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    Initially known as Project Gregory in the SFF Network forums, the CG7 is touted as a flexible, customisable, SFF chassis with so many options to choose from it boggles the mind. Instead of offering a single setup, options, be it at time of purchase, or via included components, mean that your CG7 will be different from any other.

    Two configurations are available - Mini-ITX with a TFX power supply, or Flex-ATX (i.e not full width M-ATX) with a DC-DC power supply option. We'll look more into both below. The important aspect here is that this is an indie case with a tonne of customisability - an amazing feat, where cost per unit is the deciding factor between success and failure with the tiny profit margins.

    A note before we start - this is a pre-production sample and thus some aspects may change in the final versions. We will note during the review as to changes that may be made to the final production variant.

    Read more here.
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    Great looking product (as always for K888D) and nice write up. However, I find the use of "M-ATX" throughout the article misleading (even with the introduction mentioning Flex-ATX is a slim M-ATX).
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    I chuckled at this comment. Meanwhile, only mutant cyborgs like myself with selective noise cancellation implants can endure the sheer growling whirl of a full-speed Delta.
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    @smitty2k1 The major problem is that one never sees boards defined as flex-atx, only M-ATX. The board I used in the build is officially "Micro ATX Form Factor; 22.6cm x 19.3cm" according to Gigabyte. Anything down to the small "M-DTX" boards we see on the market are defined by the manufacturers as M-ATX or uATX :/


    All officially M-ATX but not even close to full M-ATX size. A technicality, sure, but if people go to search for "Flex-ATX" motherboards, they'll miss out on a tonne of great boards that would fit in the case.
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    There needs to be a third rear bracket type without the PSU cutout. Shift the m-ITX cutout to the far left and use the added space to put in two sideways slots for a full size GPU. Throw in a riser card, too, I guess.

    Besides that, it's looking more than solid.
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    Lots of flexibility now and even more if what your are suggesting is possible. A jack of all trades chassis for sure if so.

    Edit: I think at least 310mm or more is needed To get a flat itx gpu and mobo side by side though. Just napkin math but 170mm mobo and 140mm gpu is already there and probably not enough tolerance.
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    Based on some quick searches, I found the GIGABYTE 1080 Mini has a height of about 130mm. Now, sure, these are tight tolerances, but it is doable.
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    Thanks for the awesome review @confusis and thanks a lot for the feedback!
    I'm working on the points you mentioned and we should have an update soon.
    Do you have pictures on that B-Rool location? the background and light made a really nice shot

    yeah its very tight and I'm not sure it would fit but I'll definitely look into it after the launch!
    Thanks a lot for the comments
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    @owlilar it's outside my house; I'll pop a picture up this afternoon. Put it this way - framing and depth of field make a huge difference :p
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    btw, I'm already a fan of your photography work, and this B-roll is fantastic. cant wait to see the next ones!
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    B-Roll location;


    Needs some tidying up.. XD
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