ITX tray with modular PCI and PSU, price check!

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  1. NATi

    NATi Average Stuffer
    Thread Starter NATi Tray

    #1 NATi, Apr 19, 2017
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    Hello case modders and DIY builders!

    Here is my DIY ITX frame / testbench kit.

    Current version on production and stock:
    v1.337 rev.2 + FULL option parts.

    Modular ITX tray kit with PCI-E frame that goes in vertical, horizontal and inverted horizontal position. :cool:

    Lasercut from 2mm aluminium.

    Pic 2-5 from prototype others from production model.

    Made and shipped from Finland.

    Price with shipping included:


    59€ / priority shipping
    65€ / Expres priority with tracking


    83USD priority shipping
    95USD Expres priority with tracking

    (possible custom charges for the buyer.)

    Paypal or european SEPA bank transfer accepted.

    Special, 1 ITX tray kit only for this price! :
    1337 pine cones shipped to me + 13,37€ for my lunch
    = I will send one ITX kit to you with priority shipping.

    Kit includes:
    -ITX tray, motherboard standoffs installed
    -PCI-E frame and horizontal brackets
    -One PSU frame (choose ATX or SFX)
    -Some small brackets for SSD etc.
    -The multibracket (Can be used in one of these ways: 240rad mount as pictured(this option requires bending), 3,5HDD or VESA100 to CPU cutout as pictured, 120-140mm fan adapter, 3,5"HDD to 120/140mm fan (slot) bracket) does not include screws.

    currently supplied with 10x standard case screws for PCI-E frame to ITX tray attachment, psu mounting etc... Also comes with motherboard standoffs (installed) and MB screws.

    The ITX v1.337 kit, SFX PSU frame,
    with full option parts:

    The ITX v1.337 kit, ATX PSU frame,
    with full option parts:

    (With SFX inner frame, remove for ATX PSU)

    How to get one, just. send me a PM
    -or reply here without your personal information.
    Choose SFX or ATX frame.

    And here is quick review of parts and quick quide of NATi ITX kit with SFX frame

    e: updates
    Shipping option economy has been removed from the Post office, available are priority and Expres :)
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  2. neilhart

    neilhart SFF Lingo Aficionado

    I would ask for the SFX kit.
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  3. NATi

    NATi Average Stuffer
    Thread Starter NATi Tray

    Details sent
  4. aquelito

    aquelito King of Cable Management
    Silver Supporter Piccolo PC

    Hi there,

    Willing to purchase a SFX kit as well.
  5. NATi

    NATi Average Stuffer
    Thread Starter NATi Tray

    PM sent, 1 kit left.
  6. eggDK

    eggDK Average Stuffer

    Hey NATi, I think I would like to get that last SFX/ITX kit... But first, can you confirm that my below layout is possible within the marked 320mm? I will try to solve mounting the SFX myself..

  7. NATi

    NATi Average Stuffer
    Thread Starter NATi Tray

    You are lucky, I had a Fury nano here so I did this sample installation for you..

    As you see, there is 3different positions for the PCI bracket.. The shortest will put the GPU really close to MB, so no room for riser cable in that..

    As you see, you need to trim the end of the GPU bracket, but the GPU holder part can be left in there and be just 320mm..
    The other side of MB-IO Area has about 1.2cm you could trim too if needed.
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  8. eggDK

    eggDK Average Stuffer

    Wow! Thanks for the effort :D I guess I can re-arrange like below, and then upgrade to a more compact PSU solution when the time comes... You'll include the SFX bracket as well, right?
    I will buy a kit from you! How does this work, you PM me for details? I'm located in Denmark...

    For anyone interested, I'm planning a build with high WAF factor at a low budget :) PC and stereo amp wall mounted in a common case beneath a monitor arm, and with integrated fold-out desk in the "case". (pine wood, detachable leather straps)

  9. NATi

    NATi Average Stuffer
    Thread Starter NATi Tray

    PM sent.

    Currently sold out!
  10. wooble

    wooble Cable Smoosher

    Hi! I'm interested in SFX kit when it's available again. I'm not in hurry, so if you have some cool improvements in your mind, I can wait few months.
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  11. NATi

    NATi Average Stuffer
    Thread Starter NATi Tray

    I have only b-stock kits left now, and I want to wait for feedback of the 1.337 version before making any new kits.

    I have made a low profile PCI bracket for ITX kit, but I am currently focused on mATX and ATX versions.

    If anyone with v1.337 kit needs low profile PCI, PM me..
  12. zarch

    zarch Chassis Packer

    @NATi , this product is awesome! Minor recommendation - I am looking at a layout that places an sfx psu the same as @eggDK - the gpu I want to use is much larger than the fury nano (MSI Gaming X). If we are not the only ones, you may be able to open up to even more people by having a way to mount the PSU next to the mobo. As no case has exactly what I'm looking for, I've been debating on building my own case, but the only thing holding me back is exactly what you are offering - a precision modular mounting system.
  13. NATi

    NATi Average Stuffer
    Thread Starter NATi Tray

    #13 NATi, May 2, 2017
    Last edited: May 2, 2017
    Thanks for kind words!
    Your message made me do a quick ghettomod with only SFX kit parts and basic pliers. Bend against the floor in few minutes, so quality is cheapassghetto :D

    Is this what you are looking for?

    @eggDK here is one way to use the small brackets..

    e: picture link was broken
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  14. zarch

    zarch Chassis Packer

    @NATi, I just realized that eggDK 's layout has his PSU oriented so that the exhaust of the PSU would go directly opposite the back of the case. He could still use this type of modification to mount the PSU directly to his backing.

    I want mine oriented the direction as your modification. That said, I also wanted mine staggered a little closer to the gpu so I can use a power cable extender and set it up in the back of the case. While your mobo baseplate can't do that from what I can tell(at least in this verson), I could use a similar modification to what I mentioned.

    I don't mean any of this to nit-pick. I mean it to help you going forward. I honestly see this as being able to attain mass market status. You stated yesterday that you only have "b-stock" kits left. Do you mean ones that aren't to be sold for instances like answering my question? I am interested in your product, and I am not in a rush (expect to start building around November-December time-frame).
  15. NATi

    NATi Average Stuffer
    Thread Starter NATi Tray

    B-stock in this case means that the full option kit sold out and was offered for Limited edition/sale price, and there will be changes in price/contents of kits..
    (My costs of time and money for making and packing were alot higher than expected..)

    I have few trays left, but incomplete/basic.

    Full option kit will be going up in price/options to approx 49€ and basic kit(s) will be introduced to hit the 39€ mark.
    But these are is still open for many reasons....

    If you are interested in a lower priced basic kit from current stock, PM..
  16. zarch

    zarch Chassis Packer

    Thanks for the quick reply.
    Since it appears I'd need most, if not all, of the additional brackets, I'll hold off until you have stock back in.
  17. NATi

    NATi Average Stuffer
    Thread Starter NATi Tray

    #16 NATi, May 8, 2017
    Last edited: May 26, 2017
    New stock, new PACKAGE, revision 2 contents.. Shipping in 2weeks!

    The rev2 Full option kit preorder offer price:
    54€ EU economy
    64USD worldwide


    Price valid on orders before 15th of may 2017..

    Prices in first post.

    Type the PSU frame type in the thread
  18. atl

    atl Cable Smoosher

    I would like to reserve the SFX PSU type, please.

    This is such an amazing educational tool, as I see it.
  19. NATi

    NATi Average Stuffer
    Thread Starter NATi Tray

    Thanks, one for you / PM
  20. warriormind

    warriormind What's an ITX?

    I love this idea so much I had to sign up for an account. I would like to reserve a SFX PSU type. Thanks!
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  21. zarch

    zarch Chassis Packer

    I too would like to reserve an SFX version.