mac mini

  1. ondert

    Anyone plan to make a case for Mac Mini + eGPU?

    I couldn't be the only one dreaming a mini case to house both Mac Mini and external gpu setup together. If only I know some CAD modelling and programs, then I would start the project immediately. Similar thing was spoken here also...
  2. phunguss

    Mac Mini (2009) Hackintosh GA-H110MSTX-HD3 (incomplete)

    I purchased a Gigabyte GA-H110MSTX-HD3 to build my Apple ][ Floppy case mod, but the i7-7700 would not boot due to firmware needing to be updated. I purchased the cheapest CPU I could find on the low end to update the firmware (G3900). So having an extra CPU, I bought another mobo and then...