1. hat1324

    Other NFC Systems S4T eGPU Adapter Assembly 1.0

    Contains SolidWorks files, STEP, DXF, and images detailing adapter bracket for an eGPU S4 Tiny setup. Parts used: KONYEAD Thunderbolt to NVME adapter ADT-LINK PCIE to NVME Adapter M2 x 4mm Standoffs M2 x 3mm Screws M3 x 4mm Screws NFC Systems S4T S4T GPU Transform UP Bracket HDPLEX GAN 250W...
  2. CC Ricers

    Prebuilt Minisforum Ryzen mini PC has a PCIe slot for eGPU support

    Found out about the Minisforum B550 which looks like another barebones Ryzen mini PC... until you remove a slot cover where you can plug in a PCIe add-on board for external GPUs. They'll also make an attachment for the kit to hold the GPU in place.

    Log RCC-eGPU2 | a tiny portable 0.6L Thunderbolt GTX 1650 eGPU

    I was thinking about some new project for my low profile single slot YESTON GTX 1650 and came up with the idea to make another DIY Thunderbolt eGPU enclosure for it. parts used for this build: generic M.2 to TB3 40Gbps adapter ADT-LINK M.2 to PCIe 16x Riser Cable PICOBOX DCDC200 step down...

    Log RCC-eGPU1 | 3L SFF-sized DIY Thunderbolt 3 eGPU

    I wanted to do some small sized DIY TB3 eGPU enclosure for some time now. Here it is: RCC-eGPU1 My aims for this project: small enough to be portable internal power supply fits small sized graphics cards up to 200mm DIY friendly affordable (relatively speaking :p) Part list: JEYI iExtra...

    Completed DSX1 - DeskMini Series X Game Console Style Case - STX with internal PSU and GPU Support

    REVOCCASES DSX1 Game Console DIY Case for AsRock Deskmini A300/X300 Build your own Xbox Series X: Prototype review by GucksTV: DSX1 DIY Complete Set includes: DSX1 Case (space grey metallic powder coated Aluminum) MEANWELL RPS-400-12-C Power Supply GxR Load Switch Module ADT R43-ML...
  6. thewizzard1

    News CES21: Asus Sneak-Peaks uSFF 3080 Custom eGPU [DigitalTrends]

    Via DigitalTrends: "But then, there’s the ROG XG Mobile, an external graphics enclosure that’s meant to add some additional power to the Flow X13. External graphics are nothing new, but the XG Mobile has a form...

    Log turning a NUC into a 1080p gaming rig - the cheap way - DIY eGPU

    Some people might have followed my idea to develop a eGPU case dedicated for NUCs. Today I want to show you how to build your own eGPU (for your NUC) without the need for some expensive Thunderbolt Graphics Dock. What you need: NUC (with 2.5" SATA caddy prefered) Graphics Card MEANWELL...

    Completed Revoccases RCC-NUC1 | NUC Dedicated Graphics Enclosure

    RCC-NUC1 is a Custom Designed Graphics Card Add-On for 8th Gen and 10th Gen NUCs Why not give your NUC a decent GPU Boost while maintaining the small footprint on your desk? Sure, you can connect a graphics dock via Thunderbolt, but then you`ll loose that port for other accessories and you`ll...
  9. ondert

    Anyone plan to make a case for Mac Mini + eGPU?

    I couldn't be the only one dreaming a mini case to house both Mac Mini and external gpu setup together. If only I know some CAD modelling and programs, then I would start the project immediately. Similar thing was spoken here also...
  10. A

    Better cooling solution with Dan Case? (unusual way...)

    Dear good SFF people, I have an unusual question about a possible GPU setup. I'd like to know if it's even possible to link Dan case build connecting with Razer egpu. It sounds like totally defeat the purpose for small factor but was wondering any possibilities. I'm about to build a pc with...
  11. S

    Power Supply Smallest PSU for Nvidia's 32GB GV100

    Hey folks, Seeking some advice on two problems. I recently got a Quadro GV100(exact same as the Titan V, but with more vram) from Nvidia and I'm using it to render ultra-realistic VR experiences, and I would like to build a portable egpu system for it so I can bring it around. I plan to take...
  12. Reldey

    Possible EGPU connector Mod?

    So I was digging around, and found a nifty looking cable. It is a cable with a seemingly small connector that allows the bridging of PCI-E x 16 signals. Could it be possible to say, transfer a standard PCI-E connector on an ITX...
  13. B

    Dirt simple & dirt cheap (€300) BRIX Pro 4770R + 1050 Ti

    A few weeks back, I got a good deal on a Gigabyte BRIX Pro: the i7 4770R one. I wondered whether it could be made into a capable PC for work and casual gaming. That is, without the CPU turning into a fiery chip of thermal throttlling doom. Simply installing a 120mm on the original heat sink...
  14. Runamok81

    HΛD☰S B☰ΛST - Intel Hades Canyon NUC with EXP GDC Beast eGPU

    So, the new Hades Canyon NUC is on the way. Should be available in March. The big news is that it has a 24 CU Vega GPU integrated into the package. So, we're looking at GTX 1060 levels of performance combined with nearly a desktop class CPU. Basically it should handle most current games...
  15. VegetableStu

    News Asus XG Station Pro eGPU Dock, but more space sensible this time I can't get to ASUS's website for some reason, so this all off Tom's for now,36224.html
  16. kotproger

    Production Project CPR - Customizable PCI-E Riser (up to X16)

    Hello, friends! I want to share with you my ideas and developments, to get feedback or even help! The essence of the project is to create a universal platform for PCI-E riser, which allows to use it with various devices - from nettops, laptops to stationary PCs. Local page devoted to...
  17. darksidecookie

    xbox one s internal psu as egpu psu?

    so i noticed something about the internal psu of the xbox one s, it has a standard 6-pin pcie connector. Has anyone tried using it for egpu mods? it's only 30€ and if it works it would be plug and play extra psu power.
  18. P

    2 in 1 - Universal fast dock with eGPU for laptops and an SFF case

    After some discussion in the other eGPU thread, Aibohphobia mentioned that this concept may warrant a separate thread. The idea is to have a quick and easy docking solution for laptops that have no centralized docking feature with added eGPU support, extra laptop CPU cooling and hidden cabling...
  19. I

    Are there any special PCI-E riser with 2 input sources and hardware switch?

    Hey guys, here is the idea. I want to put the Thuner2 eGPU PCB into my mini-ITX PC. So I could utilize the SFX PSU and GTX 1060 in my PC when the PC is turned off. Maybe that also need to do some mod on PSU. If there exist such PCI-E riser with 2 input sources, one from PC motherboard and...
  20. B

    An Interesting DC 12V Power Supply

    30mm thick and inexpensive. I'm thinking to use it in an eGPU box, install this power supply and the video card back to back, the total width probably could be under 80mm. However, this is not a PC power supply, I don't know if...