1. Godalor

    Need Advice on Mixing Power Connectors to a GPU

    Hello friends of the SFF. I got a plan to build a System in the Velka 3 Case with the Flex ATX PSU SilverStone SST FX350-G, which only has a 6-pin PCIe power cable for a GPU. Now I wanted to put a Ryzen 5 1600 inside (because it's quite cheap at MicroCenter) and this GTX 1660, I've already...
  2. B

    Power Supply Advice for internal AC-DC in system

    So I'm planning a system (haven't picked the case yet, for reasons that will soon become clear), and I'd like the whole package to be inside. I'm going to be using a Ryzen 3400g, a B450 itx board (itx, duh), and an appropriate cooler (TBD). But I also want the AC-DC power supply inside, so I...
  3. kotproger

    Power Supply Step up DC/DC regulator from 12v to 19v

    Greetings There was a question how to power the motherboard asus q87t from source 12v. Since it needs 19v, it will have to use a boost converter. I found this (although it is not clear that the constant power output for it in this mode of operation): https://www.pololu.com/product/2890 Who else...
  4. M

    Concept 300W PC on a 160 pico PSU, crazy concept?

    Okay, First off, if I am saying something crazy, please, tell me in the comments because I am certainly no expert, but I know enough to think about this crazy concept. So, the idea is simple yet hard to explain hope you all can follow. I am assembling a small pc with a custom diy case made out...
  5. S

    Power Supply [SOLVED] HDPlex 400w DC-ATX + Oculus Rift Trouble

    I'm wondering if anyone here has had the same or similar issues with a VR rig. The build: Lazer3D LZ7 Ryzen 2600 Gigabyte GTX 1080 Mini 8 GB Ram 500 GB M.2 SSD HDPlex 400w DC-ATX Dell (Genuine) 330 watt brick Asus ROG Strix X470-i Prior to getting the VR rig hooked up, I dialed in the power...
  6. BryceK

    Power Consumption for new build

    Hi All, So I'm working on a new build. Planning on running it completely watercooled on 2x 184mm rads with low profile Noctua fans and a D5 pump + reservoir combo. Now besides the fun watercooled stuff, the idea is to run a I7-8700K with a PNY Quadro P4000, some NVMe SSDs and 32GB of ram...
  7. A

    Power Supply Pico Psu not working with Micro Atx Board

    Hello, I was using a Mini Itx Asrock Z170 board (now broken) so I had to temporarily replace it with Micro Atx Gygabyte H110. I use one 120gb SSD , one 3tb 3.5 HDD. No video cards. Processor is a Pentium G4400/Ram 8gb DDR4. Now my Pico Psu 160w (with regular 5 amperes transformer) is not is not...
  8. Reldey

    Power Supply HDPlex 400W AC-DC Adapter

    So, from some various forum posts (@Josh | NFC), it has been confirmed that a 400 watt AC/DC which can fit inside a Skyreach 4 Mini is currently in development by HDPlex. Not sure if making a forum thread about it is appropriate, but seeing as how I imagine a lot of people in the community are...
  9. F

    C7/C8 Connector Queries

    Hi all, I’m looking to turn my Skyreach 4 Mini into a brickless build. It appears the connector will need to be a C8 connector with an accompanying C7 cable. I have been advised that a polarised version of these would be preferable. Does anyone have experience with these connectors and/or can...
  10. ThatRacingGuy

    Power Supply Dell 330W brick problem?

    Just got my new 1440p monitor, started up a game and my PC just turned off once it had loaded (as if i'd help the power button), I then noticed the brick itself had turned off, I had to unplug it for quite a while until it would light up again. Any thoughts? 330W Dell brick, HDPlex 400, GTX...
  11. P

    Power Supply Advice for power: Ryzen R3 1200 + R9 Nano

    I am doing my build of ITX system and currently it developed to stage where I have power issues. Setup: Case: Loggic Supply MC600 MB: Asrock X370 CPU: Ryzen R3 1200 RAM: 2x8GB Kingston PSU: HD-PLEX 400 AC/DC Mean Well 20V GST280A20-C6P...
  12. SteGa

    Dan Case A4 won't turn on?

    Hey guys, fell into a bit of a predicament. So I received custom cables for my Dan Case from ModDIY today to clear up some space (cables were custom ordered for a Corsair SF600). The cables seem great and fit like a glove, but upon swapping them I can no longer get my PC to turn on. Assuming...
  13. B

    Power Supply The smallest 150w AC Power adapter?

    Hello guys. I've been searching for some really small AC adapter to power my 130w tdp system, and I found this one: http://www.my-adaptor.com/razer-19v-7.9a-adapter-p-1198.html Is there any ~150w AC adapter smaller than this? Thank you
  14. S

    150W psu + 200w pico + 80 - 300w consumption?

    First off, hello everyone and thanks for having this awesome community! Disclaimer: I'm not a pro in assembling PC's, but I have some experience with electronics in other fields :-) So, I bought this very small form factor PC from a guy who makes a living off selling them in Denmark. My specs...
  15. zhl146

    Power Supply 7.4mmx5.0mm connector for DELL PA-9E

    Hi all, I've been looking around and I am having trouble finding a panel (through hole) mounted DC power connector that will accept the 7.4mmx5.0mm connector that is on the 240W dell PA-9E brick. Does such a thing exist? Any help is appreciated! :D
  16. iFreilicht

    Stalled Iris 16 - RGB Vandal Button

    This project has been stalled, I will not continue working on it! Basic concept: The idea is to have a 16mm vandal button like this: But with 12 RGB LEDs inside that can be controlled via USB. The button would be connected to a USB2.0 header on the mainboard. Secondary features are that it...