen

    3LVIS: (3) (L)itre (V)ery small case with (I)nternal psu and (S)creen Part 1: The journey begins Introduction This build was inspired by (or blatantly copied from, depending on how you look at it) the build log by BaK titled "B01T3 ...a 3L Brickless APU Build..." - genius title btw, love the...
  3. billabong2606

    Log SG13 Front PSU + GPU Deshroud Mod (Cross Post from Reddit)

    Hello everyone! I recently made a post of my SG13 build in reddit here. Hope my build log/guide could be of help to anyone looking to build in this case!
  4. thelaughingman

    Log My SFF builds / journey

    Finally decide to have a dedicated thread to document everything SFF that I do. So here it is. Preface: Just a bit of background about me. Loved video games growing up (even more because my parents forbid it in typical Asian parent fashion), which led to my enthusiasm for computers and...
  5. raiistar

    My first SFF build in the Sliger SM570

    So I wanted to upgrade from my old rig which ran an i5 6600k and a Fury X. These are the components I picked for this beauty. Sliger SM570 Ryzen 3700x Gigabyte Aorus X570 ITX motherboard Corsair Vengeange RGB Pro 32gb (2x 16GB) running at 3600 mhz Corsair SF600 Platinum EVGA RTX 2080 TI 4x...
  6. heyitsconan

    My Loque Ghost S1 Build (w/ slight mods)

    Update! PSLATE CABLES CAME IN! I took better glamor shots lol Hello, I wanted to post up my new & first SFX build. Specs: Silver Loque Ghost S1 & 1 Medium Top Hat Intel I7 9700K NVIDIA RTX 2070 Phantom Gaming z390 ITX HyperX 16 GB 3200 mhz (2x* GB) Samsung 500 GB EVO Plus M.2...
  7. TheHig

    Cerberus X Rebuild

    Hello everyone, I just finished rebuilding my main PC in the glorious Kimera Industries (will always be KI to me!) Cerberus X manufactured by the good people at @KSliger . I wanted to share to show it off (obv) and help others considering this case. I love seeing all the builds around here so...
  8. Biowarejak

    S4 Mini Classic #77 - Sputnik

    Finally getting my hands on one of these badboys! :) First off, this has been in the works for this entire year. I've purchased bits and pieces from our members here and I'm very pleased to finally start the log. I'll be starting with a tease though, since the case is on its way. 22mm...
  9. owliwar

    Moving from project sophia to kairos (clearence help)

    Hi everyone, for those that saw my other post, my current pc is in my project sophia case, which is now a year old and falling to pieces, So i'll be moving my whole system to my second case, project kairos and I'm dealing now with some difficulties. I'll be using a lot of old parts, I'll...
  10. TheHig

    Cancelled! AsRock x370 Gaming itx build

    Edit: Long story short. My x370 gaming itx ac died and early death. I have RMA'd it for a refund , thanks Newegg, and picked up the AsRock x370 Taichi. Ultimately I wanted the r7 1700 to overlock so... @Aibohphobia looks like another Cerberus X customer waiting! Any more news on that front...
  11. Mango

    LZ7 #7 Build Log

    I present the build log for my LZ7! Thanks to @K888D for designing such an amazing case. It's my first ultra-small form factor build. My previous PC was housed in a Bitfenix Prodigy which is a mansion compared to the LZ7 (comparison photos available in the build log). First things first, the...
  12. ChainedHope

    [Scratch Build Log] Challenge - An Abnormal Case - Growing the Acorn

    Welcome! To preface this you should take a look at the Acorn build log here: Since then a lot has happened (gpu issues, complete failure of the water cooling loop, ssd failure, hdd failure, etc..) but I...