atx case

  1. sirGentle

    Concept SChoP (sff cherry popper) - Custom 12.9 liter ATX case with ATX PSU

    Read the latest update here! -- Draft 3 - 12.9 liter case Hi! I am looking for advice on this case I am designing. My first PC build is almost 10 years old and is still good enough for my use case. I have upgraded the gfx card a couple of years ago, but that's it. My problem is that I built...
  2. TheHig

    Cerberus X Rebuild

    Hello everyone, I just finished rebuilding my main PC in the glorious Kimera Industries (will always be KI to me!) Cerberus X manufactured by the good people at @KSliger . I wanted to share to show it off (obv) and help others considering this case. I love seeing all the builds around here so...
  3. XCreator

    Prototype ATX-Minuteman 16.5L ATX case - My dream workstation case- A new point of view

    It's not too small but this is my dream workstation case - Transparent point of view. Size 320x325x163mm. Support SFX, Flex PSU in bottom side (use with 240 Radiator) or Top side (Use with 120/140 radiator). Will show next month with X-Satan model in X-ICBM series.