water cooling

  1. I

    i9 9900k + RTX 2070 Water Cooled

    Would a 240 or 280 radiator be enough to properly water cool both? I am thinking it is not quite enough. It might be enough just for the 9900k. Thoughts? Trying to plan a SFF build inside the NCASE M1 or perhaps the Chimera Industries Cerebus.
  2. Wahaha360

    Selling EK Phoenix (Predator successor) 280 AIO

    Near new, used for measurements, never actually installed or turned on. Comes with box and accessories. I bought these from Newegg for measurements, then the company sent me a set, so now I have duplicate sets, hoping to find them new owner. Free shipping included for US. Will not ship...
  3. aquelito

    Prototype Oki-Doki : a GPU bifurcation and watercooling dedicated case, from 9 to 14L

    Hi there, I've been working on a compact GPU-based rendering workstation project for the last 18 months. Since two GPUs are enough what I need to do, I decided from the start to base my design around a Mini-ITX motherboard supporting bifurcation, wihch allows splitting a 16X PCIe slot into two...
  4. dreyco676

    Cooling Need help getting lay of SFFPC custom loop cooling.

    I'm looking to build a relatively quiet, cool SFFPC with a custom water cooled loop. My budget is around ~$300 for water cooling gear but honestly I don't know what an extra $100 more or less would get me. Basically there is a ton of Water Cooling guides out there but not a whole lot on the...
  5. WH-team


    Instruction: After carefully consideration. We decided rebuild Micro`s Structure. Use Standard industrial design to make new structure. and this is image: tip: Another important hints is Micro`s new appearance haven`t confirm. We try to make our style to Separates C4-SFX or GHOST S1, Because...
  6. N

    Cooling Zotac GTX 1080 TI AMP Watercooling

    Hey I've been gathering parts for my next build and i have everything other than the GPU. I am going for an all watercooled build and have been looking at the AMP over its pre-watercooled friend as it has a higher clock speed (and I actually stand a chance of finding one in the UK)...
  7. Marwan

    Stalled The ]M[ - Versatile: modular SFF casing from console size to much more

    Hi All, Welcome to the updated version of ]M[ casing: the casing is modular in a way that it can change its capabilities by housing not only an itx MB but also a Micro-ATX and also occupying dual full-length GPUs in an 11.8 Liter size (a first I believe): the sizes that this case can...
  8. Philairflow

    Concept Project VERTICAL: Small footprint - Huge airflow - Touchdisplay - 19.9 L mATX

    Introduction: I started to design my dream case. Project Vertical is a 19.9L mATX case with a small footprint, optimized for high-end hardware, excellent cooling and silent operation. An optional 15.6 inch touch-display makes the case more useful when standing on the desk. Mainboard and...
  9. P

    Cooling Passthru for Ncase M.1

    New to the party, late to the game... I'm building my first water cooled pc and i'm using an Ncase M.1 case for this build. I've chosen to mount the pump/res externally. I'd like to do a hard line for the line that goes to the top of the pump in the photo below. I was thinking of doing...
  10. rosinbole

    Cooling Smallest g¼ pump

    Hi guys! I've just built a water Cooling compatible mini itx case, so I'd like to actually take advantage of that compatibility! The thing is just that because it is a very small case - dan a4-sfx size almost, I need to find a very small pump. I've looked at the Alphacool Eisbaer Solo pump+cpu...
  11. OptimusWC

    Cooling Optimus Water Cooling is now taking orders!

    Hi everybody, We had posted here a little while back showing our first CPU water block and wanted to get feedback from the community. We are pleased to announce we are offering a side engraved model for people that would like a completely clean looking top. Currently we are only taking orders...
  12. OptimusWC

    Cooling Introducing Optimus Water Cooling

    Hi everybody! We're a very new water cooling company located near Chicago, IL. We make all of our blocks in the USA and we have some of the smallest micro fins and channels in the world. We have a fin density that is higher than other blocks currently on the market and according to our...
  13. Biowarejak

    Concept Project: Radian - Sub 12 Liter Watercooled ITX Chassis

    Project: Radian Starting 10/27/2017 I began all the computer aided design work using FreeCad, an amazing if quirky tool that's still essentially in apha - and totally free. About a week before that date, I was doodling in class, running off 5 hours of sleep and a Dr. Pepper, when the basic...
  14. Colinreay

    .STEP 3d Printable GPU AIO Mount 2017-10-21

    This is a nice little bracket that will allow you to mount your Asetek style pump to a AMD or Nvidia GPU. The log can be found here for more information. The bracket works by sandwiching the pump head of the AIO and the GPU die together via 4 screws and two brackets (one that holds the AIO...
  15. M

    (Concept) Prefect Water Cooling for SFF ?

    Any Any chance to make it possible for SFF ??
  16. T

    Cooling Micro water reservoir?

    Hey folks, I was looking into doing a custom water cooling loop in a potential system, however, there is just about no room for a "standard" reservoir. I would like to include one as I've heard that filling maintaining the loop is a bitch without a reservoir. So I was wondering of you know of...
  17. Biowarejak

    Prototype Project: TEC

    Currently On Hold - 04/11/18 In order to do justice to this project, I need to actually finish a few of my other ones. In particular #77 and Radian. I love to work on this stuff, but my plate is full right now and I have very limited time. Thank you, everyone, for your support and patience. This...
  18. Colinreay

    Prototype A 3d-Printable GPU AIO Mount!

    Hey everyone, hope you are all having a wonderful day so far! This will just be a quick project log, where I prototype and finalize a fairly basic (yet hopefully useful!) bracket that allows you to mount an AIO cooler to a GPU. Two main goals of mine for this project are for it to be as...
  19. R

    AiO Water Cooler or Air Cooling for small build.

    Hi! I`ve just bought a SilverStone Sugo SG-13 case with mesh front, and this is my first small build, and also my first post on this super awesome forum! Now I`m really wondering if I should go for a Deepcool Gamer Storm Captain 120EX (Rated Best Single 120mm Closed-Loop Liquid CPU Cooler by...
  20. K

    Is it possible to have water cooling the Sentry from Dr. Zaber

    I am fairly new to the world of ITX computer builds, but I saw the Sentry from Dr. Zaber and absolutely feel in love with the design. However, I heard that due to the lack of active cooling, the components in the case could get VERY hot under load and I couldn't help but wonder... Would it be...