1. S

    Prototype Hardwood ITX Case Monitor Stand Style

    Greetings! Some background before the details. I was traveling for a few months this past fall and had a lot of time in a hotel room away from home to brainstorm all sorts of projects. One was to build a new PC as my current rig was from 2013 and showing its age. I started with a regular old...
  2. S

    Stalled Knarr: ~12L case with a focus on liquid cooling and aesthetics

    Project Knarr This was designed as a liquid cooling oriented case with the capability of supporting a full custom liquid cooling loop, a 240mm radiator, or potentially two 120mm radiators for hybrid cooled GPUs + cpu AIO configurations. This is the update to an existing prototype that you may...
  3. N

    DIY - SFF Case - Air Cooled - i7-8086k + RTX 2080 Ti

    It's no secret from my previous posts that I am a big fan of low-noise air cooled system. So for the past couple of days I put together a system using C-style large CPU coolers as the center pieces of this project. This is meant to be tucked away under my diy-floating corner desk, but it...
  4. 2

    Concept Brickless sub 3l desktop Ryzen APU ITX system in wooden Voronoi pattern case

    Hi everyone, I would like to share and discuss my idea of a brickless sub 3l wooden case perforated with a voronoi pattern. It shares some similarities with Windfall's concept, but can house a desktop ryzen APU on an AM4 Mini-ITX mainboard equipped with a proper cooler & fan combo. My goal is...
  5. D

    Concept mATX Wood-Case Dual GPU Orthrus-Like

    Hi there! My first case was a cardboard-case and it was really reliable for around 15 months of traveling mostly 3 weekends per month. Here is a Video if you are interested... it is german, but you can see the "fully gaffered" cardboard-case. ... my goal right now is, to re-create this kind-of...
  6. nextechnews

    Completed Custom Wood Case Designed and Built (CNC Router Table)

    Checkout my friends photos: http://www.marstonphotography.org/blog/ Took some amazing pictures of the PC. This case was made for a photographer friend of mine that needed a NAS to back up all her clients photos to. The case was designed in Inventor then I exported in from Inventor into VCarve...
  7. owliwar

    Concept Owliwar's concept thread

    Disclaimer: for my graduation project I'm doing a whole family of pc cases, this is post contains concepts for my final graduation project, and even though I plan on selling this at some point I'm not sure when. I'm studiyng a bunch of product design methodology and i'm posting here to keep...
  8. owliwar

    Production Lazer3D CG7 Cravo - Low profile silent case (slim mATX | mini itx)

    Current status: case launched and shipping! If you are outside the EU and US, please order on our website Description The Lazer3D CG7 Cravo is a highly flexible, compact and customizable PC case, designed for low profile pci cards and very CPU intensive workloads. The CG7 is completely...
  9. W

    Completed Ryzen Wood Box Build

    Completed with help from @NATi - his modular ITX tray kit worked beautifully for mounting the motherboard. https://gaming.radeon.com/en/radeon-powered-ryzen-box/
  10. Minefoxi

    Prototype [Scratch Build]Project REAL CUBE (Back online, V3.0 soon)

    My first Scratch Build wooden PC Case: PROJECT REAL CUBE Maximum Specifications and Features: ●ITX Motherboard (i7 7700K (i7 5960X) + 32GB RAM) ●ITX Style (17cm length) Mini Graphics Card (GB GTX1080) ●SFX Power Supply Unit ●Slim Slot-Loading Optical Drive (DVD/Blu-Ray) ●Decent...