SFF.Network XIGMATEK has entered the SFX PSU game


Shrink Ray Wielder
Feb 22, 2015
Looks like SFX could be the new mainstream replacing ATX in a few years.

Then by that time the SFF community would've migrated to HDPlex / G-Unique lol.
I definitely see that happening. With SFX and SFX-L, there's really little reason to keep ATX around anymore. I think mainstream SFF will continue to use SFX as well, but at the more compact end of the spectrum we should see external power bricks and flexATX pick up steam. The former is already pretty common with the big mainstream system integrators (Dell/Alienware etc.), but for the DIY market flex might make a bit more sense.


Jessica. Wayward SFF.n Founder
Silver Supporter
Feb 22, 2015
Forgot to mention this earlier, but the SFX unit will indeed by painted black. The bare metal unit in the booth must be a pre-production sample.