1. Thehack

    Meanwell PSU Accessories

    To Mods: I'm not sure if this is posted in the right place. Please move per your discretion. This is theHACK here. You may know me around this forum as that guy who loves 12V builds... Anyways, with the rise of 12V builds have fueled interest in using internal Meanwell PSUs. With that said...
  2. B

    Power Supply The smallest 150w internal PSU?

    Hello guys. I am currently working on a personal build, and I would like to know what is the smallest internal PSU available on the market that supports 150w. *My project uses an Mini-ITX motherboard. First, I thought it was FlexATX (15 x 8 x 4cm). But after some research I found the Pico/G...
  3. artimaeus

    Power Supply Dual DC-DC PSUs?

    I'm curious if it's possible to use two DC-DC power supplies for the same system (one for the GPU and one for the rest of the system for ex.).
  4. Thehack

    Power Supply Meanwell External AC Adapter, 60W - 280W Version

    Look at what I found guys! 160W: 280W: Spec sheet looks pretty good. Would be useful for you cheaters ;) Also comes in 20V versions for those who prefer HD-PLEX...
  5. EdZ

    Power Supply Redundant PSU modules for high power internal AC -> 12V?

    Reading PCPer's review of a redundant PSU, a line jumped out at me: Each of those FSP520-20RGGBB1 modules is a 520W 92% efficienct single-rail 12V supply, feeding via a card-edge connector (AKA nice big solder pads that sadly lack strain-relief). While FSP don't publish the dimensions of the...
  6. E

    Power Supply AC/DC with 127W cubic inch power density

    I was looking for meanwell PSU at mouser and stumble across this AC/DC converter it's 400w efficiency 92% with output 24V, 16.7 Amps and really small footprint; so I was wondering if this could be used with any pico PSU to power a GTX1070?
  7. iFreilicht

    Buying A working SFX PSU

    Really, I just want a working SFX PSU that can give me 2xPEG-6pin 1xEPS-4pin and 1xATX-24pin. I can get SATA with an adapter. Doesn't have to be modular, doesn't have to look good, can be scratched up or badly painted, as long as nothing inside is damaged. I only want offers from the Euro-zone...
  8. Branch_bryce

    Enclosure Please Help with ITX Case

    Hello all, I am loving this website as I have been on it for about 2 months now and I finally have a question and I figured y'all ITX enthusiasts could help me out. I currently am in a Silverstone ML08 (based off of the rvz02). I am moving into the Sugo SG13 and I need to know if I'm gonna have...
  9. NRG

    Power Supply Flex ATX PSU

    Hey all! I've done a bit of searching on Flex ATX PSU's and I haven't really found anything all that helpful, So, I come to you knowledgeable wizards of the SFF forum ;) I'm starting to throw together some ideas for a SFF build similar to the Hutzy build. I've already dabbled with a HDPlex...
  10. FreezingCode

    Closed Silverstone SX-600G 600W SFX PSU

    [SOLD] Silverstone SX-600G v1.1 - $95/shipped in con. US. Located in Rockford, MN 55373. It's in great condition, and comes with all cables, paperwork, and box. Has appx 1 year of use before it was swapped for the Corsair SF600. Nothing wrong with the unit, the fan is just too noisey for my...
  11. Thehack

    Power Supply A Guide to 12V PSU

    Hello. With the recent announcement of G-Unqiue’s entry into the PICO Plug-in Type (which I will now refer to as Plug-in DC Board or PDCB for short), I have decided to revamp this thread into a general guide to Meanwell PSU. As I learn more and build into it, I will add information and update...
  12. 3lfk1ng

    Power Supply List of DC-ATX power supplies.

    This thread is designed to showcase various brands, sizes, and capacities of DC-ATX power supplies. Included are the names, the dimensions, supported input voltage, and the advertised efficiency percentage. Please feel free to submit any additions provided they meet Gold efficiency levels at...
  13. garyroks

    Powering dual pico psu using single power brick

    Hey guys, I am a planning to build a smallest custom rig. The spec as given below: CPU : i5 6500 Motherboard : Asus B150 Aura/wifi Ram : 2 x 8gb 2133mhz Storage 1 : WD 1tb Hdd Storage 2 : intel 160 gb SSD GPU : EVGA GTX 1060 6gb OC (Single fan model) case fans : 1 fans 120mm According to the...
  14. BobyMadrox

    Choice of mini-PSU for compact system

    Hi ! I plan to build a small factor system using the S4 Mini case but sadly I have not enough technical knowledge to make the right choice for the PSU, if you could help me on this matter I would greatly appreciate it ! My ideal system will look something like this : 65W CPU possibly...
  15. B

    Power Supply Which PSU for i3 6100 & RX460?

    Hello everyone, I'm hoping to get my hands on a s4 mini soon. In the meanwhile I'm planning the build. I want to use a i3 6100 and a rx460 (or maybe a 1050 once its released). Unfortionally I don't know anything about power consumption. That's where I need some help. Will a PicoPSU 160XT be...
  16. H

    Power Supply SFX to Flex ATX bracket?

    new to this forum, but just wandering if anyone knows where I could buy a bracket to mount a Flex ATX psu in a space with mounting holes for an SFX psu. I can find ones for ATX to TFX and the obvious ATX to SFX, but nothing to suite my needs. Any help would be much appreciated!
  17. CC Ricers

    Closed Silverstone modular 450w PSU w/flat cables

    I'm selling my GPU and PSU to continue on with a new build. Please request shipping prices by PMing me your postal code. I accept PayPal offers. I typically ship to the US only, and sometimes Canada, though I'm not certain if it's worth the value to ship overseas. EVGA GTX 760 Superclocked -...
  18. TheInternal

    Power Supply Had hoped to review the SilverStone 700W SFX-L Platinum PSU...

    ...but my unit was DOA. -doh- Either the unit or it's cables were bad. I tried about 4 times to unplug and replug the power cables with it to no avail. The new build powered up just fine with a known good 6-10 year old Corsair PSU. Sadly, the Amazon vendor I purchased it from doesn't have a...
  19. TheInternal

    Thoughts on "Syber"

    Anyone work with one of the CyberPowerPC Syber cases yet / have any opinion on them? It's one of the more attractive cases I've seen, but they don't sell just the case. I've already sent a query to the sales department about if it will support a SFX-L PSU or not, though I should probably get the...
  20. EdZ

    Other Power Supply Design Guide for Desktop Platform Form Factors v1.31 (ATX 2.4 specification) 2016-05-26

    This appears to be missing from (only revision 1.2 is available) and the widely circulated Intel link is dead.