HDPlex 400W AC-DC Adapter

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Reldey, Mar 26, 2018.

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    You know, it's over the GPU heatsink in S4 mini. I didn't test the PSU heat in open air, so maybe. I also didn't use the little fan, because my maximum power is only about 220W (GTX1066 with 65W i7). Strangely, when using the HDPLEX 400 PSU, my max power never jump over 190W. Probably my old PSU is very inefficient. But that doesn't explain the heat from HDPLEX.

    I don't have thermometer or the fancy temperature gun, so I don't know how hot it is. Maybe it's just something 40 or 50 Celsius degrees.
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    Having even just a little airflow makes a hot difference. You should really install the fan to extend the life of the psu.
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    So is it ok for uk? I notice my plug is 5A
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    UK is 240V, so it'd be about 1.6A at full load. At a typical 300W load it's like 1.2A.
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    Do you guys use the fan aswell in the S4M, as it's already very tight without? And do you mount the ACDC first and then all the rest or like Josh mount the ACDC after the GPU? Thx
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    I am using the fan in mine, and I had everything already installed and just slid the AC-DC into place and mounted it.
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    Odd question of the day..
    Can someone describe how the packaging for the 400w adcd looks?

    My unit has been stuck in a loop at the postal company in sweden for 3 days where it keeps getting incorrectly sorted, then sent back for sorting, and the only way to get it out of this loop according to their customer service is they need to go look for the package.
    I told them it's probably brown, and the have the dimensions of it, but they are looking for more specifics (???)
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    It's wrapped in a white plastic shipping bag/sleeve.

    Getting send back and forth is odd but not new to me... Larry send me the tracking code last week for the big batch to arrive in Germany and oddly enough it arrived in Germany and the got shipped to the UK a few hours later and then shipped back to Germany again...
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    Thank you! This information helped them locate the package, and I will be picking it up later today. Now I have the whole easter to make it fit with a zotac 2060. I'll upload some photos once I have made it fit (or ruined psu and gpu trying).
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    Does anybody know how to mount the fan on the hdplex? The 4 holes that align with the fan aren't actually screw holes so I don't know whats going on.
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    I had to screw them in with a lot of force, I also found the bigger screws used for mounting it further back on s4m did not all work, on the top ones would not screw all the way in.. so am only using bottom two. Small index of what is what on bit of paper might be something worth adding
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    Can anyone take some pictures of their 8 pin PCIE cable for me?

    I need the pinout for the board side in particular. Guess who made some magic smoke just now... :\
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    The board side is available on their website.

    They have a full pinout diagram.
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    Interesting - I have a double wire in there. How did that happen?

    Edit* You're correct. Pinout shown is board side. Guess I should take a break before doing my projects. :cool:
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    Lots of force with the rubber screws is necessary; essentially you are driving them, not threading them.