1. ondert

    Power Supply Both HDPlex 250w GaN units have failed?

    Hiya everyone, On my latest build i’ve decided to go with J-Hack’s Stratos case and Hdplex 250w gan psu. However, the first unit arrived in late August was DOA. Then they sent me a replacement unit and after a few months later, i think this one has just failed too. I can’t turn on the PC unless...
  2. Analogue Blacksheep

    Discussion RetroRGB - Power Supply Discussion While this is aimed at aftermarket units in retro gaming consoles, there is an overlap here when it comes to pico power supplies being used so this might be of interest around here. Also goes into power supply safety.
  3. Zurath

    Other FormD T1 v2 - PSU bracket clamp 1.1

    The clamp for PSU bracket to solve a problem of FormD design and it works very well for me. It uses one of 6 PSU mounting holes as attachment point. Aside from that part you gonna need a 6-32 screw with length of around half an inch (13mm). You can take the attached STL or export from Onshape...
  4. uonen

    .STEP Asus ROG LOKI SFX-L 1000W PSU 1.0

    Exterior of it modeled official photos from Asus website should be accurate enough, internal parts are modeled from google photos. For some reason internal parts unable to open after exporting (.step) so I uploaded separately in case works for you. Some of the internal parts and connectors are...
  5. Kaji

    Closed [JP] HDPlex 200W AC-DC / 200W DC-ATX Combo SOLD

    Hi all, selling my HDPlex units as a combo. Parts performed flawlessly while in use with no noise/coil whine under any load. Sale includes: 1) HDPlex 200W AC-DC passive PSU 2) HDPlex 200W DC-ATX converter All cables in image included (PCI power and barrel jack adapter for DC-ATX unit missing)...
  6. Kaji

    Closed [JP] HDPlex 200W DC-ATX NEW SOLD

    Hello everyone, I have 1 unused HDPlex 200W DC-ATX unit for sale. All cables included. Selling internationally for $50 + Shipping - Payment processed with PayPal Images below:
  7. Shaytanya

    Discussion Dan A4 - power issue

    Hi team About 18 months ago, I built my second build in a Dan A4. Last week, it appears that there is no power getting to the Mobo (asus z490 i gaming) as the RGB isn’t lighting up and the pc isn’t turning on. I have checked the power cable and also the cable going into the PSU and am...
  8. Valantar

    .SKP & .STEP Flexatx PSU cutout cover with C14 and 40mm fan mounts (for MW RPS PSUs etc.) 1

    This is a PSU cutout cover plate for cases meant for FlexATX PSUs, for folks wanting to use an internal AC-DC PSU of some kind (like MeanWell's RPS series). It has a cutout designed for snap-in panel mount C14 sockets, which partially relies on the adjoining case panel for structural support for...
  9. fleischverpackung

    NCase M1: HDD 3.5 + SFX mount compatible with ALL CPU coolers and GPUs

    This HDD mount is compatible with ANY CPU cooler configuration and ANY 4-slot GPU you can throw at that case. You can also mount the NCase side bracket with dust filters or use those sketchy 180-degree GPU power adapters! This is the development...
  10. RenG

    Power Supply HDPLEX 250W GaN Passive AIO

    I recently bought the outgoing model for my planned build. But I'm excited for this one and I just might use this instead. Though I might wait for several reviews. My main concern is coil whine as some users reported the older model suffers from this. Thoughts...
  11. J

    DAN A4-SFXv4.1 - Recommend an alternative PSU: Enermax, Silverstone or Cooler Master?

    Hello everyone, I know that the Corsair SF Series PSUs are recommended in the FAQ^ section and from what I read so far the Corsair is actually really the best by far but I'm having trouble sourcing then. Did anybody had their hands on any of these PSUs with the DAN case? * Cooler Master V650...
  12. J

    Enclosure Antec ISK110 VESA-U3 suitable PSU replacement?

    Hello Community, I'm thinking about buying Antec ISK110 VESA-U3 but I'm worried that the supplied PSU will die quickly - or is it actually a valid concern? Is the integrated DC-to-ATX PCB going to die first? Those of you who have the case can you please share if it's difficult to replace the...
  13. D

    Discussion PSU with both 120VAC and 12~16VDC or 24VDC input

    I got a Tesla recently and it's motivating me to try to see if i can do some VR gaming on the go (not while driving of course ;)). My plan is that I will obtain or build (around 200x 18650s) a ~2kWh power bank that I can keep in the car, and it can trickle charge from the car's 12V battery, and...
  14. Analogue Blacksheep

    Selling (UK Only) BeQuiet TFX Power 2 300W Gold

    £40 (Includes shipping) DOES NOT COME WITH WARRANTY, ITEM IS SOLD AS SEEN! The item was used in a previous computer build. DOES NOT COME WITH POWER PLUG. YOU MUST PROVIDE YOUR OWN! The non-modular PSU has been used for about 2 months. Comes with adapters including 6-pin for GPU, an 8-pin for...
  15. thelaughingman

    Power Supply Silverstone SX1000 - 80 PLUS Platinum 1000W fully modular SFX-L power supply

    Product page is finally up - 1000W but Platinum only, compare to the previous 'flagship' that was 800W Titanium Semi passive mode until 200W Flat cables for easier bending and cramping compare to sleeved Go or...
  16. S

    Discussion Silverstone SX750-PT vs Corsair SF750

    The Silverstone SX750-PT is supposedly going to launch Q4 2020, which is going to be very very soon. Its suggested retail price is $169.99 and is a direct competitor to the Corsair SF750. Also, the SX750-PT is slightly smaller than the SF750, so maybe it leaves more room for cables. When the...
  17. T

    Advice Limited PSU Headroom

    Hello all, This is my first post here, but I'm looking for some advice on a tiny build with limited PSU Headroom. My girlfriend is looking for a new productivity and light gaming rig to replace a dying macbook. I have suggested that I build her a small form factor PC that fits the bill, and...
  18. MarcParis

    Power Supply Silverstonetek SX750 (SFX, 750W, Platinum, semi passive)

    I just discovered yesterday that Silverstonetek is adding a new SFX PSU SX750, to compete directly versus Corsair SF750. Unlike other Silverstone SFX PSU, this SX750 is packing semi passive capabilities : Release...
  19. Questl

    Power Supply 240-360mVp-p Ripple and Noise in desired 12v ATX power supply

    This is the power supply in question. As you can see, ripple ranges from 240-320, and ripple noise from 300-360. Before I start, I'm running a Radeon RX 570 (150W) and a 3300X (65W) on a B450I (35W), so the system total clocks in around 260W, giving it decent 300W headroom. As I understand it...
  20. cosmopock

    Power Supply Flex Psu 500w+ need help

    i'm confiused whitch power supply to buy . I brought recently metalfish s3 and k39 case and i really need advice what psu to buy pls help im a newbie in this subject . Do you know any good psu available on aliexpress or ebay i live i europe ?