case design

  1. mwal

    Concept Idea Dump #2

    Back at it again, but this time, I figured out how to make my larger cases substantially smaller, without too much compromise. So now here are those ideas with a slight redux. 16.6L tower has been eliminated as a viable option. All cases support: SFX-L PSUs up to 125mm long. mATX and ITX. Liquid...

    .STEP REVOCCASES BIG2 Modular Case Concept Rev. 1.1

    CAD files for REVOCCASES RCC-BIG2 V1.0 free to use for personal projects enjoy...
  3. Da_Korn

    Discussion Case Layout ideas

    Hello SFF enthusiasts. over the last couple of months I did several Case layouts. I started every idea but only till the Rough layout. Then I stopped because I dont know how to design the outside enclousure. Here I want to share them. Please share your thoughts and give me feedback or...
  4. Nouvolo

    Concept Vertico- Small foot print, mini tower case

    With more and more thicc cards coming out, this poses enormous challenges for SFF creators. Going to start a project to tackle this. Project Name : Obelisk Features - layout - traditional, PCIe 4.0 friendly - 3 slot cards support (primary) - custom cooling (Aquanaut) friendly - 240mm/280m...
  5. S

    Concept Project PD SFF 1 (Custom SFF Casing/Final Year Project)

    LINK TO SURVEY (14 Questions / 5 mins max) Hi everyone. As a long time fan of this forum and being heavily inspired by other creators, I have managed to convince my final year lectuerers to allow me to create a SFF PC Case! Exciting I know! Based on their advice and my own limited background...
  6. T

    The problem with Radiator Sandwiching?

    I was asking around about radiator sandwiching. The idea of getting more thermal headroom without having to compromise more space sounded pretty good until I started looking into the specifics. Apparently there was a lot of talk on this subject some 4-6 years ago and since then there hasn't been...
  7. B

    Why are there so few case designs that use PIO boards?

    PIO boards like this one specifically. I would think having an angled PCI-e slot to forego the need for riser cables would be a net benefit for many & offer some interesting small form factor designs. I imagine case designs would be laid out much like the Skyreach S4 Mini, but in using a PIO...
  8. Biowarejak

    FreeCad Tutorial Website

    Hey everyone! This took way too long to do and it isn't close to being done but I made up a little site which I will be maintaining specifically for case design within FreeCad. The first tutorial I have published revolves around mod cubes and I have plans to cover 3D Printed mounts and Cases, as...
  9. owliwar

    Production Lazer3D CG7 Cravo - Low profile silent case (slim mATX | mini itx)

    Current status: case launched and shipping! If you are outside the EU and US, please order on our website Description The Lazer3D CG7 Cravo is a highly flexible, compact and customizable PC case, designed for low profile pci cards and very CPU intensive workloads. The CG7 is completely...
  10. snyed

    Stalled Alpha Cases - T7 SFX - Sub 5L

    WIP Pictures Size Mini ITX form factor 228 x 107 x 203mm (L x W x H) Sub 5L (Internal Volume) GPU Compatibility 1x Dual Slot Full Height Length up to 216mm (DC-ATX PSU) or 174mm (Flex PSU) Height up to 142mm (with top fans) or 156mm (without top fans) CPU Cooler Compatibility Max...
  11. snyed

    Optimal Airflow

    If a case were to have only 2 top fan mounts, what directions should the fans face for the best cooling performance? Airflow diagram:
  12. snyed

    PC Chassis Holes

    I'm currently working on a custom pc, and in many of the designs I see there is U shaped holes along the side of the chassis. Do you know what these are? Are they important? Link to the image
  13. T

    Completed Open source Case: 4.5L flex case Type Zero

    I made this case about 2 years ago and sold a dozen in China, after several version upgrade, this is a pretty solid design already, I do not want do any case business(customer service is sucks, and do not really make money), thus I put this case open source. Before you download: 1.I gave up all...
  14. SFF Scrub

    Modeling Software

    I'm fairly new to custom cases, but I'm ready to start my first project. What case modeling software would you guys recommend and where can I get it; it would also be nice to know how much it is. Also due to me being new to modeling, what would you recommend for me to learn first; or just trial...
  15. L

    Trying to work out a case layout...

    I'm trying to work out the best layout I can come up with for a microATX, which will have at least 2x 2.5" bays for SSD's, at least 1x 3.5" bay for a HDD, and preferably if possible a 5.25" bay for optical drive for installing things (or for a fan controller if I so choose). The last in the list...
  16. darajman

    Motherboard ITX motherboard hole pattern

    Hi, does anyone know where I can find a diagram showing dimensions of an ITX motherboard's screw hole pattern? I'm designing a case. If there's already a thread with this, link please?
  17. 4RTEX


    Hello fellow designers! Quick introduction. I have been to the forum for while, but never really shown the project here. FPS-CASE1 has been out there for few years. It's a simple custom made mITX enclosure that also fits ATX power supplies and wide graphics cards. Purpose. The case was...
  18. jeshikat

    Component Space Requirements

    The following is an excerpt from @Necere 's post detailing the different considerations for the NCASE microATX case project thread on HardForum. It's specific to designing a mATX case but much of the information is useful for anyone designing a SFF case. To start off, this is a rundown of the...
  19. jeshikat

    Useful references for case design

    Updated list here: Here's a list of useful resources for case design: CAD A brief introduction to CAD software 3D files: