HDPlex 400W AC-DC Adapter

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    So, from some various forum posts (@Josh | NFC), it has been confirmed that a 400 watt AC/DC which can fit inside a Skyreach 4 Mini is currently in development by HDPlex. Not sure if making a forum thread about it is appropriate, but seeing as how I imagine a lot of people in the community are excited about this, having a consolidated place to post news about it seems worthwhile.

    EDIT 1: From @Kmpkt

    EDIT 2: Live stream from @Josh | NFC with ACDC brick in hand.

    EDIT 3: Preorders now live!

    EDIT 4:

    Preorders are shipping now! Also, @Josh | NFC uploaded one of the coolest builds with this thing yesterday in a stream. Very little modding is needed to fit an RTX 2060 into a Skyreach 4 Mini, brickless. Check it out here:

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  2. dumplinknet

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    Does this mean we can finally ditch the Dell 330w brick?
    I hope it fits with a zotac 1080 mini inside the Skyreach 4 mini case.
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  3. Jello

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    What kind of hardware could this adapter comfortably power? Would this be enough for a GTX1070 and a 65W CPU?
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  4. Naavjames

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    400 watt is more than enough for that
  5. Naavjames

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    I read on another thread somewhere...
    @Kmpkt Mentioned it would accommodate the gigabyte 1080 but not the Zotac 1080 :-/

    Ditch that dell brick, brickless ftw
  6. dumplinknet

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    Well that sucks. I'd rather keep my zotac 1080 mini.
  7. Matias Petersen

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    With 400 watts you should be able to power an unclockable i7 and a gtx 1080... But check first with a power supply calculator :)
  8. iaomw

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    April is passed, still waiting.
  9. Kmpkt

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    Did someone say it would be here in April?
  10. Naavjames

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    *Insert grandiose quote about patience *
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    Waiting sucks.
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  12. Jello

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    I wonder what kind of GPU clearance this will have if Josh is correct about it fitting in a S4M.
  13. Kmpkt

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    With respect to GPU, the new AC-DC unit should have the same height and so will allow you to either use a reference height GPU (111.15mm) up to 215mm) or alternatively an overheight GPU of up to 170mm in length. If you can get a reference height GPU that is 170mm or less then you can use an AC-DC unit on either the bottom of the case or along the inside front panel. My secret hope is that the Vega Nano will be 170mm long and 111.5mm high and allow for two AC-DC units (400W + 160W) to be combo'd in the S4M :)
  14. Bphornett

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    Would this be designed to work in coordination with the HDPlex or Dynamo type DC-ATX units? Or will it be everything in one unit?
  15. Kmpkt

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    Will still require a DC-DC converter board.
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    @Kmpkt thanks for the info so far, I may have jumped the gun in making the thread, but I appreciate it. Looking forward to it, will definitely make my next build with this when it comes out.
  17. RenG

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    Any tentative date @Kmpkt ?
  18. McTeags

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    While you’re replying to questions I might as well ask one too :)

    @Kmpkt Do you you have any other comments on the dimensions of the PSU outside of the height of the unit being around the same?
  19. Kmpkt

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    I can say it is being designed with S4M compatibility in mind ;)

    There's a reason I iced the Orangulan Deux build.
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  20. alucard0712_rus

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    What a great time to upgrade my old rig!
    There are new Intel CPU's and Nvidia GPU's ahead and now this!