water cooling

  1. LucasTheRed

    Enclosure Does this even exist?

    The holy grail of cases for me would be an itx mobo, 280 mm radiator support for a custom loop with a dual slot graphics card, SFX PSU, and an ODD of any kind. Minimum one 2.5 in drive slot, audio/USB 3.0 front panel. The real question: what is the smallest case I can get with all of this?
  2. zillatron

    Cooling SFF Water-cooling

    Squeezing as much power as you can into a SFF case can, as you all know, be quite a challenge. Cooling all that hardware *and* keeping it quiet is (arguably) even more challenging. One thing I really want to attack in a future incarnation of my toaster games rig is water-cooling. In fact, my...
  3. Minefoxi

    'Minefoxi's (crazy) ideas' thread (New: LAN-BOX)

    Welcome to my 'idea thread' Here you can find all the (crazy) stuff coming to my mind!
  4. darksidecookie

    (scratch build) project "Tall boy"

    Who am I? I'm a first year student product development with a highschool diploma of electromechanics and have an interest in pc's Why am I building this case?: Obviously to build a pc in it (parts suggestions are welcom) Inspired by @Selectivereviews , She loved E and @Jeffinslaw I...
  5. Simwalh

    [Scratch Build] It's finally done! Custom case, custom watercooling, custom cables, custom everythin

    I recently built my first gaming pc by myself, and it was great fun. But now that I'm done, there is a large gap in me that needs to be filled! So i first thought about watercooling (just for looks really), but the watercooling support of mitx cases (mine in particular) is either rather poor, or...
  6. |||

    Bolt II Overhaul

    This year I will be upgrading my Bolt II computer, including a full custom water cooling loop. Stock image from Digital Storm; mine is almost identical, save for my motherboard being an Asus Z97I-Plus and memory being some gold ADATA sticks, as opposed to the picture Impact and Dominator...