Log Finally found a case/SKTC A09 3.8L for my Mini-ITX APU-Builds/no graphics card!


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Jun 2, 2020
Just read your thread. trials and tribulations - you learn from this and make you a more experienced DIY-er (20+ years "veteran" here, still learning...).
Anyway, i bought the same case as you "RGeek A09" (diff vendor, same case).
Mine will be an ASUS A320 itx, 32GB PNY DDR4, Ryzen 5700G, FSP 270W Flex (noctua-ed), 1TB nvme.

Thanks to your post, i now know the actual CPU clearance of this case (conflicting info on it on diff sites).
Thus assuring me that I'll be getting the NH-L9X65.
and i believe that Noctua 40*10mm are gonna fit into the case, just use 3M VHB KHR-19 tape (I've used this in my previous ITX build - posted in the forum here - tape is strong enough).
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Jul 12, 2020
In the -> (Summer Time - When The Weather Is Hot) Mungo Jerry says don't use the default Fan Settings! Instead press the DEL key to enter BIOS on the (GIGABYTE Z690I AORUS ULTRA PLUS DDR4 rev. 1.0) motherboard. Then find the (Smart Fan 6) at the bottom-right.

Silent setting was too weak. Normal setting is still too weak for summertime. So I used the CPU_FAN Speed Control pulldown menu to select Manual and then mouse-drag some of the points in the chart to a higher fan speed (and without excessive fan noise). This seemed to work well.