1. M

    Enclosure WIP 55mm High ITX/PIO Case 3D print + sheet

    My Work in Progress 55mm H* PIO/ITX STL (* plus top and bottom sheet metal of 1.5mm-2.0mm). It is designed to be used with M3 round standoffs with 5mm OD; brass heat inserts may possibly work. The depth of my board is 190mm, so the sides are 195mm. The front is not final, I will need to...
  2. OldManGrimm

    Log G.Skill Z5i case with 5800X3D | Strix X570-I | RTX 2080 Ti | custom loop with EK hardware

    I bought this case when it released, absolutely love the look. Unfortunately the GPU ventilation is terrible; anything over a 3060/6600 level card overheats. I just recently got comfortable enough with custom loops to make this build work. The tempered glass is hinged on either side like doors...
  3. Kaji

    Closed 2U Dual ITX Rackmount Server Chassis 8x3.5" Hotswap

    Selling dual ITX rackmount chassis GenesysGroup S208B-TWIN-ITX Link: Includes: -Chassis itself -All included accessories (screws, front IO cables, HDD trays) -Two x16 riser cables for horizontally mounted, single slot PCI device -Two OCUlink ->...
  4. fabio

    Selling [EU-DK] HD Plex 400 NEW + DELL 330W Brick

    Hi Guys! I am getting rid of a few things, jope they can find a better user.: HD Plex 400W NEVER Used + Dell 330W Brick: 100EUR + Shipment
  5. JKBBG

    Production [Open Source] JKase D3 v1.0 -- Triangular Vertical mini-ITX Case, 3.5 slots GPU support, 280mm support, 3 Different Forms, Vertical Airflow, Modular

    2023-07-11: Massive Update, JKase D3 v1.0, Open Source JKASE D3 is a case that values the DIY spirit. It is based on an equilateral triangle, you can change the side panel and parts on your requirement. For example, from General Form to Duo Systems Form, or from General Cooling Mode to Duo...
  6. Mashndrow

    Other Website for ITX cases

    I recently found out about a website called CaseEnd and I'm pretty impressed by the potential it can become. I think it's a year old website from what I see and there are many cases that I never know existed. The website gives details about the height clearance of both CPU and GPU, compatible...
  7. FiftyFifty

    Closed [EU-SE] Velkase Velka 7 2.0 Louqe PCI 4.0 riser 240mm radiator

    Selling my Velka 7 case modified with a XSPC TX240mm radiator. Radiator can be removed if you want to use aircooled setup. Comes with a Louqe Cobalt blue Riser PCI-e Gen 4.0 cable and all accessories in original box. You can check modifications and more photos here...
  8. Kaji

    Closed MSI RTX 3060 Aero ITX 12GB

    Purchased for my next build but went with the 3060ti variant instead. Used for fitment, never actually used. Essentially open box condition. Want: USD $450 + Shipping via PayPal International OK (shipping from Japan)
  9. FiftyFifty

    Log Velka 7 watercooled 240mm 3060ti

    Hi. This is my new project I am working on. Haven't really had much time lately but trying to doing little by little everyday. Will try to update as much as possible, still a long waaaay to go. :) HARDWARE Case: Velka 7 2.0 Mobo: Asus B560i CPU: Intel Core 5 11400 CPU Block: Alphacool XPX 1U...
  10. S

    Production Pluto: a 13L wood top tower by Artesian Builds

    Hello everyone. I am very excited to introduce to you the Artesian Pluto SFF case. Born right here on SFF network and formerly known as the Knarr, we have optimized the design to make it production friendly and believe it is finally ready to be revealed. November 14 2022 UPDATE As some of you...
  11. lys1030

    Log Xproto Mini with Mesh

    Complete step by step build: Parts: Xproto Mini (Black edition, with mesh sold separately) Gigabyte B550I Aorus Pro AX (metal parts with white Cerakote, plastic parts with white enamel) AMD Ryzen 5 5600X EVGA RTX 3060 XC Gaming Corsair Vengeance LPX 32GB CMK32GX4M2Z3600C18 FMMJ DDR4 RAM Jacket...
  12. Analogue Blacksheep

    Motherboard Deep-ITX Potential/Discussion

    Figured it might be time for another one of these discussion/roundup/speculation obscure motherboard form factor threads with the B550 board showing up. *** What is Deep-ITX it so far as of 11/04/21? - 6.7"x 8.2" or 170mm x 208mm (Standard ITX is 6.7"x 6.7" or 170mm x 170mm, DTX is 8"× 6.7"...
  13. Analogue Blacksheep

    Motherboard Interesting ITX developments with DE-10 Nano's (MiSTer) and Pi's.

    Noticed some interesting developments coming out from the Retro Computing/Gaming scene. Firstly, if you are not familar with the MiSTer project, it is using FPGA's to emulate old games consoles, computers, arcade boards and more to a degree of accuracy that traditional software emulation can...
  14. A

    GPU New AMD single fan card 1st Half 2021 for Velka 3?

    I saw this post on Video Cardz today and noticed that an AMD video shows a single fan GPU (AMD teases mid-range and mainstream Radeon RX 6000 graphics card series - This might be the first GPU from the new generations that will fit into a Velka 3 (175mm in length). Release 1st...
  15. A

    CPU New ITX card from AMD?

    I saw this post on Video Cardz today and noticed that an AMD video shows a single fan GPU (AMD teases mid-range and mainstream Radeon RX 6000 graphics card series - This might be the first GPU from the new generations that will fit into a Velka 3 (175mm in length). Release 1st...
  16. Analogue Blacksheep

    News ASRock Rack ROMED4ID-2T Deep-ITX

    Behold, the much requested EYPC 7002 (not quite) ITX board! The ROMED4ID-2T! Well, it's the new Deep-ITX form factor, not to be confused with DTX. Plus you will need a few of these for those slimline U.2...
  17. B

    GPU Reference 6800XT - ITX Case compatibility

    Optimum Tech checked a number of ITX cases for compatibility with the reference 6800XT. Fits: Cooler Master NR200 Streacom DA2 NZXT H1 NCASE M1 FormD T1 (In 3 slot mode) Century 2.0 Does not Fit: FormD T1 (In 2 slot mode) Loque Ghost S1 Dan A4-SFX I'm going to be air cooling my T1 when it...
  18. wesbl

    Production Phonon Case: 3D Printed 5.6 liters brickless APU case

    I wanted to focus on a few essential things: ease of printing, modular panels design, unibody appearance, no visible screws, high dissipation capacity (due to my experience with the 3400g). The case is designed for APU users and uses a Flex ATX power supply above the PCIE slot. The cpu cooler...
  19. Colinreay

    .STEP MK2 (Dead Link) 1

    Update 12-8-20 The MK2 file is now a .zip with basic documentation (still needs some editing + revisions), gerber files for the PCB, .stl and .dxf files for manufacturing, a BOM, and the native .f3d fusion file! Everything you need to complete the case is now there. Thanks! Update 12-5-20...
  20. A

    Nouvolo Steck build

    I've built AMD Ryzen 5 3600 on ASRock ITX/TB3 inside Nouvolo Steck. Here's a video of the build. This was my first SFF build and first time building after 20 years or so. Lots of back and forth :) but it was interesting. I like this case - especially how it's easy to build with just the spine...