Cooling Smallest g¼ pump


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Jan 18, 2018
Hi guys! I've just built a water Cooling compatible mini itx case, so I'd like to actually take advantage of that compatibility! The thing is just that because it is a very small case - dan a4-sfx size almost, I need to find a very small pump. I've looked at the Alphacool Eisbaer Solo pump+cpu block combo, but many people have reported a ratteling noise, so I just wanted to see if there are any alternatives! Oh yeah, and as the title suggests, it would be nice if the pump is compatible with g¼ fittings

I've also looked into expanding an AIO cooler such as one from the Fractal Design Celsius or Kelvin line or maybe even an NZXT one for the added bonus of sleek RGB lighting :cool: Let me know what you think!

Thanks in advance!
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