Production Lazer3D CG7 Cravo - TFX PSU Low profile silent case (project gregory)

Discussion in 'Custom Cases & Projects' started by owliwar, Nov 28, 2017.

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    Nice! Thanks for sharing
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    Haha :D I would call this a lucky strike!

    I guess the introduction was not that helpful for everybody who already interacted with the case through the SFF, but necessary for new interested people or my viewers. It was basically it: "an introduction"! Nevermind the main unboxing & build log is online so have fun with it! :D

    Glad you liked the video! I really appreciate to hear that! :) And thanks for taking care of the announcement! :D

    Hopefully everybody gets a great overview and better understanding of the case.
    During the upcoming week I will show of the Noctua NH-L12S inside the CG7 so stay tuned! :)
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    Nice project.
    I like the way you managed to make it real with @K888D support.
    Well done
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    As I promised, I made a video in both english and german to show you the best cooling solution inside the CG7 Cravo! ;)
    The Noctua NH-L12S is really the perfect match for that case! Such a lovely setup. CHECK IT OUT!

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    really good job, looks insane owliwar!
    nice videos gucks ;)
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    after some "problems" (with fitting the 2.5" hdd in, bc no modular psu) I got it :)


    Mainboard: GA AB350N Gaming WIFI
    CPU: Ryzen 2200G
    SSD/HDD: WD Green 120GB Sata M2 for Windows, 500GB WD Blue from my old Laptop :D for some games to test the system
    PSU: Seasonic 350TGM
    RAM: 2x4GB G.Skill RipJaws 2133
    Cooler: boxed cooler from AMD
    Fans: Noctua NF A9x14 PWM 2x
    GPU: MSI GTX 1050ti 4GB Low Profile






    its just a little project, because I like building computers

    maybe I switch the front panel to a tinted glass one, but lets see what the time brings

    Have a great day!

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    Nice! Looking forward to see that GPU in your Setup! Will be definitely a sweet little gaming box! ;)
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    maybe I add an rgb strip, if i get a glass panel on the side :) but will see how it goes :D
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    Such a disappointment without showing the case.
  10. BanTime

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    later this week, I post some benchmarks (3dmark games cinebench) aswell as temps and stuff :)
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    Hi mates,
    sorrey for long time in reply,
    Got busy this week with our national student design faire, it was in my Uni this year and It was the whole week long (and I still managed to work part time so, yeah, i'm very tired)

    Thanks a lot MarcParis!!!

    Hey gucks, thanks for the video and pictures! I'll be posting them this week.
    we didn't had time to test fit these cooler in it (and any other to be honest) and you guys are helping a lot

    hey BanTime, welcome to the forum!! I see you got Gucks unit :) I'm glad you managed to test some hardware in it, cant wait to see your results
    yeah, its kinda hard. I honestly think most people will put just 2 in it max without modding the cables. my Psu got fewer cables as well and so it was a bit easier for me. but I can totally understand the struggle. have you tried the other drive bracket? I found it a bit easier to use sometimes
    please let me know any problem you find in the build process! we still have some time to adjust some stuff.

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  12. BanTime

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    not yet, but yes most people use max 2 2.5 drives bc of the cables from the psu
    at the moment the only thing that was a bit tricky was the drive mount, but all in all its a really really good case, I ordered a arcyl side panel to set up a rgb strip to test it in and later this week my gtx 1050ti from msi arrive, so i do my full result and build I guess to the weekend. the temps what I'm seeing in the case are really good idel temps are around 28 degrees with the stock cooler and max temps after 48min aida64 extreme are 72

    but were seeing how it goes in the future, and for that price its a really good case i like it, good job owliwar! :)
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    parts edit:

    cpu cooler: noctua nhl12s
    ram: intenso 2x4 gb 2133

    benchs coming soon :)
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  14. BanTime

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    hello guys!

    sry for the long wait, had evening shift.., and was not able to test any game that I want.
    next week I will post the results!

    have a nice weekend! :)
  15. BanTime

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    hey guys

    only wanna post the results

    temps are under full load at the mid 70's (cooler: noctua nhl12s)
    idle around 30's (cooler: noctua nhl12s)

    firestrike ~7000 points

    gpu temps idle 30-40
    under load arounbd 60 (+ loud noise)

    well for that form factor its a really really cool and stylish case, well done owliwar, the only tricky thing is to mount the hard disks :D

    have a great day
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  16. owliwar

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    Hey @BanTime ! thanks for the data!

    what gpu model you got and how you set up the case fans? intake or exhaust?

  17. BanTime

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    hey @owliwar

    ive used the msi gtx 1050ti lp and the fans are intake fans

    have a great day :)
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    *swipes dust from post*

    hello everyone, its been a while
    sorry for the lack of updates. in the past couple months a lot happened in the backstage and with the limited time I had available there wasn't much I could do.

    The CG7 has been my daily drive for around 4 months now, and a lot of tweaks happened in the process, some for better clearance, some for improved handling and building, and some for part support. right now I'm finishing the last details of the case and the instructions manual for the CG7 are 70% complete already.

    but there is one topic I wanted input on, since I couldn't find much in the web:
    do anyone now the 'hard' keep out zone for the TFX psus? I wanted to make the psu flip-able, for alowing intake from the outside of the case, and that way alowing also tfx psu with the fan bump present in some models.


    Other minor change that is more visible is to the vent pattern on the top panel (horizontal position)
    the problem with this pattern is that the 2nd and 3rd drive ends up showing the screws in the fan/drive bracket, and that's something I rather hide, but that could be nitpick on my part, and we could offer a few black screws just for this as well. what do you guys thinks?

    anyway, next month I'm moving away from the city I've been living/studying in the past 5 years and going back to my hometown (passing by São Paulo? hit me up) . I'll have way more free time in the next couple of months to wrap things up and that will align really well with the production start of this case and some ongoing updates in production that the Lazer3d has been working as well.

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  19. zzmadd

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    My 2 cents:
    - hide the screws if you can
    - I don't know the "'hard' keep out zone" for TFX PSUs but I like the intent of allowing them to rotate and making place for those that have the fan bump

    Only thing I don't quite love about the production process are the acrylic cuts. Corners and profiles feel like they've been cut. Exposed corners are not nice in my perception system.
    For the rest it's a really neat retro look.
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    I personally, like the older vent design.
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