1. morj

    Closed [EU-GER] Sunmilo S02

    Hello all! Selling my nice and balanced build since it didn't find its lucky owner that was initially anticipated. 1600€ or your reasonable offer EVGA 3060Ti XC WD Black NVMe 512GB i7-8700K 32GB RAM Thermalright AXP90-X47 FULL on CPU Black Enhance ENP7660B 600W PSU Dual NF-A9x14 PWM chromax...
  2. wesbl

    Concept Piston Reborn - ~ 3L low profile gpu case

    This is my new project based on the old Piston PC. It will use an Odroid H2+, a low profile gpu (1650 gddr6 for me) and a flex ATX PSU.
  3. Sazexa

    Monochrome (Thorzone Mjolnir build)

    Hello everyone! If you like a bit of a read, this first post is for you! If you're more the pictures only type, you'll probably want to wait or subscribe for as parts roll in. ? This is going to be my first (on build log, and using the soon to release Thorzone Mjolnir. It'll feature...
  4. Analogue Blacksheep

    Closed (SOLD) Intel Skull Canyon NUC6i7KYK + G.SKILL Ripjaws 32GB 2133MHZ CL15 1.2V

    Selling my old NUC, comes with RAM pre installed. I used it as a portable pc, hence some of the marks and scratches on it. The power button has lost a great deal of paint, but still works fine. The computer will need cleaning, an M.2 and a new operating system. Great for a modding project. Be...
  5. D

    Motherboard Best budget mini itx Mobo

    Building a new pc again, after using a laptop for a while, looking to build a PC for light gaming nothing hardcore. Not decided on amd or Intel yet but wondering what the best budget mini itx board out there at the moment. Any suggestions.
  6. T

    AMD or Intel for ITX

    Hey SFF, Just recently got into ITX builds. Just bought the geeek a50x case so I'm pretty hyped to get this build started. I was wondering what a more cost effective path would be for gaming (primarily). I see ITX intel boards for pretty cheap but obvi their CPUs are a little more expensive (am...
  7. J

    Other Power Supply Design Guide for Desktop Platform Form Factor 002

    Issued by Intel, rev. 002, June 2018.
  8. M

    Can't find USB 2.0 header adapter for NUC

    I read on intel's website that the internal USB 2.0 headers in the NUC's aren't standard. They can be 2.00 mm pitch or 1.25 m pitch instead of standard 2.54 mm I want to get a remote PC starter, which happens to plug in to a 2.0 header I'm having one HELL of a time finding the proper adapter...
  9. Phuncz

    SFF.Network The first Intel Z390 board has been revealed, by ASRock

    Read more here.
  10. Garrzilla

    CPU Running Hot, Need Help Improving It

    Finally got around to building my new PC built and the CPU is running pretty hot. The specs are: I am using an LP53 heatsink with the A9x14 fan attached. I tried re-seating the cooler, putting new thermal paste, offset the voltage by -0.100V...
  11. n13L5

    CPU at 95W TDP, any opinions if 8 cores without multi-threading beats 6 cores with multi-threading?

    i7-8700k = 95W TDP, 6 cores, 12 threads i7-9700k = 95W TDP, 8 cores, 8 threads Which one is going to be better in... Gaming? Audio / Video editing?
  12. M

    My first gaming system

    Hi I'd like to build my first proper gaming system either this month or in September , I know SFF isn't exactly good for a first timer ,but damn do those small systems look cool , I have about 1400 USD (maybe a bit more) , that I'd like to spend on my system I thought of this configuration (not...
  13. QinX

    News [TPU] ASUS Intros Prime H310T Motherboard (Thin ITX) Oh boy! Even though it doesn't have a PCIe 4x slot it does have the M.2 4x slot so there are GPU options for us. I'd love to snatch up one of those if only to be able to go 6-core in the future on Thin ITX.
  14. fabio

    My Evolv Shift Workstation

    Hi to everyone! I want to share my system. It took several days to decide the different pieces, spending time on forums, YouTube, internet to understand which could be the ideal solutions for this tiny and amazing case! The system is composed by: Intel i7 8700K ASRock Z370 Fatal1ty Gaming ITX...
  15. C

    Z370 Kimera Cerberus Build

    I have been doing custom watercooled builds for the last 5 years in fairly large cases. This is my first SFF build. I wanted to cram as much power as possible into a small enclosure. I am not a fan of AIOs so I've decided to go with air cooling for this build. Case : Kimera Cerberus CPU : 8700k...
  16. Thehack

    News The new age of SFFPC: VEGA and Intel; Raven Ridge

    We are about to enter the next stage of SFFpc. Intel and AMD team up to offer Vega (24 CU) with HBM2 with Intel CPU on a single module. Currently only notebooks are planned. But the implications are obvious: it will be possible to have 1050 ti class graphics on STX/NUC size computers...
  17. EdZ

    Rumor Hades Canyon: upcoming NUC with dGPU support?!

    Via CNX. With support for what appears to be a full power -K CPU, Optane, Thunderbolt, and a dGPU. Maybe Intel took note of what certain individuals have done with Skull Canyon and 5x5/STX boards and GPUs.
  18. R

    Intel i5-7600K vs Ryzen 1600X

    Hi! I'm starting my first S4 Mini PC build and I bought the Intel i5-7600K + Asus Strix Z270i Mini-ITX combo on a deal for $350 (and I already bought G.Skill 3200 and the Noctua L9i cooler (both on sale)), but the Ryzen 1600X came out afterwards and I'm trying to figure out whether it's worth...
  19. Phryq

    CPU 10nm cpu

    So apparently Intel will release their 10nm Cannon Lake in 2017, but will it be the 45W version only? Or will they also have serious desktop CPUs? This will make a big impact on the SFF community, no? Stronger CPU with less thermal issues? We can use smaller coolers :) When do you expect 65W...
  20. 3lfk1ng

    SFF.Network EVGA showcases X299 mATX motherboard

    Read more here