Anyone plan to make a case for Mac Mini + eGPU?


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Apr 16, 2017
I couldn't be the only one dreaming a mini case to house both Mac Mini and external gpu setup together. If only I know some CAD modelling and programs, then I would start the project immediately.
Similar thing was spoken here also;

Setup consists of Mac Mini, NVMe TB3 enclosure (sth. like Wavlink UTE02), PCIe x16 to M.2 NVMe eGPU Adapter (like ADT Link R43SG) and a psu like SF600 or maybe SF750. Putting inside a case will make already hot Mac Mini hotter. So, maybe, such case can accomodate interals of Mac Mini (logic board and its psu) and can offer custom cpu cooler.

This might be the ultimate highly customizable non-Pro Mac.

Is there anyone willing to design such case?


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Feb 14, 2019
I read the post from itsage which is pretty nifty. Modding existing ITX cases would probably be the most cost effective, so I can't see anybody that would be willing to design a case from scratch. I just don' t think there's much of a market for it...

I think it would be great concept material... And if you go browse more, you'll see that itsage is all about concepts (i.e. an Inwin Chopin Threadripper with Titan Ridge TB3 card installed to it). So if you want it to be done, you'll likely have to do it yourself... Grab a pair of calipers and start learning some 3D modeling software for 3D printing. It's trial an error, but that's the beauty of rapid prototyping.