1. B

    Power Supply Will there be a HDPLEX AC-DC 400w PSU

    The title pretty says it all. I noticed that with the HDPLEX 400 DC-ATX converter it's rated for 400 watts of continuous with a peak of 500 watts listed on it's product page, while the AC-DC PSU recommended to go with it is the 300 watt with a peak of 400 watt model. I was just wondering if...
  2. N

    Power Supply I need help understanding the HDplex 400w

    Hi, so Im planning on doing a custom case for my next computer, see this reddit post: And I planned on using the HDplex 400w. The components I wanted to throw in the computer were these...
  3. Phuncz

    SFF.Network Silverstone’s Passive SFX-L PSU launched !

    Read more here. Link to the hands-on forum discussion a year ago: here.
  4. dan1337

    Would you buy a 1200w PSU just so the fan dosent come on when gaming

    I already have a z370 8700 1060 build. I have just bought a xigmatec nebula c. I am a silence fiend so am seriously considering buying a corsair hx1200i so that I can use up to 500-600w without the fan coming on. Am I taking things too far or is this something that is normal for silence seekers?
  5. BernardoZ

    Power Supply How to review a PSU?

    Hello guys! As some of you may know, we recently got the new psu from Enhance. That is a 600w 80+ Platinum Flex-ATX power supply, with a very reasonable fan noise! We already made some tests, and in our opinion, this is the absolute best Flex-ATX psu on the market right now. Supported loads...
  6. G

    Power Supply Need good laptop power brick for HdPlex 160W Build

    I have recently built a ryzen 5 2400G Htpc/ office pc but the internal AC adapter never turned up, so instead I got a refund and have been hunting for a good 240w - 330w (so I can go to the 200w limit or get a HdPlex 330) and couldn’t find any that didn’t look scammy/ fishy/ to good to be true...
  7. W

    lulzbot 500w psu help?

    Hi guys so I talked to the guy who made the dynamo combo or whatever that is going to power my 8700k and 1080 ti and he recommended either the eurocom 780w power brick or the lulzbot 500w power brick. And after seeing that the 8700k overclocked to 5.0 ghz combod with the (not ti) gtx 1080 only...
  8. dreyco676

    Power Supply Recommended SFX PSU's around 500W?

    Parts Picker is giving me like 5 options, none with reviews. I'm wondering if anyone has any recommendations for a 500w PSU that is relatively quiet and modular?
  9. RoLexus

    Concept Project F-Brick high power 12V brick

    Idea here is modifying from flex-ATX PSU with size 150x81.5x40.5mm, it's smaller than high power laptop brick (normal length is more than 200mm). Modification points: - Remove top cover and 40mm fan. - Remove all cables, jump start PSU inboard. - Install modular bracket but only 2x 8pin CPU -...
  10. S

    PSU for Mini-STX?

    Hello, I've built a mini-STX PC with a H110S1 and an i7-7700K. I thought I could use this PC as a Stream machine for Twitch. It works really great, allowing me to stream videos at 1080p/30FPS BUT after 45 minutes, the external 120W power supply (Laptop block format) starts to be really hot (I...
  11. owliwar

    .SKP & .STEP TFX 12V PSU 2018-02-17

    this is a simple model for the TFX psu, measures taken from I couldn't find the step file so I made it. this does not have the fan protrusion as is common in the recent models. fans and c14 conectors taken from grab cad. fan from Yang Ji...
  12. 3lfk1ng

    Power Supply SilverStone SX650-G and SX500-G review

    Huge thanks to @SilverStone for sending us these units. Read more here.
  13. Thauner

    Power Supply Question about power usage and more?

    Hello forum. Don't know if any of you guys have a sff case with a 8700 non k. I have really been trying to find similar setups. I have the cpu as mentioned Asus STRIX-I z370 gaming Ram at 3200mhz (lpx 16gb) M.2 ssd Nano psu 160w Noctua nh-l9i cooler And it's in a streacom f1c ws Evo case...
  14. Therandomness

    Power Supply HDPLEX 160W DC-DC unit shutting down

    So, as said in the title (I'm running an RX 570 Pulse ITX with it, and a Dell 230W power brick), whenever I try to run Folding@Home or any benchmark, the DC-DC unit shuts down for whatever reason. Is it just Folding@Home being bad, or is it something to do with the power supply?
  15. dothedu

    Selling Seasonic Focus + Gold 850W + Free toolkit and HD hotswap bay.

    I got this to put into my Lian Li PC-TU200B, however, it looked too big so I decided to switch to Corsair's SF600. I threw away the box but I have everything it comes in, I only turned it on once to power up my system, good as new. I will throw in a toolkit from Micro center worth $12 for free...
  16. darksidecookie

    xbox one s internal psu as egpu psu?

    so i noticed something about the internal psu of the xbox one s, it has a standard 6-pin pcie connector. Has anyone tried using it for egpu mods? it's only 30€ and if it works it would be plug and play extra psu power.
  17. FizzyXzzY

    Looking for advice on modding an Alienware x51

    Hello everyone and thanks for taking your time to read this, I'm looking into upgrading my old X51 due to it's aging specs and already sub-tier 1080p performance. I've already gutted the parts from the pc to make a pc for my family member, so I can't re-use them (except for the powerboard and...
  18. P

    Power Supply Recommended Flex ATX PSU - What should I be buying?

    I am currently designing a new case for my first ever SFF rig, originally I was going to use a G-Unique 500Watt DC-DC PSU but seeing as after taking all components into consideration a Flex ATX PSU wouldn't be much smaller I've decided that I'm better off using a 500Watt fully internal Flex ATX...
  19. A

    Power Supply Asus H110T + HDPLEX 160W

    Hi, Pardon me, for asking such a ridiculous question, but this ITX thing is unknown area for me :) So, I'd like to build a small home server (just a mobo, ram, and 2-3 HDD) and choosed this thin ITX motherboard: Asus H110T But I'm uncertain about the...
  20. P

    .SKP Mean Well EPP-400-12 v1

    A SketchUp model of the Mean Well EPP-400-12 AC-DC converter. Modelled after the technical drawings provided by Mean Well. Quite Accurate.