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  1. sergiiua

    Production cases for Low profile video cards by Custom_MOD

    Lately, I've been increasingly asked to make cases for Low-profile video cards. It seems like a good idea to create a thread here and show them to you. I'll start with the model I'm making for mass production. It seems my old model SLM1 is no longer popular. This is understandable, because now...
  2. Analogue Blacksheep

    News Gigabyte/ASUS RTX 4060 Low Profile

    Gigabyte is creating an RTX 4060 low-profile card: https://www.tomshardware.com/news/gigabyte-geforce-rtx-4060-set-to-be-the-first-low-profile-ada-lovelace-design 3 fans, single 8-pin, 2 slots. Pie in the sky, but would love to see an RTX 4060ti (or more crazy RTX 4070) model at some point...
  3. 3lfk1ng

    Cooling Scythe KazeFlex low-profile fan review.

    Huge thanks to Scythe for sending us review samples of their KazeFlex fan lineup. Please let us know your thoughts below! Read the review here
  4. Analogue Blacksheep

    ZS-A4DC "Mini-Sledgehammer" Portable Workstation Build

    It has a name: Mini-Sledgehammer". As you may of noticed on the Taobao thread, my ZSA4-DC arrived. I was originally going to go with a ML06-E, but I felt it was too heavy and big for what I wanted so. So after thinking it through I went with the ZS-A4DC due to its tiny size and aesthetic. The...
  5. Analogue Blacksheep

    GPU Low Profile GPU Potential/Discussion

    I've been recently looking at low profile GPUs; the 1050ti quadruplets, the P1000 and the WX4000, and it got me thinking: Is there any potential for low profile GPUs to get as powerful as their ITX counterparts with the current technology? Say RTX 2070 performance levels? I was wondering if...
  6. Windfall

    Motherboard Thin ITX Discussion Thread

    Welcome to the #thinpcmasterrace* Since there are quite a few interested parties, I figured it was time to make a dedicated thin ITX thread to consolidate the couple seperate threads (like this one and this one). So here we can: Make wishes in hopes that manufacturers see it Toss around...
  7. cleveland

    Concept Help assembling the almighty WEAKpc

    Based on the video below, i'm starting my search for parts to be used in the most powerful, sub 50W, "weak PC". the most powerful - yet power efficient (15w ~ 25w tops) - embedded CPU; passive GT 1030 (2030?); ITX mobo with DC input and at least PCI-e 1X. That's the ideal option, but i can let...
  8. Smitty Werben

    Stalled Ultra small cnc-milled itx case

    Hey guys, I have started working on a mini itx case for myself about two weeks ago. While working on it I decided to try and make an actual product out of it. Specifications: Dimensions: I am planning 3 versions and for each 2 heights (Mini ITX 65 mm and Thin Mini ITX 50 mm), so 6 sizes in...
  9. N

    Cooling Alphacool NexXxos GPX Pro Solo-- perfect gpu pump-block combo

    I am a new comer is this forum. ; ) I want to build a sff PC with water cooling for myself. Indulging in searching for parts which can do more with less volume, i came across a pump-block combo (sorry i don't know if it is so called) for gpu...
  10. Windfall

    Concept The Mac Pro Mini

    Looking at this thread, I was inspired for my next project. To preface, there has only been ONE apple product I have liked. The Mac Pro trashcan. And it's obviously not up gradable (or down-gradable in my case (pun fully intended)). I wanted a HDPlex 160, STX Mobo, and half height, single slot...
  11. Q

    ZOTAC GTX 1050 Ti Low Profile Height Without Bracket

    I was wondering if anyone could tell me the height of ZOTACs low profile 1050 Ti card without the bracket installed. I am seeing varying height specs for these cards, including some that appear to be stating the height with the full size bracket installed. I am interested in the height of this...
  12. Tjo2012

    Cooling Titan TTC-NC25TZ/PW/V2(RB) Low profile cooler

    Performance https://infogram.com/coolerchart-intel-xtu-1hmr6gyjwkz96nl its in the same class as the LP53 and its AM4 compatible its 46mm tall with a 15mm slim fan with 3500 max rpm with a 31mm heatsink. a noctua a9x14 should be mountable on the inside of an s4m and another user on this site...
  13. D

    Enclosure Looking for a case similar, but not as ugly as the C292

    Hey everyone. I'm looking for a single LP slot mini itx PC case with the smallest volume possible, also I prefer desktop layout vs tower in. It seems this fits the bill: http://www.travla.com/business/index.php?id_product=87&controller=product It's just not very pretty. I was wondering if...
  14. owliwar

    Production Lazer3D CG7 Cravo - Low profile silent case (slim mATX | mini itx)

    Current status: case launched and shipping! If you are outside the EU and US, please order on our website Description The Lazer3D CG7 Cravo is a highly flexible, compact and customizable PC case, designed for low profile pci cards and very CPU intensive workloads. The CG7 is completely...
  15. ondert

    Concept Different uSFF idea with Flex ATX psu --> Flexpy

    Hello SFF guys, Firstly I want to tell you that I don't know nearly anything about CAD softwares and just drew this on an online CAD website which wasn't useful. For now, I have only an idea to make a case about 3.14 liters (if not possible, at least around 3.5 lt) including low profile dual...
  16. cmyk78

    Best Buy RX 550 4 GB LP $78

    Low profile XFX RX 550 4GB. On clearance for $42 off. https://www.bestbuy.com/site/xfx-amd-radeon-rx-550-4gb-gddr5-pci-express-3-0-graphics-card-black/5869600.p?skuId=5869600
  17. I

    Low Profile C13 90* to C14 Under $6?

    I've been looking around for low profile & Cheap PSU cables for a while and have failed to find any. Specifically, I currently have a cable that is cheap (@3.95USD) - but sticks out ~27mm from the PSU. With that height, I can fit a SFX PSU but not SFX-L. I would like for it to stick out less...
  18. yoanguila

    Mod In Win Chopin

    Hi guys, i'm shiny at the forum, and i need help... I want a Chopin case, some itx board (Intel or AMD), RAM, nvme and/or ssd. That is my budget list. But also i want to fit a gtx 1050ti low profile. I've alredy have a 190w pico to replace the long itx psu and a Pcie riser conector (flexible...
  19. chingi5

    GPU Does anyone know anything about this GPU cooler?

    So recently I was browsing the local parts shop and found a used mini itx chassis (Foxconn RS-233 to be exact) I was very surprised because the price was 6(!) dollars. I rushed and bought it because of the price and then I was even more surprised because it came with a 250w tfx PSU that was in...
  20. B

    Extremely cheap and simple Tiny LP case (3.9L)

    Hello guys. After having some design ideas for my new personal build, I came up with this extremely cheap and simple one. The case size would be about 25.4 x 8.5 x 18.5cm = 3.9L It would be able to hold these hardware: - Mini-ITX motherboard - Any CPU - Any RAM - CPU cooler <7cm height -...