1. ondert

    Closed [UK-EU] J-Hack Stratos X PC Case

    As I moved my system to another case, this one is no longer needed. One of the first white cases out there. Comes with maple wood front panel. Used like 4 months at max. Willing to get 50gbp plus shipping. Based in the UK Can ship worldwide
  2. S

    Production Pluto: a 13L wood top tower by Artesian Builds

    Hello everyone. I am very excited to introduce to you the Artesian Pluto SFF case. Born right here on SFF network and formerly known as the Knarr, we have optimized the design to make it production friendly and believe it is finally ready to be revealed. November 14 2022 UPDATE As some of you...
  3. S

    Prototype Hardwood ITX Case Monitor Stand Style

    Greetings! Some background before the details. I was traveling for a few months this past fall and had a lot of time in a hotel room away from home to brainstorm all sorts of projects. One was to build a new PC as my current rig was from 2013 and showing its age. I started with a regular old...
  4. S

    Completed Knarr: ~12L case with a focus on liquid cooling and aesthetics

    Project Knarr This was designed as a liquid cooling oriented case with the capability of supporting a full custom liquid cooling loop, a 240mm radiator, or potentially two 120mm radiators for hybrid cooled GPUs + cpu AIO configurations. This is the update to an existing prototype that you may...
  5. N

    DIY - SFF Case - Air Cooled - i7-8086k + RTX 2080 Ti

    It's no secret from my previous posts that I am a big fan of low-noise air cooled system. So for the past couple of days I put together a system using C-style large CPU coolers as the center pieces of this project. This is meant to be tucked away under my diy-floating corner desk, but it...
  6. 2

    Concept Brickless sub 3l desktop Ryzen APU ITX system in wooden Voronoi pattern case

    Hi everyone, I would like to share and discuss my idea of a brickless sub 3l wooden case perforated with a voronoi pattern. It shares some similarities with Windfall's concept, but can house a desktop ryzen APU on an AM4 Mini-ITX mainboard equipped with a proper cooler & fan combo. My goal is...
  7. D

    Concept mATX Wood-Case Dual GPU Orthrus-Like

    Hi there! My first case was a cardboard-case and it was really reliable for around 15 months of traveling mostly 3 weekends per month. Here is a Video if you are interested... it is german, but you can see the "fully gaffered" cardboard-case. ... my goal right now is, to re-create this kind-of...
  8. nextechnews

    Completed Custom Wood Case Designed and Built (CNC Router Table)

    Checkout my friends photos: http://www.marstonphotography.org/blog/ Took some amazing pictures of the PC. This case was made for a photographer friend of mine that needed a NAS to back up all her clients photos to. The case was designed in Inventor then I exported in from Inventor into VCarve...
  9. owliwar

    Concept Owliwar's concept thread

    Disclaimer: for my graduation project I'm doing a whole family of pc cases, this is post contains concepts for my final graduation project, and even though I plan on selling this at some point I'm not sure when. I'm studiyng a bunch of product design methodology and i'm posting here to keep...
  10. owliwar

    Production Lazer3D CG7 Cravo - Low profile silent case (slim mATX | mini itx)

    Current status: case launched and shipping! If you are outside the EU and US, please order on our website Description The Lazer3D CG7 Cravo is a highly flexible, compact and customizable PC case, designed for low profile pci cards and very CPU intensive workloads. The CG7 is completely...
  11. W

    Completed Ryzen Wood Box Build

    Completed with help from @NATi - his modular ITX tray kit worked beautifully for mounting the motherboard. https://gaming.radeon.com/en/radeon-powered-ryzen-box/
  12. Minefoxi

    Prototype [Scratch Build]Project REAL CUBE (Back online, V3.0 soon)

    My first Scratch Build wooden PC Case: PROJECT REAL CUBE Maximum Specifications and Features: ●ITX Motherboard (i7 7700K (i7 5960X) + 32GB RAM) ●ITX Style (17cm length) Mini Graphics Card (GB GTX1080) ●SFX Power Supply Unit ●Slim Slot-Loading Optical Drive (DVD/Blu-Ray) ●Decent...