Cooling 80mm / 160mm Radiator performance?


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Apr 7, 2017
HI I'm recently loosing sleep because this idea is lingering and I'm not sure if this is something thats worth it but I kinda want to do it anyway and need help finding data

my ideia is to watercool an 65w cpu and an rx480 with a dual 80mm rad (160mm).

Even if temps are kinda high it should be pretty much a success if its on the low 80s for 100% load on cpu OR gpu. that should be more than enought for me. In regards to Surface area, this should performs almost the same as a 120mm rad? like
radiator TDP is all over the place because theres this extreme aproach to 10C difference from ambient that pc master race kinda assumes is the "right way" and I'm not sure why?

anyway. any experience with this setup?
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Sep 5, 2016
Once upon a time, 80mm rads were the norm in PC watercooling. It should probably be fine at that close to double that heat load.
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