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    Funding REVOCCASES RCC-PWR1 / ATX PLUG-IN 400W DC-DC power supply (PICOPSU)

    oOflyeyesOo and I were discussing about powerful ATX plugin power supplies with more than 200W for one of my projects. G-Unique is offering some good choices here but I thought it wouldn't hurt to have one more alternative. UPDATE: I'll start to accept pre-orders now for a limited "Founders...
  2. WadeAK78

    Power Supply Meanwell NMS-240-12 Questions

    I was looking for a small 12V AC-DC unit and I found this interesting Meanwell unit on Mouser which is very slim with dimensions of 119*38*18mm. However it appears to be a part of some larger configurable power supply unit and I haven't been able to find out if it is usable as a standalone...
  3. D

    Power Supply FSP 400w 80+ Gold Vs. ENP-7140b flex atx

    Doing a Velka 3 build and ended up purchasing the FSP 400w 80+ gold PSU they offer with the fan in the back. Went to go test it today and it's doing this thing where it clicks once and then turns off. Going to most likely RMA it, do you guys think it's worth getting another one from FSP or...
  4. Nord1ing

    CPU 8-cores based PC real power draw?

    Hello, I am looking forward to upgrade my Ryzen 1600x to an 8-cores CPU. After checking some power consumption calculators, they showed what my current corsair sf450 watt power supply may not be enough. Being curious, I’ve checked current maximum power draw for: B350 itx motherboard Ryzen...
  5. J

    Other Power Supply Design Guide for Desktop Platform Form Factor 002

    Issued by Intel, rev. 002, June 2018.
  6. S

    Power Supply [SOLVED] HDPlex 400w DC-ATX + Oculus Rift Trouble

    I'm wondering if anyone here has had the same or similar issues with a VR rig. The build: Lazer3D LZ7 Ryzen 2600 Gigabyte GTX 1080 Mini 8 GB Ram 500 GB M.2 SSD HDPlex 400w DC-ATX Dell (Genuine) 330 watt brick Asus ROG Strix X470-i Prior to getting the VR rig hooked up, I dialed in the power...
  7. Cat5niper

    Dynamo specifications

    I have found a Chinese supplier willing to sell me a single 500w AC/DC supply. But I need the plug size and the output voltage / current. I can't find any technical specifications for the dynamo combo on the sff website. What is the DC plug size / type of the dynamo 360? What input voltage /...
  8. K

    Modding Flex ATX PSU

    I am going to be building a PC with a flex atx power supply. I will be shortening the cables and doing custom sleeves regardless of which psu I choose. I also plan to replace the fan if necessary, and am considering an 80mm fan mod. My question is should I go with this FSP 500w 80+ Platinum OR...
  9. K

    Power Supply Flex ATX PSU help!

    I am going to be building a PC with a flex atx power supply. I will be shortening the cables and doing custom sleeves regardless of which psu I choose. My question is should I go with this FSP 500w 80+ Platinum OR the FSP 500w 80+ gold? The platinum model does not have a pcie connector, but I...
  10. A

    New Build - Will a 330w PSU be enough with a 1070ti?

    I am upgrading a HTPC and am concerned that 330W with a 1070ti won't be enough to power it. The calculators I have been using have been giving conflicting answers. Points of concern: Wall power unknown quality - I live in an apartment complex. 330W AC Adapter reliability - does it really...
  11. kotproger

    Power Supply Internal dc-dc power supply 100-150W

    Such a question - are there less powerful analogs of Dynamo 360? The input voltages will be similar to those from 16V to 24V. But the output power of the 12v line is within 100-150W.
  12. Reldey

    Power Supply HDPlex 400W AC-DC Adapter

    So, from some various forum posts (@Josh | NFC), it has been confirmed that a 400 watt AC/DC which can fit inside a Skyreach 4 Mini is currently in development by HDPlex. Not sure if making a forum thread about it is appropriate, but seeing as how I imagine a lot of people in the community are...
  13. W

    lulzbot 500w psu help?

    Hi guys so I talked to the guy who made the dynamo combo or whatever that is going to power my 8700k and 1080 ti and he recommended either the eurocom 780w power brick or the lulzbot 500w power brick. And after seeing that the 8700k overclocked to 5.0 ghz combod with the (not ti) gtx 1080 only...
  14. FullForceRainbow

    Silverstone FX350-G

    I was on Silverstone's website today and noticed that they have a new Flex ATX power supply--the FX350-G. Silverstone says that they launched the FX350-G to "further widen the scope of SFF design possibilities and to serve upgrade needs of embedded systems or 1U rack-mount server applications"...
  15. E

    Mini STX + GPU Power Supply

    I recently picked up an Asus H110S1 Mini STX motherboard. I currently have a i3-6100, 8GB of RAM, a NVME drive, and hopefully a Nvidia GTX 1060. Using this adapter "PCIe x1 to M.2 Key A+E Adapter Cable, R51S" on eBay (I'll post a link once I meet the 2 post count requirement), I was able to...
  16. F

    C7/C8 Connector Queries

    Hi all, I’m looking to turn my Skyreach 4 Mini into a brickless build. It appears the connector will need to be a C8 connector with an accompanying C7 cable. I have been advised that a polarised version of these would be preferable. Does anyone have experience with these connectors and/or can...
  17. W

    Trouble with my S4 Mini GTX 1080 build

    I just finished an S4 Mini build with the HDPLEX 400 - both very cool pieces of hardware. Unfortunately, I'm having a problem and hoping someone can provide some pointers. Everything runs fine until I start a benchmark (Heaven 4.0) or a game, even at medium/low settings. Then it immediately...
  18. dothedu

    Selling Seasonic Focus + Gold 850W + Free toolkit and HD hotswap bay.

    I got this to put into my Lian Li PC-TU200B, however, it looked too big so I decided to switch to Corsair's SF600. I threw away the box but I have everything it comes in, I only turned it on once to power up my system, good as new. I will throw in a toolkit from Micro center worth $12 for free...
  19. thewizzard1

    Dell 12v 384W power supply - P/N 9T4G0

    Just plucked this bad boye out of a Dell XPSS 2720 AIO. It's 'rated' for 260W, but has 2 of 12v rails, each individually rated at 16A, and a 15W 5vSB rail. Seems fun! Size is a svelte 7"x1.25"x3", but does not include a fan or plug. Grab yours on Ebay, just make sure and get the 260W one, not...
  20. W

    Closed $160 Voodoo 350 Watt Power AC-DC power "brick"

    I'm selling my Voodoo 350 Watt Power supply because I've decided to go with a different power solution for my SFF build. This unit works very well and is in great condition considering these haven't been manufactured for years. I had to import this one from China. The price includes shipping if...