1. M

    NFC S4 Mini brickless build power connector ground

    Howdy folks. Newbie in the forum here. I just joined the S4 mini cult and migrating from a Node 202 build. Below is what I currently have: Asrock Z390 ITX motherboard Intel 9400F CPU 16 GB DDR4 RAM NVME and 2.5" SSD drive Zotac 2060 Mini (twin fan model). Exactly the same dimensions as Josh's...
  2. juldupp

    juldupp's computer | skyreach mini | watercooled | silicon-lottery cpu | 1080ti mini

    juldupp's build thread. UPDATE: (5/12/20) I finally decided to order all the missing parts and finish the build. Here's how the pc's been sitting for the past year or so. (I will probably create a new thread this one is a mess) what do forensic anthropologists do on a daily basis UPDATE...
  3. juldupp

    Selling closed

  4. Mortis Angelus

    Power Supply HDPLEX 800 W DC-DC?!? WAAAAAATTT???

    I thought @Josh | NFC was pulling our legs when releasing this title on YouTube. But apparently it exists! I am amazed how you can make something this powerful in such a small form factor. Now I wonder why it is so difficult for big companies to make 750+ W SFX PSUs, if HDPLEX can make this...
  5. mikex921

    Closed NFC Skyreach 4 Mini

    I have decided to go with a watercooling route in a slightly bigger case. So this one is up for sale! Silver with black front. Comes with NFC feet, and riser card. This does fit a zotac 1080 mini card without modification. Asking $235 shipped priority - SOLD Paypal: [email protected]
  6. J

    S4Mini classic - black screen - advice sought

    Hi community, Problem: All components turn on but no video output when using with riser. Works fine without riser. (GPU plug direct into motherboard) Riser works fine when used on a seperate build (Matt, gtx970, desktop psu) Components assembled for my S4 mini build: CPU: Ryzen 5 2600 (65w)...
  7. N

    Numb's Skyreach S4 Mini

    So after some setbacks on another project that I was working on I've decided to use the NFC Skyreach S4 Mini for my desktop computer system. It will be a pretty standard build with nothing too outrageous being done. The parts: NFC Skyreach S4 Mini Ryzen 2600 Noctua NH-L9a Asus Strix B450-I...
  8. Zuuk

    Closed Silver S4 mini classic bundle (Europe).

    A chance to grab a grade A classic mini bundled with all that you need to setup a system + some extras. Comes bundled with: HDPLEX 400W HIFI DC-ATX power supply 2 x genuine Dell 330W power bricks (DA330PM111) NFC systems PCI-E ribbon cable & HDPLEX long ribbon cable NFC systems power switch...
  9. VatosInTheBarrio

    Closed [US-CA] NFC S4 Mini+HDPlex400w+Dell OEM 330W Power Adapter

    Selling a used NFC S4 Mini Case with power solution (HDPlex 400w+cables and Dell 330w power brick). Got the S4 Mini around fall last year and my Dan Case A4 in the same week. Used the S4 mini setup for 2 days then moved over to Dan Case A4. Everything has been sitting in storage since then...
  10. Wahaha360

    Prototype G-UNIQ ACDC, 7.7-8.5L Expandable Console Case

    Update 2019-08-25: PSU prototype received. Update 2019-04-14: I got bit by the CNC bug, making this case via Extrusion and CNC. Extrusion and CNC will give the most versatility for 2-3 sizes for this project. Thanks to an early backer, we should have enough MOQ to hit the same target price...
  11. J

    Silverstone ml05b

    I'm pretty new to the forums, but I've owned an Ncase for over a year. Looking for my next case, and wasn't sure if I want to bite the bullet and get an S4M. I was wondering why more people don't use the Silverstone ml05b case as it's 50$ on Amazon, and is only around 35mm higher. Does anyone...
  12. Reldey

    Power Supply HDPlex 400W AC-DC Adapter

    So, from some various forum posts (@Josh | NFC), it has been confirmed that a 400 watt AC/DC which can fit inside a Skyreach 4 Mini is currently in development by HDPlex. Not sure if making a forum thread about it is appropriate, but seeing as how I imagine a lot of people in the community are...
  13. eunai

    Hello from Los Angeles!

    Hi, SFF forum! I'm Francis from Los Angeles, California. I came upon this forum through NFC and Tek Everything's YouTube channels. I instantly fell in love with the idea of the HDPlex and have really been exploring different cases in which I can use the HDPlex to save more space and maybe water...
  14. G

    Closed S4 Mini (YouTube batch)

    Hello all, I’ll be selling my S4 mini that I recently purchased in the hopes of snagging one of the s4 skyreach models when they go up for preorder. I kind of want to try modding for an internal psu. If the older model looks better to you, you want the smallest case, or you don’t want to wait...
  15. N

    Need help correcting tuning issues please

    I need some help walking through some system tuning...I've done a decent amount of googling and youtubing, But theres only so much JayzTwoCents to watch I'm building inside an NFC Systems S4 mini My config is as fallows Asus ROG z270I I7 7700k Noctua NH-L9I Kingston HyperX Savage black memory...
  16. PaulWalker

    NFC S4 Mini #510

    This is my first post here, but I've been lurking for some time. I received my long awaited S4 Mini last week and it's up and running tonight. I spent a lot of time this weekend doing the custom wiring. All that's left is to wire up the power switch, which should be arriving Thursday courtesy of...
  17. Illoominatty

    S4 Mini Build Custom Paint Job

    I'll be posting photo soon but you can get the jist of it based on the main S4 mini thread where I've posted most photos recently but anyways. I bought a used S4 mini and USPS decided to sit on it or something causing it to get bend on the wrap around side panel. I got the dents/bend out but was...
  18. Shenanigans

    Shenanigans S4 mini

    Introductions first. I go by Charlie and this is my first SFF build. I chose the S4 mini because its exactly what I wanted, raw and purpose built. After receiving it I have total confidence in my decision. Now I have to figure out what I'm going to put in it. Amd or Intel is my big dilemma...
  19. Cayprol

    Buying Zaber and S4 mini

    Hello SFF forum, I am new to the SFF genre, currently looking into two chassis, Dr zaber sentry, NFC s4 mini. The sentry could be any color, S4 needs to be full black or full silver. If the chassis was modded, please still feel free to contact. I am more than happy to buy both with...
  20. B

    S4 Mini Project

    Hi everyone new member here! From the UK, Northern Ireland to be exact. So lets start by saying the NFC S4 Mini. WOW. I have totally fallen for it. I am planning a build for this case, and currently have a bigger system set up but would love something smaller. But i plan to pre-order for the...