3d Printable GPU AIO Mount

.STEP 3d Printable GPU AIO Mount 2017-10-21

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This is a nice little bracket that will allow you to mount your Asetek style pump to a AMD or Nvidia GPU. The log can be found here for more information.

The bracket works by sandwiching the pump head of the AIO and the GPU die together via 4 screws and two brackets (one that holds the AIO down, with another on the backside of the GPU). It's a super simple yet effective design.

Hardware Needed:

- 4x 30mm M3 flat head screws
- 4x M3 washers
- 4x M3 nuts
- 3d Printed AIO mount (backplate and pump bracket)
- Compatible AIO pump and GPU

Recommended: Foam on the backplate mount to reduce strain on GPU PCB.

GPU's supported:

AMD Radeon 58xx cards and newer (53.2mm x 53.2mm hole spacing)

* R9 280(x) cards reportedly have a weird die design that requires a shim to mount an AIO. Haven't tested it!

Nvidia GTX 570 and newer (58.4mm x 58.4mm)

Note: Both of these hole spacings may change in the future, and I will try to update this post/project appropriately.

AIO support:

The pumps that are compatible with this design are Asetek pumps (round head), with exposed teeth. Newer Asetek designs will not work well with the bracket (if at all), as they have extra plastic on the pump head, which prevents the pump bracket from fitting (it is much thicker than the metal bracket for CPU mounting.)

Good AIO's:

New Corsair H50 (old one has larger than normal body diameter)

Corsair H70

Corsair H90

Corsair H110

NZXT Kraken X61

NZXT Kraken X41

Thermaltake Water AIO coolers

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