ITX tray with modular PCI and PSU, price check!

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  1. entropy

    entropy Caliper Novice

    Is it possible to buy just the motherboard tray? If so how much would that be?
  2. NATi

    NATi Average Stuffer
    Thread Starter NATi Tray

    If you only need the tray with IO cutout, I have some v1 prototypes left, main difference is in under CPU cutout.

    I could sell them for 20€+shipping.
  3. Firefly

    Firefly Case Bender

    I want to order one mini-ITX kit right now. As soon as possible.
    Can I get both the plate versions for ATX and SFF powersupplies with my kit?
    I know the ATX plate has the inner for SFF but it is larger and I want to experiment with both.
    Thanks in advance.
  4. NATi

    NATi Average Stuffer
    Thread Starter NATi Tray

    Yes you can for 8€ / 10USD extra.

    PM sent
  5. Firefly

    Firefly Case Bender

    Please tell me how to buy. How do I proceed?
  6. NATi

    NATi Average Stuffer
    Thread Starter NATi Tray

    Your instructions are in private conversation.

    For future reference:
    1. Select your shipping type !
    2. tell me your choice and address in PM
    3. receive paypal invoice (EU bank details.)
    4. Pay and wait for the good times :D
  7. SpringerTheNerd

    SpringerTheNerd SFF Lingo Aficionado

    Is this still active?

    Would you guys be willing do do any custom work for a project of mine? Basically I just need 2 itx trays side by side as one unit
  8. eiselx86

    eiselx86 Cable Smoosher

    He is still active as far as I know. Bought a Li-Heat riser two weeks ago. He post here or PM when products are avaible.

    On the topic of your project, wouldn't it be easier to just mount the trays together? In the kit you get a lot of good mounting brackets and the tray have a lot of holes for them. Can be used quite universally across his kit. Used them myself for things that wasn't intended for. GL with your project
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  9. gokjohn

    gokjohn What's an ITX?


    I'm inrested if it still is ok to buy one. :) I would like one whit ATX PSU shipped to Sweden.
  10. mga2009

    mga2009 Minimal Tinkerer


    Do you have stock for these KITs?

    I'm looking for ITX+SFX
  11. NATi

    NATi Average Stuffer
    Thread Starter NATi Tray

    Sorry for the delay in reply!

    What type of GPU / PCI bracket are you planning to use? Or would you need only the motherboard areas side by side without the GPU slot?

    I have some ver1 prototype trays that could be used to make simple MB+MB installation with no GPU.

    Hi, sorry for the delay.

    If you want to buy a kit, just:

    PM me your address and the type of shipping and payment you want to use.

    Hi, I have a very low stock, should be able to make 2 full kits and 1 with incomplete bracket set.
  12. Breckboarder

    Breckboarder What's an ITX?

    I’m interested in ordering a mini-ITX kit with both the ATX/SFX plate and an extra SFX plate.
    Thanks in advance.
  13. NATi

    NATi Average Stuffer
    Thread Starter NATi Tray

    have run out of stock, and new order of kits should arrive in approx. 10days time.

    I will send you PM for further details about your request.
  14. NATi

    NATi Average Stuffer
    Thread Starter NATi Tray

    Hello all fellow modders!

    The new batch arrived yesterday and after preorders there is only 7kits remaining today.

    PM if you like to order.
  15. DavidK

    DavidK What's an ITX?

    Hello NATi,
    I'm really interested in buying a complete ITX kit if you still have one. How can I send you a PM? I'm new around here!
  16. NATi

    NATi Average Stuffer
    Thread Starter NATi Tray

    To send a PM, click a users name, a popup window appears and there is link called "start a conversation" .. from there you can start private conversation /PM/ private messages..

    I sent you PM on the shipping.
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  17. mrp0p1nfr3sh

    mrp0p1nfr3sh Trash Compacter

    Do you still have kits?
  18. NATi

    NATi Average Stuffer
    Thread Starter NATi Tray

    Yes I do, the ATX PSU mount is out of stock, but SFX kit stock is healthy.
  19. NATi

    NATi Average Stuffer
    Thread Starter NATi Tray

    I double checked my inventory due to moving to different location this week.

    ATX PSUframe is available too, but only 2pcs left.

    ITX kit with SFX frame has good stock.
  20. mrp0p1nfr3sh

    mrp0p1nfr3sh Trash Compacter

    are these ready to be painted and or powder coated?