1. CC Ricers

    Using the slim HP EliteOne PSU for other systems

    I believe these are the same sort of PSUs that @guryhwa is using for bundles with his G-Unique PSUs and modifying them. I already have a DC-DC board, though so I'm curious about just getting the HP PSU and putting it in a custom brick-less build. What really interests me is its slim form factor...
  2. darksidecookie

    Power Supply is a TFX psu worth is?

    So, I'm working on a new case and i was planning to use a flex atx psu, but that seems like a compromise in terms of noise under load and the pricetag that comes with a 500w one defenitly isn't an encouragement. As a solution to the sound problem i wanted to mod a flex atx unit to fit an...
  3. B

    Power Supply Fully modular 500w Flex ATX psu

    Chinese market is just awesome:
  4. ondert

    Is this 250w psu enough for G4560 + 1050 Ti ?

    Hello sff folk, I would like to build an sff system (might be within 2 to 3 months) for my girlfriend and want to make it small as possible while not breaking the wallet. It will not be a beast, will probably build it on Intel Pentium G4560 cpu and a single slot gpu. Until now, I've searched...
  5. BlackKnight

    System won't power on

    Hey guys, this is my current build config: Since the 330W Dell adapter I bought on eBay was defective, I got a 230W HP adapter today. The system usually doesn't do anything, or sometimes the power LED turns on...
  6. Colinreay

    .STEP G-Unique HP internal AC-DC Converter 2017-08-13

    Just a basic model of the modded internal AC-DC converter that Gurywha offers along with his various AC-DC and DC-ATX adapters. I am interested in using this adapter in my own projects, and hope any of you that are as well can find use in the resource. All dimensions are modeled off of one...
  7. P

    Need help selecting a suitable PSU for custom SFF ITX Case

    I am currently in the process of designing a Mini Itx case and I am in need of advice as to how I should power the rig, I'm intending to use a R7 1700 and a GTX 1080ti and going off rough calculations I'll need around a 500Watt Peak PSU, I have seen a post on G-Unique Power supplies but I am...
  8. noobi3st

    Selling [USA-KY] HDPLEX 300 & Dell 330W brick combo SOLD

    Shipped to @xcrco
  9. 3lfk1ng

    SFF.Network XIGMATEK has entered the SFX PSU game

    You can read more here.
  10. Pat-Roner

    News Be Quiet SFX-L unit

  11. CC Ricers

    Closed Sapphire R9 285 ITX edition, HD-PLEX 160W (old gen), Dell 150W adapter

    First is my Sapphire R9 285 ITX edition for sale. I plan to upgrade to a RX 570 soon. This is just for the card. $60 and free shipping to the continental US. Elsewhere, please PM me for shipping details. I'm also selling an older HD-PLEX DC-ATX 160 and Dell 150W 19.5V power brick. Preferably...
  12. grumpyrobin

    Power Supply Can an SFX PSU power a big case?

    Hi Guys, I have been snooping around this forum for a month or so. I am really looking forward to building a Ryzen build in an NCASE M1 once the x300 boards become available. My problem is the PSU on my current PC (ENERMAX 600W gold, 2500k, gtx 970, 2ssds 1 hdd, Lancool Dragonlord k-62 case)...
  13. K

    What Power Brick to use for PICOBOX 500w

    Title says it all.
  14. K

    Power Supply A Possible PSU Alternative

    I am looking to build a custom ITX system. It will be replacing my dying laptop. One of the first things I wanted to try was to get an ITX system into about the same space as my laptop, it measures at 16.5 x 11.5 x 1.5 inches (420 x 292 x 40 mm). And after a bit of research and measuring I think...
  15. Phryq

    Power Supply PSUs Thin and STX vs mATX

    So Thin ITX and STX both allow laptop power bricks. Benefits 1 - Smaller case. 2 - Convenient. 2 - No wires (with only M.2 drives). Downsides 1 - Less power. I don't need tons of power, as I don't want a GPU. I've looked at e.g. 'pico power' which lets you use a laptop brick with a tiny...
  16. R3venger

    News HDPLEX 300W AC-DC w/PFC (nanoATX Series) now for pre order

    Hi, i checked the HDPLEX Website, and the 300W AC-DC psu seems to be able to pre ordering. HDPLEX 300W AC-DC w/PFC (nanoATX Series) About the stock: Los Angeles,USA: ETA April 25 Hamburg,Germany: ETA April 30 Shenzhen,China: In Stock
  17. AstroWan

    Power Supply So I'm interested in these little chip PSU's...

    So I like the design of these chip psu (like the HDPLEX HiFi 300w) but I don't really know a lot about them of what kind of sorts are available. I'm interested in acquiring one or two to run a system with a 6800k and 1080ti with the concept of possibly adding a small 120mm to the cpu and gpu...
  18. L

    Looking for some specific specs....

    I've got some time on my hands again, so I'm going to get back to making more progress on my SketchUp (and Autodesk) files for my custom case I'm planning out. Last time I was doing some work on the files one set of specifications I had struggled a bit to find. I need to work out the positions...
  19. limaalpha0hacii

    Hiding External Adapters

    How do you guys stow away your power adapters? Can you use 3M adhesive to mount a large power brick (such as the Dell DA330PM111 330W) to the underside of a desk ? What other ways could you mount/hide them?
  20. S

    150W psu + 200w pico + 80 - 300w consumption?

    First off, hello everyone and thanks for having this awesome community! Disclaimer: I'm not a pro in assembling PC's, but I have some experience with electronics in other fields :-) So, I bought this very small form factor PC from a guy who makes a living off selling them in Denmark. My specs...