ITX tray with modular PCI and PSU, price check!

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  1. mrp0p1nfr3sh

    mrp0p1nfr3sh Trash Compacter

    wait is the non modular variant pictured already?
  2. Weredawg

    Weredawg Average Stuffer

    Hey @NATi have you found any more builds using your kits? I'm still playing with the idea of building a wood enclosure around one of your kits, akin to the LZ7 layout
  3. nlancaster

    nlancaster What's an ITX?

    I want 2 of your kits! how do we get this going?
  4. ToAo

    ToAo What's an ITX?

    Same question for me..
  5. Weredawg

    Weredawg Average Stuffer

    Another question, with the SFX PSU bracket attached over the MOBO bracket, what is the CPU cooler clearance?
  6. wolfpc

    wolfpc Case Bender

    I need your ITX version asap please contact me with ordering details thanks.
  7. Daoexpress06

    Daoexpress06 What's an ITX?

    Great idea and realisation

    I am interested

  8. RadiusDougie

    RadiusDougie What's an ITX?

    #128 RadiusDougie, Apr 21, 2019 at 2:13 AM
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    This is AMAZING!
    I'm interested in an ITX kit and SFX plate. Also, have you considered a TFX plate for PSU? Would you be willing to custom fab one in addition to the SFX?
    Would like to know the measurements of the three plates all lined up like in the very first post. Thank you so much for your genius!!!!