1. JKBBG

    Production [Open Source] JKase D3 v1.0 -- Triangular Vertical mini-ITX Case, 3.5 slots GPU support, 280mm support, 3 Different Forms, Vertical Airflow, Modular

    2023-07-11: Massive Update, JKase D3 v1.0, Open Source JKASE D3 is a case that values the DIY spirit. It is based on an equilateral triangle, you can change the side panel and parts on your requirement. For example, from General Form to Duo Systems Form, or from General Cooling Mode to Duo...

    Closed GxR-DIY 600W / 12V Load Switch / First Edition

    I still have a few (first edition) GxR-DIY Load Switch Modules available which might be interesting for some of your DIY projects (not only for PC but maybe also for Arduino, RC, 3D Printing, etc...?) Asking for: EUR 15,- plus shipping (about EUR 17,50 per UPS to all major countries)...
  3. Phuncz

    Log Vintage radio project needs a redesign

    In the past I've made an internet radio out of the shell of an old radio: Raspberry Pi 1st gen on the right, crappy power supply on the right. It has been updated by then. The problem is, I have a amplifier that only plays one channel and a lot of issues I'd like to fix. But most of it can...
  4. Colinreay

    Threaded Cubes for DIY Cases

    Hello, I hope you’re having a great day! I am selling threaded cubes for assembling your own scratch-built computer cases/enclosures. They are 12x12x12mm and have a full-length centered M3 thread on all sides. I’ve made several enclosures using similar fastening methods in the past and have...
  5. Mortis Angelus

    Fantastic Desk-PC build by DIY Perks

    Now I know that this build is far from small form factor, but I still think it is a fantastic inspirational build that deserves more attention. And like us in the SFF space, it is all about saving space and doing the most with it. I'm at awe looking at this:
  6. N

    DIY ~16L - Custom Loop - Ideas

    Just started experimenting with water-cooling (finished a g3 build recently), but I'm already itching to try out something new ( I have a problem, I know. lol). Was just brainstorming, trying to be as small as possible. With a targeted 9900k + 2080 ti parts (OC'ed - not just stock - ~450W...
  7. N

    DIY - SFF Case - Air Cooled - i7-8086k + RTX 2080 Ti

    It's no secret from my previous posts that I am a big fan of low-noise air cooled system. So for the past couple of days I put together a system using C-style large CPU coolers as the center pieces of this project. This is meant to be tucked away under my diy-floating corner desk, but it...
  8. _ONE_

    REVIVE_BOX x230, or when a laptop become a (long) NUC

    HI everyone, welcome . Here's one of my "small project" that have been done in 48H, this is an idea i had a long time ago, i've finally decided to build it. this is about custom laptop "creation", I know it isn't a desktop thing, but it's is still a small form factor thing. So, here's the...
  9. Choidebu

    M.NT68676.2A lcd controller - brightness control

    So I had an old netbook which I gutted the screen and planned to create a standalone monitor out of. The screen is 11.6", wled backlit AUOptronics made B116XW03 V.0. I then ordered a controller board for it, which is the M.NT68676.2A. I asked the seller if it required an inverter (it...
  10. Warmaster

    Concept OpenCase - Modular, Open Source, Mini-ITX Case

    I'm designing an open source mini itx case, and I need your help to accomplish this major goal. This is in an alpha state, but I always wanted to start the project with the help of the community so it becomes the product of the people. This project can be used for commercial purposes, anyone...
  11. ondert

    GPU Doing Single Slot 1050, 1050TI Easily

    Hello guys, I've found an article about doing your own single slot 1050Ti graphics card. Do you remember Evga's GT740 before? Its heatsink just fits on to the Zotac's model. In the end, it's a bit toasty than the regular one but for me it's OK. Here it is...
  12. WH-team


    Instruction: After carefully consideration. We decided rebuild Micro`s Structure. Use Standard industrial design to make new structure. and this is image: tip: Another important hints is Micro`s new appearance haven`t confirm. We try to make our style to Separates C4-SFX or GHOST S1, Because...
  13. Reldey

    DIY Laptop Idea?

    Hey so I just got an email about the new Pi-top device. It is a laptop-designed case for a raspberry pi. It has a thick, clamshell design that I think could be re-purposed into a DIY laptop, using an STX system with appropriate ventilation and mounting mods. The screen is attached via HDMI...
  14. kotproger

    Production Project CPR - Customizable PCI-E Riser (up to X16)

    Hello, friends! I want to share with you my ideas and developments, to get feedback or even help! The essence of the project is to create a universal platform for PCI-E riser, which allows to use it with various devices - from nettops, laptops to stationary PCs. Local page devoted to...
  15. AdamAlex

    Completed I turned a broken laptop into a small gaming pc

    Hi, this is my project, I made it from an Acer 5742G, I5, Nvidia 540M, A light gaming capable pc. I will leave a link to the video I made. Please feel free to leave me some feedback! Thanks
  16. ondert

    DIY RX 480 Nano

    Hey SFF fans, Today while searching for Vega Nano thingy, I've seen this modded RX 480. It is basically reference RX 480 (you know, it had a really short board.) and R9 Nano shroud and some kind of cooler with a fan. The guy who built this says he achieved this without touching BIOS, but...
  17. P

    Looking for custom case feedback

    I am looking for all kinds of feedback for a custom SFF project that I have been kicking around in the concept phase for a little while I was inspired by someone on youtube to venture into a custom PC case in the vein of the mac pro. so far this is what I have come up with What I wanted to...
  18. Ceros_X

    DIY Powder Coat

    Came across this video and thought I would share - might be an option for some of us, doesn't look too hard!
  19. N

    ITX tray with modular PCI and PSU, price check!

    Hello case modders and DIY builders! Here is my DIY ITX frame / testbench kit. Current version on production and stock: v1.337 rev.2 + FULL option parts. Modular ITX tray kit with PCI-E frame that goes in vertical, horizontal and inverted horizontal position. :cool: Lasercut from 2mm...
  20. HgArg

    Fully 3D printed custom case (update)

    Hi comunity of SFF. I designed and made my first SFF case. In this case I used AutoCAD to designed because I needed to see if all the parts will fit on the case, I don't have any idea about components. I had two first conditions: use a MIni-ITX motherboard and a low profile graphic card (for...