Stalled Freilite Brevis S: <5L Gaming Case with internal PSU

Discussion in 'Custom Cases & Projects' started by iFreilicht, May 28, 2015.

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    Looking forward to your review of the new riser, wish they had made it a little bit longer ..
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    So you need 100 ppl who want to buy the Prototype ? Make a crowdfund :D

    Ich glaub an dich :D
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    Is that shielded? It's so thin, I can't see how they can be shielded.
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    Yeah that would be nice, I'll have to get in touch with them for a custom length version. If you're located in Europe we can probably set something up there, PM me if you're interested.

    I will do that at some point, but as the case is completely untested right now, I don't feel it's a good idea to make a crowdfunding campaign already. There will have to be at least one prototype funded from my own pockets.
    But it seems like 100 units are enough to make the case affordable. The advantage with small cases is that material costs are low ;)


    To me it looks like they are using a multi-layer FPC, with either 5 or 3 layers. Quite possible to have the main layer sandwiched between two shielding ground layers, but I'm a little worried about power consumption from cards without PEG connectors, as the traces are probably extremely thin.
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    I expect those on a 6 to 10 layer board to also be extremely thin, so it might not be a problem. I believe we have a forum member that has deep knowledge about this subject, but it was a while ago and my memory is fuzzy.
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    Cooooooooool. The HD-Plex Riser looks good. It's great to see more riser options being made available. Do let us know how it goes!

    Also, good effort on the progress :)
  7. iFreilicht

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    Good point, we'll see how it goes. You're probably thinking of @EdZ or @QinX there.
    I think it has been available for quite some time, it just never caught my attention. Thank you very much!
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    Looking at a clearer image of the riser:
    It certainly looks to be shielded. You can also see hits of the Vias where the pairs swap layers (forming twisted pairs) on the layer beneath the shield, and that these swaps occur at the different places for each pair (so each have a different twist ratio, reducing crosstalk).
    You can also see the power lanes (at the far right) are uninterrupted by Vias, so likely have that entire width available as conductor, and likely have at least two layers (possibly 4) of conductor to work with. Substrate material is probably Kapton or a similar Polyimide, so unless the adhesive used to bond the layers is particularly temperature sensitive the riser should be find with 75W of power draw with that width of copper avaialble.
    Having one to dissect would be the best way to know for sure, but HDPlex advertise it as spec compliant, and from their DC-DC boards we know they don't just toe the line when it comes to meeting spec.
  9. iFreilicht

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    That's what those vias are for! Thank you so much for the explanation, that makes me even more hopeful that this riser will work out great.
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    I like the seemingly large amount of flexibility in the HDPlex PCIe extender, which could allow moving one-slot down for many cases.
  11. iFreilicht

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    Got the HDPLEX riser today, posted my impressions here. It is absolutely fantastic.
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  12. iFreilicht

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    Parts of the first prototype were ordered!

    Very excited at this point. Unfortunately I couldn't order all parts at once, partially because they aren't yet finalised, partially because of money. But the GPU and Motherboard mounts are the most important bits and I'm pretty confident that they can stay how they are right now, so testing will ensue!

    Expected delivery date is 28th of April, stay tuned!
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    Nothing like the warm fuzzy feeling of seeing something you've been envisioning in your head and looking at in a CAD program in the flesh :)

    Until you build in it and realize the million little flaws that weren't apparent in 3D but are completely obvious in reality :p
  14. iFreilicht

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    Yeah I can imagine that would be amazing. Not that I'd know anything about it :p

    Dear god I've found so many little flaws when thinking about the case and just looking at it in CAD that were fixed, I'll get mad about every single one I find. There's not a lot that can go wrong in my case though, the possible configurations are rather limited as opposed to the multitude of component combinations that Cerberus allows. So you'd think it would be easier to find all those flaws.
  15. Aibohphobia

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    Ah, misread your post and thought some parts were on order but you'd received some.
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    Super small update:
    Estimated arrival of prototype parts has been pushed back to the 3rd of May, but it is paid for and in production.

    Also, I've tried to order a Seasonic SSP-300SUG because it would allow modification of the cable assembly at low MOQs, making the case design more scalable. But, the online shop I ordered it from apparently got notified by Seasonic that the product was discontinued. Which didn't hinder them from listing it as "in stock" on their website, BTW.
    Seasonic denied this, though, the SSP-300SUG is only available since last year, they'll keep it in production for quite some time. Probably won't be ordering from these guys anytime soon.
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    I am new to this forum and just discovered this thread. Did not have time to read all posts, but I do have a question if you don't mind. How do you plan to power the GPU? You are using a PSU without PCI-E power. Or did I miss anything? Looks awesome BTW!

    Off topic: if you guys are interested in my wooden PC, I would appreciate the feedback :) Also didn't know there are so many people with a passion for SFF PCs. Are there more Websites/Forums I should check out?
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    Welcome to the forum! I suggest you make a thread for your PC in the Custom Cases & Projects subforum, we'll answer all your questions there and will help you out when you get stuck.
    You can also make a post in the Introductions subforum to tell us a bit about yourself and what sort of experiences you have with SFF.

    Thank you very much!

    You do have a keen eye. Yes, all FlexATX PSUs (except some units from Athena Power, which are crap) are designed for servers, so they usually don't have PEG connectors.
    For my previous build, the Freilite Alpha, I just modded the cables by soldering a pair of IDE-to-PEG adapters onto the rail of the CPU 12V connector.
    As I want to sell the Brevis S at a larger quantity, there are multiple ways to solve this problem, depending on the number of sales I can generate from a theoretical crowdfunding campaign:
    1. ~15 to ~30 sales: SSP-300SUG, make a custom cable assembly by hand. As I said previously, the SSP-300SUG allows me to just swap out the stock cable assembly for a custom one, so I can get perfect cable lengths and the correct connectors at a low volume.
    2. ~30 to ~300 sales: SSP-300SUG, outsource custom cable assembly. Same as 1, but saves time and gives higher quality and reliability.
    3. 300+ sales: SSP-300SUG, FSP400-60FGGBA or FSP500-50FSPT, customised unit, hopefully in black.
    The good thing about this that I'm able to sell this case even if just 15 people want it. Maybe it's possible with even less units, but the case would get quite expensive at that point.
    I'm not sure if it would be a good choice to swap to the higher wattage PSUs at 300+ sales, users would be losing the modular PSU at that point. I also highly doubt that I would even get there in the first place.
  19. iFreilicht

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    Delivery for prototype parts has been pushed back to the 3rd of March. No guarantees.
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    So you've had them for over a month now? :p
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