1. K

    Stalled xbox 360 Enclosure hp 6200 pro sff emulation

    Hi guys, Just new and already took a few notes though some things i would like to ask here separately, but first i will sketch the idea how far I'am and what questions i have. I do want to upload some pictures if necessary though haven't really figured out how to post them since i do not use a...
  2. T

    Smaller than Flex ATX PSU

    Hi there, i've made my own SFF Case, it is sized like the nfc S4 Mini :) I try to go brickless, my question is: Exist there a less wide version of this? Seasonic SSP-300SUB - 300W Flex ATX Modular 1U power supply this is: 150mm (L) × 81.5 mm (W) × 40.6mm (H) i need: 150mm (L) × 70.0...
  3. B

    Power Supply PSU change for HP800 G1 SFF computer (to make it more quiet and ready for GPU upgrade)

    I have HP800G1 ELITEDESK Small form factor computer and I am looking for info whether POWER SUPPLY UNIT could be changed with a more powerful (for GPU-Graphics card) and a more quiet one. Here is computer info: Current integrated PSU (240 W) in...
  4. petricor

    Power Supply AC/DC PSU with 600W @ 12V on a ~2x8“ footprint? Help!

    Hi all, I‘m working on the basics of a 12V project - details coming soon- and it needs a LOT of power, around the 550w mark to be precise: I have a 210x54x40mm volume available for the PSU. So far I came up with two possible solutions: 1) Two 2x4” Cosel Cosma GMA 300F with a compact load...
  5. E

    Power Supply Athena Flex ATX PSU - Wont Post

    Hi all New build, following specs MB - ASUS Maximus Impact VIII CPU - Intel 6700K RAM - 16Gb SSD - Samsung 850 500GB GPU - GeForce 1050 Ti If I connect the Athena PSU to the build I cannot get the system to post. If I connect my spare ATX PSU its fine and if I connect the Athena to my old...
  6. D

    Power Supply PicoPSU Discussion

    So I’m planning out a super compact build that requires a pico PSU. Have a 250W pcb with a 330W laptop adapter and I am curious to everyones experience with them. Efficiency? Absolute Max Wattage? Safety? Today I tried to use a janky 300W pico PSU and accidentally shorted a connection...
  7. petricor

    Other MeanWell UHP-200 2019-03-06 used in this build:
  8. zzmadd

    Power Supply Where to buy Flex PSUs (beside Geeek that's out of stock)

    Hi, maybe some of you know where I could source Flex ATX PSUs to be shipped to Europe (Italy). Geeek has a good and nice Flex PSU offer with modular cable that's quite nice and not too expensive BUT they have such PSUs out of stock since more than a month. I can easily find SilverStone FX350-G...
  9. vardonir

    Power Supply Best place to get simple PSU cables internationally?

    Where's the best place to buy PSU cables that: a) are sold from a shop that ships internationally b) are short and thin c) don't have braiding or special colors (I just want cables that will hide behind a windowless case) Thanks~!
  10. es2305

    Power Supply Help to choose power supply for a very small case

    Hello everyone, I am a tech apassionated person like a lot of you and for a hobbie project I wanted to build a small form factor computer, but I have two issues, 1: I am not sure if everything will fit into the case, and 2: by choosing the Mini Plug Type DC PSU Module and AC/DC power supply...
  11. Mortis Angelus

    Power Supply HDPLEX 800 W DC-DC?!? WAAAAAATTT???

    I thought @Josh | NFC was pulling our legs when releasing this title on YouTube. But apparently it exists! I am amazed how you can make something this powerful in such a small form factor. Now I wonder why it is so difficult for big companies to make 750+ W SFX PSUs, if HDPLEX can make this...
  12. J

    Power Supply Which PSU for this build?

    CPU: Ryzen 7 2700X GPU: Gigabyte RTX 2070 Mini Mobo: Asus Strix X470-I RAM: 16Gb G.Skill Trident Z SSD: M.2 NVME x2 CPU Cooler: Corsair H60 Case: Dan A4 SFX v3 I have used OuterVision power supply calculator to get load wattages ranging from 366W to over 450W with various tweaks to this...
  13. P

    Power Supply Help with power supply

    I am trying to build a sff PC and need help with the psu. I was looking at What power connectors do I need? I have no idea. Thank you!
  14. M

    Power Supply Cheap 400w PSU danger?

    Do I just got this thing in the mail. It's a (suposedly) 400w switching PSU from aliexpress, it was only $22. Would this be suitable for a small form factor computer? It's super thin and the cade can be cut to mamke shorter and opened for ventilation (the fan in it is super loud) I...
  15. thel3igo

    Power Supply SF750 Platninum Spotted Relevant Reddit posts:
  16. D

    psu advice

    HI all i have a metallic gear mini itx case. it will fit a full size psu but I'm undecided whether to go with full size or sfx psu- my options are the corsair RMX 550- or the...
  17. M

    Concept 300W PC on a 160 pico PSU, crazy concept?

    Okay, First off, if I am saying something crazy, please, tell me in the comments because I am certainly no expert, but I know enough to think about this crazy concept. So, the idea is simple yet hard to explain hope you all can follow. I am assembling a small pc with a custom diy case made out...
  18. thel3igo

    Power Supply Will there ever be a Titanium efficiency SFX PSU?

    We finally have Platinum efficiency SFX PSU's with the new Corsair SF series. There is only one (to my knowledge) smalll form factor power supplies that has titanium efficiency, and it is an SFX-L. Will @Corsair Johan or @SilverStone ever release a titanium power supply in a true SFX form...
  19. M

    Power Supply PSU recommendations?

    Hi guys, new to SFF PC's and having a hard time finding PSU options to look at. Is there a resource/list anywhere of recommendations and reviews? I can find lots of info/reviews about SFX PSU's such as Corsair SF600/450 etc, but I'm struggling to find anything about smaller options such as...
  20. W

    Power Supply Dynamo combo problem (I think?)

    Hello. Just to preface i looked at the proper setup for the combo here I have just like that except it seems the newer 160 has the yellow wire already attached so I just put a black in from the yellow to the 360. Looks...