water cooling

  1. AseDen

    New GPU hybrid with radiator in PCIe by Asetek

    Figured this might be of interest to some of the builders of not-so-small Small Form Factor builds (Micro-ATX) sorry :( I’d love any feedback you might have on our new Technology :)
  2. caboose

    Ncase M1 Custom Looped for Silence

    What's up everyone, I just finished my latest build using the Ncase M1 v6 and some fresh AMD goodness. My previous system was in a Dan A4 and it was great for portability but it was loud as hell under gaming and firing anything up in handbrake immediately pegged the CPU at 95c. Unfortunately...
  3. Mortis Angelus

    Fantastic Desk-PC build by DIY Perks

    Now I know that this build is far from small form factor, but I still think it is a fantastic inspirational build that deserves more attention. And like us in the SFF space, it is all about saving space and doing the most with it. I'm at awe looking at this:
  4. T

    The problem with Radiator Sandwiching?

    I was asking around about radiator sandwiching. The idea of getting more thermal headroom without having to compromise more space sounded pretty good until I started looking into the specifics. Apparently there was a lot of talk on this subject some 4-6 years ago and since then there hasn't been...
  5. LegoFab

    Prototype byAnh - LegoFab T1, Premium Tower Case, Designed to Store Your Dreams.

    After long silent time, byAnh (Rolexus) come back with a reality, premium case project: LegoFab T1. Important notices: Please visit our website, register for more detail information and latest news: Official website Visit Nuclear Triad Project to wait for cheap mini PC case.
  6. madmax

    Measures of the tubing pass-throughs of M1?

    I'd appreciate if someone could tell me the following measures of the M1's tubing pass-throughs at the back, as these specs are quite difficult to find. What is the diameter of the pass-throughs without the rubber grommet? What is the distance between the pass-throughs, center to center? I'm...
  7. Voldorac

    Cooling AIO Cooler Swap

    Hello! Has anyone tried to swap out a AIO Cooler head pump with tubes, from a bigger radiator to a 92 mm Alphacool Radiator, to fit in one of your systems? Or do I have to learn everything I can about "Custom watercooling" and spend hundreds of $? I'm using a Ncase M1 Specs: Ncase M1...
  8. adamik17

    Best AIO for the M1

    Hi! I'm looking to find the answer for the question in the title, the best aio (in terms of noise vs temps compromise, the best of both worlds). More precisely, what aio config (meaning for example swapping out the stock fans for something else), what physical configuration (push/pull, radiator...
  9. adamik17

    8700k in the dan a4

    Could you help me choose a cooler and a motherboard for the 8700k? I'd like the motherboard to have at least one m.2 header. I'm willing to delid the cpu if it improves temps significantly. Thank you in advance.
  10. adamik17

    Absolute best air cooler for dan a4 sfx

    1 What is the absolute best air cooler that is avaliable and fits socket 1151? 2 Will there be another 92mm aio that can be used in the dan? Thank you in advance.
  11. Mortis Angelus

    Cooling Bad idea to add passively cooled radiator to bottom of cas? Cougar QBX

    Here is a side-view of the Cougar QBX: I've been playing with the idea of water cooling this case for a while now. My two ideas so far are: 1: 1x sidemounted 240 mm radiator with fans + 2x 120 mm fans on the bottom (like in the pic) for intake and perhaps also 2x 120 mm in the top as intake...
  12. carpenike

    Cerberus-X, Custom Water Cooling, ASRock Taichi Ultimate, Intel 9900k

    So this was my first attempt at water cooling and also my first attempt with an SFF case. I used the Cerberus-X (http://www.sliger.com/products/cases/cerberus_x/) from Sliger. Special thanks to @MarcParis and @fabio on the Cerberus thread! Most of the parts are listed below. I ended up using...
  13. nyxtom

    Concept External “deskmate” radiator with integrated reservoir

    So I’ve been toying around with an idea/design for a simple 240mm external radiator. The goal would be an anodized black matte aluminum case, custom integrated acrylic reservoir block, ddc pump, 240mm slim radiator, room for 2 25mm 120mm fans. Why so small? Well I’m hoping to have something...
  14. nyxtom

    S4 Mini Top Hat

    I've been working on this design for a few weeks now, and I've managed to test out some components such as the AlphaCool XT45 40mm Triple and Double. I also have a few Magicool Dual 40mm. I have a number of ongoing variations of this design and I'm in the process of milling a prototype. I...
  15. owliwar

    Cooling 80mm / 160mm Radiator performance?

    HI I'm recently loosing sleep because this idea is lingering and I'm not sure if this is something thats worth it but I kinda want to do it anyway and need help finding data my ideia is to watercool an 65w cpu and an rx480 with a dual 80mm rad (160mm). Even if temps are kinda high it should be...
  16. I

    i9 9900k + RTX 2070 Water Cooled

    Would a 240 or 280 radiator be enough to properly water cool both? I am thinking it is not quite enough. It might be enough just for the 9900k. Thoughts? Trying to plan a SFF build inside the NCASE M1 or perhaps the Chimera Industries Cerebus.
  17. Wahaha360

    Selling EK Phoenix (Predator successor) 280 AIO

    Near new, used for measurements, never actually installed or turned on. Comes with box and accessories. I bought these from Newegg for measurements, then the company sent me a set, so now I have duplicate sets, hoping to find them new owner. Free shipping included for US. Will not ship...
  18. aquelito

    Prototype Oki-Doki : a GPU bifurcation and watercooling dedicated case, from 9 to 14L

    Hi there, I've been working on a compact GPU-based rendering workstation project for the last 18 months. Since two GPUs are enough what I need to do, I decided from the start to base my design around a Mini-ITX motherboard supporting bifurcation, wihch allows splitting a 16X PCIe slot into two...
  19. dreyco676

    Cooling Need help getting lay of SFFPC custom loop cooling.

    I'm looking to build a relatively quiet, cool SFFPC with a custom water cooled loop. My budget is around ~$300 for water cooling gear but honestly I don't know what an extra $100 more or less would get me. Basically there is a ton of Water Cooling guides out there but not a whole lot on the...
  20. WH-team


    Instruction: After carefully consideration. We decided rebuild Micro`s Structure. Use Standard industrial design to make new structure. and this is image: tip: Another important hints is Micro`s new appearance haven`t confirm. We try to make our style to Separates C4-SFX or GHOST S1, Because...