Selling [US-CA] GEEEK A30, ASUS Phoenix GTX 1060 6GB, Delta 400W DPS-400AB FlexATX PSU and more...

Hi all,

I moved my build out of the GEEEK A30 (v1) case and into a Lian Li PC-O5SX so naturally am selling some parts I no longer need.

I would prefer local pick up and cash in Southern California (92835), but will consider buyer paid shipping + paypal if it doesn't sell.

  • ($40) GEEEK A30 (v1) - Good condition with all original accessories + chipped side cover
  • ($120) ASUS Phoenix GTX 1060 6GB - Purchased 7/27/2018 from Amazon - has a small bend in the mounting bracket (Available to sell starting 3/14 when my new graphics card comes)
  • ($50) Delta 400W DPS-400AB FlexATX PSU with Custom white sleeved cables and GEEEK PSU Cover (from geeekstore - on cold days has a fan buzz for about 10 seconds before it goes away, otherwise no problems running i5-8400 + gtx1060
  • ($15) 180mm PCI-E 3.0 x16 Riser Cable - Purchased from geeekstore (
  • ($15 each) 2 Noctua NF-$8 redux-1800PWM
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Dec 10, 2019
SOLD - Geeek A30, Riser cable, PSU cover

Also I realized the Noctua fans are going for $10 on Amazon - they are no longer for sale as I will just keep them.